Lotte Hotel’s New Brand, Lifestyle Hotel L7
Lotte Hotel’s New Brand, Lifestyle Hotel L7
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Lotte Hotel (President & CEO Song Yong-deok) is set to open lifestyle hotel L7 Myeongdong (, a whole new brand, on January 12, 2016 at 137 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu in Seoul.
Lotte Hotel currently operates the luxury hotel brand Lotte Hotel in Korea and overseas, the business hotel brand Lotte City Hotel, resorts in Jeju and Buyeo, and four country clubs in Gimhae, Jeju, Seongju and Buyeo. A luxury hotel holding the 6 star distinction is scheduled to open at Lotte World Tower in December 2016. With the addition of the lifestyle hotel brand L7, the company will establish itself as a true hotels and resorts group that satisfies every customer’s needs ranging from a resort to a 6 star hotel.

L7, Lotte Hotel’s new lifestyle hotel brand

The L7 brand proudly launched by Lotte Hotel will offer unique and stylish facilities, along with friendly and caring services. As a lifestyle hotel, L7 is not a place where services and facilities are provided to the guests unilaterally, but somewhere the guests can experience and create a memorable stay. It drew much attention as fashion designer Jung kuho, artist Todd Holoubek, designer Ha Jinyong of Parascope and photographer Cider participated in the brand development.
While Lotte City Hotel caters to the business clientele looking for a comfortable stay at a value, L7 targets female guests between their 20s and 40s who enjoy a stylish and individual lifestyle.
Unlike the room-oriented business hotels, L7 Myeongdong is not only a place to lay your head. It is a place to rest in the middle of the city that creates a new culture, reflecting the guests’ lifestyle and the local culture.
The uniform of the hotel staff is itself a radical change. The staff will sport jeans, oxford shirts, neoplan vests and slip-on shoes. Yellow is the main color. A bright and lively color is used to be more approachable to the guests.
The hotel is located in Myeongdong, the center of Seoul’s downtown shopping district where the Hallyu Wave is raging. Popular tourist attractions such as the Gyeongbok Palace and Insadong are also in the vicinity. Demand from trendsetters and tourists who want a special experience is expected to grow.

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