An ode to french classics
An ode to french classics
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Millennium Seoul Hilton’s acclaimed French restaurant, is pleased to offer a tribute to the classics. For the month of March, Seasons will highlight the best of the best of French cuisine in a dinner set menu and a lunch set menu.

The dinner menu is priced at KW125,000 and features seven delectable courses including a choice of appetizer - Hanwoo Beef Tartar Cucumber Rosette, Quail Egg, Red Onion Salad and Sweet Ginger Foam or Salmon Rillettes, Soft Tofu, Extra Virgin Oil and Salmon Roe Dressing; a choice of soup ? Prawn Bisque or Caramelized Onion Soup; French Vineyard Snails Purse; a choice of entree ? Steak Cafe de Paris with French Fries and Mixed Salad or Fillet Mignon with Champignons Sauce and French Beans or Black Chicken Coq au Vin with Saffron Rice or Sole Meuniere with Parsley Potato and Fennel Salad; Gorgonzola Cheese Tart with Apple Salad in Truffle Honey Dressing; followed by an assortment of French desserts including Mousse, Tart and Eclairs; and freshly brewed coffee and International teas.

The lunch menu is priced at KW98,000 and will feature the same offerings available in the dinner menu with the exception of the French Vineyard Snails Purse course and the Gorgonzola Cheese Tart course.

Because the menus offer choices for most of the courses, multiple diners at a table may order different courses and taste more of the dishes offered at Seasons!

Marked by sophistication and beautifully-decorated surroundings, Seasons offers contemporary French gourmet cuisine accented by traditional flavors.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Seasons at (02) 317-3060. Tax and service charge is included in the quoted price.

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