‘All you have to do is just dial 1388 for the help you need’
‘All you have to do is just dial 1388 for the help you need’
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Extending a helping hand to needy juveniles

When a girl or a boy has a problem, all they have to do is just dial 1388 and they can get the help they need. So said Chairperson Yeo Mung-ju of the Gracia Resort Hotel in Samcheok City on the East Coast at her inaugural ceremony as vice chairperson of the Korea Association for Youth Service (KAYS) affiliated with the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea at the Youth Service Center in Seoul on March 23, 2016.
Speaking with reporters, Chairperson Yeo disclosed, “I accepted this position because the young people are the hopes of the future of our country where some unfortunate youths give up their lives as they are unable to solve the problems on their own.”
Concurrently the Public Relations Ambassador of the Association, Chairperson Yeo said that the Emergency Help Telephone Number 1388 should be disseminated much more widely than now to extend the help some unfortunate people might badly need.
Born in Busan, Chairperson Yeo has been giving for the benefit of unfortunate people as well as for orphans and other needy neighbors.
Here are excerpts from an interview with her following her appointment as vice chairperson of the KAIS:

Question: What was the occasion that led you to accept the position of vice chairperson of the KAYS?
There was an orphanage near where I lived and looking at the children I felt that I should do something for them. I bought buns for them and they liked them and I was so pleased seeing them happy. Later, I learned how to bake buns and bread myself, and started my social service.

Q: You are concurrently the Public Relations Ambassador for the KAYS as well as its vice chairperson. What are your future plans?
I just want to help the young people who are unable to find an exit from difficult situations. Then I thought that we should more widely disseminate the Emergency Help Youth Telephone Number 1388. I would like to be the first one to help the young people in need of help and provide them with as much help as possible, including donations. I will do my best to keep the young people out of the danger of falling a victim of juvenile delinquency.

Q: You are concurrently the chairperson of the Solomon Education System. What does the organization do?
After the food problems of the needy children at the orphanage have been solved, there are still more problems needing help. One of them is education the children need. I told myself, “It is important to provide them with fish but it is more so to train them how to catch them.” Then an idea flashed across my mind and it was the Solomon Study Method which I had developed. The Method trains the children in how to concentrate on their pursuits and in various other areas, including concentration of the mind, contemplation on the meaning of life and the purpose of living. We have a very large number of members, which shows the popularity of the organization.

Q: Please briefly introduce your Gracia Resort Hotel.
While traveling various countries of the world with my family, I have closely observed many beautiful buildings and resort facilities. Then I decided in my mind that I should try to build beautiful boutique hotel facilities with excellent dining and wining facilities where the people could have their fill of relaxation and enjoyment. This is a part of the reason that I opened the Gracia Resort Hotel on the Coast of Samcheok in Gangwon Province in July 2013.

Q: You are concurrently an honorary dean at the Seoul National University of Science & Technology.
I have met with many students and their parents from various parts of the country for a long time, who came to me for counselling. And I offered them my counselling and educational advices. In recognition of such efforts and contributions, I was presented with the office of an Honorary Dean. After this, I have made a great deal of donations.

Q: Do you have any specific life philosophy?
I would say that all my life I have been and am a lucky person. My experience in looking after orphans resulted in the birth of the Solomon Studies and my travel experiences brought about the Gracia Resort Hotel. When I made a donation, God filled up the room with more in my financial status. I have also received much from human relationship. Whenever I had difficulty in my business, there appeared benefactors extending their help to me.

Q: Last year, you became a poet.
I am not very familiar with computers and therefore I have developed a habit of making notes on a little book that I carry at all times. There was a time when I used up the entire book making notes. When I raised my children, I liked writing stories based on imaginations.
The chairman of an association of amateur poets asked for my work and I sent some of the works that I had treasured in my heart. The chairman kindly accepted them and had them published--leading me to join the world of poets.

(Editor’s note: Chairperson Yeo joined the world of poets by having her works published in the Winter Edition of Yeogi in 2015, which is published four times a year. Chairperson Yeo is one of the editorial writers of The Korea Post and an MC of the Traffic Broadcasting System [at a program entitled, Wiggle-Waggle])

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