The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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December 30, 2013

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

   Monday, December 30, 2013

Good morning, Excellency!
Here are The Korea Post news, African proverbs, humor from Korean-language economic dailies, and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:
Lee Kyung-sik
Korea Post Media
The Korea Post news

'One of Seven Wonders of Winter' for a 22-day run

Hwacheon Mountain Trout Ice Festival opens Jan. 4 

Ambassadors and families are invited to attend the Festival on

Thursday January 17, 2014. (Further details and photos are toward the end of this Headlines.)

A recent poster introducing some of the events at the Hwacheon Mountain Trout
Festival on January 4-26, 2014. Ambassadors and senior diplomats are invited with
Their spouses and families to attend the Festival on Thursday January 17, 2014.
Individual invitation has already been transmitted to the Ambassadors and the senior
In the event of our transmission failure, please contact Ms. Kim Jeong-mi

At Tel 2298-1740/2, 010-3388-1682 or English-speaking callers
Please call David Chung at the same number and email address.

Ambassadors and other senior diplomats with the children of the Sunmyung-hoe Children’s Choir at the United Pharma Cultural Center last night (Dec. 26, 2013)


This morning we have the wonderful Facebook share of His Excellency former Ambassador Mustafa Kamal of Bangladesh in Seoul:


Dr. Sang-Ki Hahn's African wise-sayings:

The ears trouble the mouth.
- A Ghanaian proverb

The feet go the way of the head.
- A Kenyan proverb

The ram that is show around is not fat.
- A Kenyan proverb

Humor from Korean-language economic dailies this morning:

Seoul Kyungje

Judge: Is there any reason you could not serve as a juror in this case?
Juror: I don't want to be away from my job that long.
Judge: Can't they do without you at work?
Juror: Yes, but I don't want them to know it.

Hankuk Kyungje

Dog's Lot
There were three dogs at the vet talking to each other when one said, “I chewed up all my master’s shoes, and that’s why I’m here.”
The next dog said, “I peed on my master’s $1,000 rug.”
The next dog then said, “My master is a female and she likes to clean house in the nude. The other day when she bent over to pick up something I was so fascinated by her beautiful buttocks I jumped on her to do it.”
“And that’s why you’re here?” asked the other dogs.
“No, I’m getting my nails clipped.”


Railway Standoff Intensifies After Gov't Issues License for New Affiliate
The government has issued a license for a new affiliate of South Korea’s state-run rail operator, intensifying the strike between management and labor.

Intl. Community Voices Criticism over Abe's Visit to Yasukuni Shrine
Criticism of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is growing across the globe.

Choo Formally Introduced as Texas Ranger in Ceremony Friday
South Korean outfielder Choo Shin-soo has officially joined the Texas Rangers.

PM Says Competition in Railway Sector Will Benefit People
Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has reiterated that competition in the railway sector will benefit the people of South Korea.

EXO's 'Growl' Named Song of the Year
South Korean boy band EXO has won song of the year at the 2013 KBS Song Festival.

Saturday Marks Winter-low Temperatures in S. Korea
South Korea recorded the coldest day of the winter on Saturday as cold winds blew southward across the peninsula.
Yonhap (

Rival parties fail to agree on spy agency reform
The ruling and opposition parties on Sunday failed to narrow their differences on how to reform the state intelligence agency, officials said.

N. Korea celebrates Kim's rise to power, pledges loyalty to him
North Korea on Sunday celebrated leader Kim Jong-un's ascension to power two years ago and swore allegiance to him, state media reported, in the latest in a series of events staged to show that the young leader is firmly in charge after the execution of his uncle.

S. Korea's current account surplus through Nov. tops yearly estimate
South Korea's central bank said Monday that the country's current account surplus in the first 11 months of this year surpassed its yearly estimate on the back of export growth.

S. Korea to release new video promoting ownership of Dokdo
South Korea plans to release another video this week to publicize its sovereignty over the country's easternmost islets of Dokdo, to which Japan has laid claim, a government official said Sunday.
The Korea Herald (

Railway strike set to bring transport chaos
The ongoing strike by railway workers is likely to cause major disruptions to transport services ahead of the New Year h...

News ListKorea-Japan relations head to lowest ebb
The relations between Korea and Japan are heading toward their lowest ebb as Seoul hardens its stance following Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to a controversial war shrine las...

Korea ushers in era of female financial execs
In a year when Korea’s first female president took the helm, the appointment of female exec...

Hanji fabric gets spotlight on Chanel runway
Featured on the runway during the global luxury fashion house Chanel’s fashion show held in Da...

Suicide bomber kills 14 in Russia's sout...

What lies ahead

Mobile scam messages bombard Korean user...

Ex-KB Tokyo managers indicted for illega...

Parties bicker over NIS reform, budget

‘Purge won’t affect N.K.-China ties’

Seoul moving to extend soft loans to Nor...

North Korea beefs up nighttime border pa...

Cabinet to tighten economic control

North Korea celebrates Kim’s rise to po...

Qatar celebrates National Day, envoy goe...

Afghanistan envoy returns to join presid...

‘Africa still not on Korea’s mind’

Envoy lauds liberation fighters on Jamhu...

Kerry to return this week to Mideast
The Korea Times (

Gov't pressures rail strikers
The government said Sunday that it will hire more substitutes to replace striking Korea Railroad Corp. (KORAIL) workers.

Higher income tax sought for rich
The Park Geun-hye administration is seeking to collect higher income tax from wealthy individuals, a move to help replenish national coffers

Working holiday travelers in dilemma of learning English and making money 
Koreans going on working holidays seek to kill two birds with one stone ㅡ learning English and mak... 

Park faces double whammy 
As she heads into the second year of her five-year term, President Park Geun-hye is faced with a d... 

Parties fail to agree on NIS reform  
Just a day before the final plenary session of the National Assembly, the rival parties struggled ... 

NK counters rights abuse accusation  
North Korea is trying to make the most of its newly established human rights body to counter South... 

Abe draws stronger-than-expected backlash  
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s controversial visit to the Yasukuni Shrine has met with a str... 

KEB names 1st female executive  
Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) has promoted a female staffer to an executive post for the first time in... 

LG to curtail PC business 
LG Electronics is considering scaling down its PC business by shifting its focus to tablets, hybri... 

Power transfer taking shape at firms 
The sons of Samsung Group and Hyundai Motor Group owners have been in the spotlight as heirs appar... 

'Samsung, Apple resume patent talks' 
Samsung Electronics has resumed negotiations with Apple to resolve disputes over patent-infringeme...
Dong A (

Chinese state councilor: ‘Abe risked committing great felony’
“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine enshrining Class-A war criminals by risking committing a great felony,” Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi, in charge of Beijing’s diplomacy, strongly blasted Abe...

Chinese state councilor: ‘Abe risked committing great felony’
“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine enshrining Class-A war criminals by risking committing a great felony,” Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi, in charge of Beijing’s diplomacy, strongly blasted Abe...

Who is real model of character in drama ‘Answer Me 1994’
“Was character Garbage a real figure?” “Answer Me 1994” on tvN, had a grand finale on Saturday by posting the highest viewership (11.9 percent) for a drama aired on Cable TV channels in Korea ever. Kim Jae-joon, the...
Layoffs will be inevitable in UN

Threshold for highest tax rate to be lowered

Strawberries beat tangerines in sales

Japan is poised to lose in dispute over comfort women

Enforce law on illegal protesters strictly

Threshold for highest tax rate to be lowered

Strawberries beat tangerines in sales
Chosun Ilbo (

Most Koreans Believe Society Treats Women Fairly
A majority of Koreans believe they live in a society that guarantees gender equality, according to a survey by Korea Research. In the poll of 2,537 adults between October and November, 53.4 percent of respondents felt the genders are treated equally.

Why Is There a Shortage of Men in N.Korea?
Data show that South Korea has about the same number of men and women in the population, but there is a noticeable shortage of men in North Korea. The gender ratio in the South stood at 100.3 males for 100 females but 95.2 to 100 in the North.

Materials and Parts New Rising Export Stars
Korea has achieved a trade surplus of close to US$100 billion in the field of materials and parts for industrial and commercial use. The amount is more than twice the size of Korea's overall trade surplus of $43 billion, leading to cautious forecasts that the country's manufacturing landscape is shifting from finished products to materials and components.

Rocky Future for Afghanistan, U.S. Intelligence Warns
A leading U.S. newspaper says an intelligence report on Afghanistan predicts gains made by the United States and its allies will be lost by 2017, with the Taliban and other groups...

China Formalizes Labor Camp, One-Child Reforms
China's official news agency says the national legislature has voted to abolish the country's controversial re-education through labor camps and ease its decades-old one-child...

1 Killed in Bangladesh Protest

French 'Millionaire's Tax' Gets Constitutional Go-Ahead

Suicide Bomber Kills 16 at Russian Train Station
Hankyoreh (

To cling to power, Park administration resorts to force
The Park Geun-hye administration, which has maintained an “uncommunicative and proud of it” approach on contentious social issues, is ramping up its use of force and rejecting dialogue. In the latest development, police stormed the offices of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) on Dec. 22, the fourteenth day of an ongoing strike against railway privatization. It was the first time authorities had been sent into the KCTU since it was legalized in 1999.

The point of conflict in the debate over railway privatization
As part of the government’s response to the controversy over the privatization of the railroad, various officials - including the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport; the Minister of Strategy and Finance; and the Prime Minister - have stepped forward to reiterate that the separation of the Suseo KTX Line does not represent privatization. But the Korean Railway Workers’ Union and civic groups refuse to believe the government’s claims, insisting that this is the first step toward privatization.

New insight into how children succeed
Paul Tough, 46, has continuously emphasized that the key in helping children find success in their lives is neither their academic results nor their parents’ wealth, but the strength of their own characteristics. The former editor for the New York Times Magazine claimed he could well come to such conclusion after tracking back history of the children for long period of time and putting together the trend of those children.

In landmark ruling, court recognizes work stress as cause of suicide
A court has ruled to recognize a worker’s suicide as an industrial accident in a first-ever case using a “psychological autopsy” to establish a connection between his workload and his death.
A psychological autopsy is a process that attempts to ascertain the cause of a suicide by interviewing and questioning family members and colleagues, rather than simply examining documents.

Happy holidays from the Hankyoreh English!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in many languages Afrikaans Gese?nde Kersfees en 'n voorspoedige Nuwe jaar Gese?nde Kersfees en 'n gelukkige nuwe jaar ...
Joong Ang (conservative): (

Korail strike turns to political rally
In Saturday protest, KCTU leaders call for president’s resignation
On the heels of the government’s swift issuing of a formal license to operate a subsidiary for a new bullet train service linking Suseo-dong in southeastern Seoul to Busan separately from Korail, thousands of striking rail workers and supporters held rallies in central Seoul on Saturday, calling on the Park Geun-hye government to nullify the license…

Korean exporters see growth coming in 2014
Korea’s exports look primed to enjoy a good start to next year, backed by increasing exports of ships, home appliances and automobiles…

Liberal writers target of secret notes
A deepening schism among people with different political beliefs that began online is spilling over into other arenas, stoking concerns that Korean society’s…

DP leader raises opposition to bill to reform NIS
Just a day before the last plenary session of the National Assembly for this year, the opposition Democratic Party leader Kim Han-gill yesterday raised opposition…

North executed seven subordinates with Jang
North Korea did not execute its vice chairman of the National Defense Commission, Jang Song-thaek, alone - seven of his subordinates were killed alongside him on Dec. 12,…

Korea-Japan events on ice after Abe visits shrine
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s abrupt visit to the notorious war shrine of Yasukuni on Thursday has frozen the already aggravated relationship between Korea and Japan…

Subway, buses to run late Tuesday
For the landmark bell-ringing celebration on New Year’s Eve at Bosingak in Jongno District, Seoul Metropolitan Government will run subway trains on all one-to-nine…

Governments see projects go awry
North Port Bridge can be seen in the background behind the construction site at Busan North Port terminal on Dec. 16. By Song Bong-geunThe construction site…

Smartphone apps prove to be waste of tax money
Genie Talk app [JoongAng Ilbo]Many regional governments and public institutes are wasting taxpayers’ money on developing smartphone applications…

Samsung heir expected to join CES
Participants at the Germany-based IFA, the biggest tech show in Europe, look at products and technologies displayed by Samsung Electronics in September…

Strawberry surges past tangerine for first time
Sales of strawberries surpassed tangerines in December, largely due to unusual weather in 2013. Provided by Lotte Mart The sales of strawberries outstripped…

Think tank makes 2014 predictions
A growing regional conflict triggered by a weakened U.S. military presence internationally topped the 10 global trends of 2014, as predicted by the Hyundai Research Institute…

Hyundai Motor names new U.S. head
Hyundai Motor, Korea’s largest automaker, named a new chief executive officer for its U.S. unit after combined deliveries with its affiliate trailed the U.S. market’s sales…
Edaily (

[Table- Weekly Market] Weekly Fluctuation of World Index
12.23~12.27 this is the weekly fluctuation of world index. [table] Weekly fluctuation of world index ...

[US the closing price]The U.S. Dow Jones Index, -1.47p(-0.01%) slightly down.
The U.S. Dow Jones Index Closing (At 2013.12.27) The Dow closed at 16,478.41p, slightly down -1.47p(-0.01...

[Table- Weekly Market] Weekly Fluctuation of Interest Rate
12.23~12.27 this is the weekly fluctuation of interest rate. [table] Weekly fluctuation of interest rate ...

[Table]Exchange Rate Quotation
This is Exchange rate Quotation offered by Korea Exchange Bank. [table] Exchange Rate Quotation Offered by KEB ... 

[Table- Weekly Market] Weekly Fluctuation of Exchange Rate
12.23~12.27 this is the weekly fluctuation of exchange rate. [table] Weekly fluctuation of exchange rate ...
Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Maximum income tax rate to target more high-income taxpayers
South Korea’s ruling and opposition parties all but agreed to a tax spike proposal for the wealthy of widening the income bracket for paying the maximum income tax rate of 38 percent. If high-income earners subject to the maximum rate make additional 10 million won ($9,482), they will be paying extra 300,000 won in tax.As a result, salaried workers will face both the conversion of income deductions to tax deductions and tax hike for the rich from nex....

BS Financial Group likely to be named preferred bidder for Kyongnam Bank
Local banks put on sales as part of the drive to privatize Woori Finance Holdings are expected to be acquired by BS Financial Group and JB Financial Group.

S. Korea’s international air traffic rises 4.6% yoy in November
The number of international air flight passengers traveling to or from South Korea increased 4.6 percent year-on-year (yoy) to four million people in November.

'One of Seven Wonders of Winter' for a 22-day run

Hwacheon Mountain Trout Ice Festival opens Jan. 4

Named one of the 'even Wonders of Winter' by CNN and Lonely Planet, the Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Mountain Trout) Ice Festival is probably the most famous winter event in Korea. During the month of January every year, more than 1,000,000 people swarm Hwacheon in Gangwon province hoping to catch mountain trout bare-hand or ice fishing.
(Mayor Chung Gap-cheol invites the ambassadors and families to attend the Festival on Friday 17, 2014.)

1.4 million persons reportedly visited Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival last year having their fill of the joys of the winter--ice-fishing mountain trouts and treating their eyes to the colorful lanterns of the angels at the Seondeung Candle Light Festival that takes place in the night.

Who said Hwacheon offers only ice-fishing? You can land mountain trouts also from the water standing on the river bank (top left). Koreans, expats, young and old, all enjoy various events of the Festival.

Left: Visitors pass through the colorfully lit ice tunnel. Right: You can also enjoy a 'sky ride' down the river.

Nestled between the town of Hwacheon and the mountains, the Hwacheon River is not only covered by a thick layer of ice, but also by thousands of festival participants.

The Hwacheon Mountain Trout Ice Festival will be taking place in Hwacheon County in Gangwon-do province on Jan. 4-26, 2014. This virtually untouched region is known as the first area in Korea that freezes over in winter, and the river is covered with a thick layer of ice.

Visitors can try out ice fishing, and those who are feeling brave can try to catch mountain trout with their bare hands. Along with fun activities and performances, there is also an exhibition of ice sculptures that usually take 20 weeks to prepare. Visitors can sample raw and grilled mountain trout, both of which are delicious.

A foreign visitor said: “Unlike some Korean festivals I have been to, there is a lot to do at this festival. You can ride an ATV or go kart on the ice, go sledding, ice skating, push a metal cart on the ice, or do some regular reel fishing.”

The events that are most popular are ice fishing and bare-handed fishing. For the ice fishing, you are provided with a hole in the ice and a bag for putting your catch for 10,000 won of which you get 10,000-won Love Gift, money you can spend around the festival grounds on food and souvenirs. “If you aren’t Korean, make sure to head to the foreigner only section. It is not only less crowded, but there is English-speaking help and you are given a free fishing pole,” said the foreign visitor.

When you get on the ice, pick a hole, let out enough line to get your lure to the bottom of the river. Then, quickly flick your wrist upwards and let it float back to the bottom. Some persistence is required, he stressed.

Hwacheon is considered a “clean region” where mountain trouts and otters live. Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival is opened in every January under the slogan of “Unfrozen Hearts, Unforgettable Memories” at Hwacheon that has geographical features of the fastest ice freezing in the country because of cold valley wind and clean water.

This is a unique theme experience festival full with good shows and 40 or about various experience programs, such as ice sledding, snow sledding, snow sculpture and ice soccer, Sancheoneo experience programs combined with the image of Hwacheon that has clean natural environment with the first grade clean water in Bukhangang (river) for catching Sancheoneo by hand, Sancheoneo fishing on the ice to catch the fish easily and enjoy the fishing by everybody, breaking the ice with 40cm thickness and above and looking at Sancheoneo in the deep water for your exciting play available for experiencing at Hwacheon only and heart-warm memory in winter.

Winter Sancheoneo! Sancheoneo Fishing! To mention about ice fishing, you need to catch at least one Sancheoneo. It is an elegant fish underneath ice out of comparison to the other fishes due to moderate size and beautiful shape.

Sancheoneo is hard to catch as it is rare but everyone can catch one or two Sancheoneo at Hwacheon with somewhat good luck and knack since 32 or 3 tons of fresh Sancheoneo are being put just under the fishing place every day for visitors for Sancheoneo festival. It is just the reason why a child or young girl without fishing experience is indulged in Sancheoneo ice fishing. K

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