The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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April 29, 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Here are The Korea Post news, notice, humor from Korean-language economic dailies and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


Lee Kyung-sik
Korea Post Media

The Korea Post News:

Highlight topics in the April issue of The Korea Post

- Will South Korea go nuclear?

- 2017 Presidential Hopeful Chung Mong-joon forefront in demanding S. Korea’s nuclear armament.

- Polls show 64% of South Koreans wanting independent nuclear armament while 28% say no.

- With whom will China take sides between North Korea and NE Asian US allies in the face of imminent 4th N. Korean nuclear test?

- Pres. Park Chung-hee almost finished nuclear weapons in 1979, but he was killed. Who was behind the assassin widely suspected as henchman?

- How correct is the book, “Mugungwa Flowers Have Now Come Out,” concerning the collaboration between President Park Chung-Hee and noted Korean-born nuclear physicist, Dr. Benjamin W. Lee, and the real cause of their mysterious deaths?

- “South Korea can persuade the US, allies to acquiesce at its development of nuclear weapons as it’s for self-defense and survival from N. Korea nuke attack.”

- Wives of ambassadors show off their outstanding live flower arrangement works at Seoul Garden Club exhibition.

- Ambassadors, spouses attend Wangin Culture Festival of Baekje Dynasty (BC18-AD660) in Yeongam County, Jeollanam-do Province.

- Ambassadors, spouses join Dangjin Tug-of-War Culture Festival, visit Hyundai Steel and Catholic martyr Sacred Land.

- National Day, Armed Forces Day, wine-tasting, tourism promotion and various other functions hosted by Poland, Slovakia, Oman, Myanmar, Senegal and Bulgaria.

- President Park Geun-hye has a summit meeting with President Obama of the United States in Seoul for increased ROK-US cooperation.

- Korea and Australia are set to increase bilateral cooperation in trade and security areas.

- President Park: Korea plans to build a ‘Korea Street’ in Dresden in Germany.

- President Park visits the Netherlands and Germany

- President Park discloses plans for peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula.

- “The Demilitarized Zone will become the symbol of peace in Korea and the world: President Park.

- KEPCO dedicates 433MW gas-burning power plant in Mexico.

- SK Hynix develops world’s first highest-density module.

- Korea Agro-fisheries & Food Trade Corps set to increase export.

- Do you wish to have windmill power plants in your country? Why not cooperate with Korea Wind Energy Industry Association for technology and investment?

- Ambassador Krzysztov Majka of Poland receives an honorary doctorate from Keimyung University in Daegu.

- Gwangyang Port is equipped with such optimal environment for logistics business for domestic and international business organizations.

- Azerbaijan: Armenia invades Kalbajar of Azerbaijan, kills 511, captures 321, and displaces 58,000 persons.

- Simone Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra presents performance.

- Traveltalk: BBQ Happy Hour at the Oak Room Garden at Millennium Seoul Hilton?
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The Korea Post Notices:

The Ansan International Street Festival on May 3, 2014, to which we have invited the Excellencies and Madans, has been cancelled due to the sinking of the Sewol-Ho Ferry Ship. This is because most 300 students of the Ansan Danwon Highschool were on board of the ill-fated Ship and many of them have become the victims. We pray for the safe rescue of the missing students as well as our deepest condolences for the victims.

We have stories and photos on the following events:
Yeongam Wangjin Culture Festival: /news/view.html?section=161&category=181&no=504Dangjin Tug-of-War Festival in English: /news/view.html?section=165&category=192&no=503Dangjin Tug-of-War Festival in Korean: Flower Arrangement Exhibition: /news/view.html?section=162&category=182&no=497----------

Is your National Day coming up soon? Or is the Head of State of your country visiting Korea soon?
You may have the portrait painting of your Head of State painted by a famed Korean portrait artist who has painted the portraits of President George W. Bush, President Lee Myung-bak at Cheong Wa Dae, President Park Chung-Hee, the then First Lady Park Geun-hye and various other most important persons of Korea and the world.
Please visit the following sites of The Korea Post Internet for sample paintings.
Please directly call Chairman Lee of The Korea Post at 010-5201-1740 for immediate contact with the artists.
For more photos, please visit:

▲ The portrait of the late former President Park Chung Hee

Humor from Korean economic dailies:

Seoul Kyungje

A mother was preparing pancakes for her two sons--Kevin, 5, and Ryan, 3.
The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson.
"If Jesus were sitting here, He would say 'Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait."
Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, "Ryan, you be Jesus!"

Hankuk Kyungje

Boring Party

How to entertain yourself when stuck in a boring party:
-Speak in a strange foreign accent, when someone asks where you are from.
-Use a different accent every time you talk to someone new.
-Hum a lullaby during a speech.
-Bring a novel and curl up in a corner with it.
-Cough all over guests, then exclaim, “Doctor says a few more years and I’ll be cured….”


Search for Missing Sewol Passengers Continues in Bad Weather
Divers are continuing efforts to search for missing passengers of the Sewol ferry on the 13th day since the sinking.

Saenuri Backs PM's Resignation Offer, Opposition DisapprovesThe ruling Saenuri Party has backed Prime Minister Chung Hong-won's offer to resign, while the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD) has criticized the decision and demanded President Park Geun-hye apologize for the ferry sinking.

Gov't to Overhaul Disaster ManualsAnchor: After being accused of responding poorly to the ferry sinking in waters off Jindo, South Jeolla Province, the government plans to overhaul disaster manuals and conduct safety inspections throughout the country. Our Bae Joo-yon has more.

Committee Passes Revision on Tougher Punishment on Sex Offenders

Gov't Orders Overseas Missions to Set up Memorial Altars for Sewon Victims

KORAIL Chief Returns from Rare Visit to N.Korea

No. of Employees at S.Korean Securities Firms Lowest Since 2008

Oil Leak from Sewol Feared to Pollute Waters, Farms

S. Korea-Turkey Trade Up 31% Since FTA Took Effect 1 Year Ago

Close Aide of N. Korean Leader Promoted to Vice Marshal

South Korea Seeks Digital Entry System For Gaeseong

N. Korea Urges Military to Faithfully Serve Kim Jong-un-----------------------------------------

Yonhap (

One more body recovered from sunken ferry amid bad weather
Braving inclement weather, rescue workers retrieved one more body from a sunken ferry Monday in their on-and-off search operations for more than 100 passengers still missing.

S. Korea's current account surplus hits 5-month high in MarchSouth Korea's current account surplus rose to its highest mark in five months in March as exports of tech products, cars and chips gained ground, the central bank said Tuesday.

S. Korea slams N. Korea for sexist swipe at Park
South Korea denounced North Korea on Monday for a sexist swipe at President Park Geun-hye, in the latest verbal tit-for-tat between the rival Koreas amid lingering tensions over Pyongyang's possible nuclear test.

S. Korea to upgrade Patriot missile defense by 2020
South Korea's arms procurement agency on Monday approved a US$1.3 billion plan to upgrade its present PAC-2 air defense system and buy PAC-3 missiles by 2020 to improve its anti-ballistic missile capability to counter North Korean threat.

Memorial altar to open in D.C. for sunken ferry victims
An incense-burning altar will be set up here this week for scores of people killed in a South Korean ferry disaster, embassy officials said Monday. ..

Samsung Electronics' Q1 net profit tops 7.57 tln won
Samsung Electronics Co., the world's top maker of smartphones, said Tuesday its fourth-quarter net profit advanced 5.8 percent from a year earlier. N..

The Korea Herald (

Coast Guard, fire service offices raidedThe investigation into the sinking of the ferry Sewol continued to expand Monday, bringing the Korean Coast Guard, emerg...

Speculation grows over Cabinet reshuffle, timing of Park’s apologyPresident Park Geun-hye is expected to carry out a major Cabinet reshuffle and deliver a public...

Calls for legal recognition for Sewol heroes emergeSouth Koreans are calling for legal recognition of the Sewol heroes, who sacrificed their lives...

Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered car seeks Prius momentHyundai Motor is looking forward to a Prius heyday with its hydrogen-powered Tucson, which will...

Hwang Pyong-so new in N. Korean power circleOver the last few weeks, a notable change was spotted within the core of the reclusive North Korean rulin...

Final dutiesTo be faithful to his duties, Prime Minister Chung Hong-won should have announced his intent...

An ultimate choiceNorth Korea refrained from conducting its fourth nuclear test at least during U.S. President...

GDP gap widening between Korea, ChinaThe gap between South Korea and China in terms of gross domestic product appears to be widening, the Bank of Korea said Monday.In 2013, China’s GDP eclipsed that of South Korea by sevenfold, with $9....

For Xi, summit with N. Korean leader may be diplomatic card’Chinese leader Xi Jinping may be using the possibility of a summit with North Korean leader Kim...

Author chronicles mother’s remarkable journeyIn 1961, at age 25, Faye Pinchbeck crossed the Pacific Ocean to be with her beloved, a Korean m...

The Korea Times (

Captain Lee Joon-seok of the sunken ferry Sewol was seen sliding out of the ferry Sewol to be rescued ahead of other passengers in video clips released Monday by the Coast Guard. By the time a rescue boat reached the front side ...

15 may face homicide charges
The prosecution said Monday that it is considering filing negligent homicide charges against 15 crewmembers of the Sewol who escaped the sinking ferry without evacuating passengers. This is the first time that prosecutors have h...

Our hearts are with you (7) 
Any diplomats, businesspeople and others can send short messages to our email,,... 

Sewol tragedy deflates spending mood  
With the nation still in shock over the ferry Sewol disaster, people and companies are eschewing c... 

HiteJinro to open beer plant in Vietnam 
HiteJinro is looking to build a beer plant in either Vietnam or the Dominican Republic to seek mor... 

Park to stick to current Cabinet for June polls  
President Park Geun-hye is expected to engage in a large-scale reshuffle of her administration in ... 

Park's approval ratings slip steeply  
President Park Geun-hye has seen her popularity ratings slide due to the government’s incompetent ... 

Calls examined between captain, crew and ferry operator  
Investigators are examining the content of phone calls made from the captain and crewmembers of th... 

Search operations make no progress  
The Coast Guard’s search and rescue operations entered a 13th day on Monday but made little progre...

Dong A (

Online debate over president’s responsibility
The free bulletin board of Cheong Wa Dae`s website ( kept breaking down all day on Monday, which at some point led to a suspicion that the website might have been hacked. However, the cause of the...   

All classes resume at Danwon High School
Classes for all grades at Ansan City`s Danwon High School resumed Monday. Classes for third graders resumed last week after the tragic sinking of ferry Sewol left many students killed or missing. Memos paying tributes...
Beer producers agonize over marketing amid ‘beer season’
Amid the prevailing mood of mourning in the Korean society after the tragic ferry accident, beer makers are agonizing over the right time to resume promotion of their products. “Beer season” has come with more people...

Obama took a selfie with Malaysian PM
U.S. President Barack Obama who is one of the most popular models for selfies these days took a selfie in Malaysia on Sunday during his tour to the nation. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak uploaded a selfie with...

Scars from Sewol wreck running deep in teachers as well
Scars from Sewol wreck is also running deep in teachers who were not present in the tragic scene. Since they meet students at around the same age of the student victims and hear news about victims from fellow teachers,...  

Two young Korean golfers grab PGA and LPGA titles 

Brazilian media introduces unique demands by countries for World Cup 

Pitcher Ryu to seek 4th win anew at game against Colorado 

Obam gives `security gift` to Japan but nothing for trade pact 

Chinese take up majority of foreign wives in Seoul 

Obama keeps cool about Japan`s open-arms welcome 

Januzaj of Manchester United to play for Belgium at World Cup-----------------------------------------------

Chosun Ilbo (

N.Korea's No. 2 Official Disappears AgainNorth Korea's second-highest apparatchik, the hardline military politburo chief Choe Ryong-hae, has stoked the ever-active rumor mill by disappearing from the radar again. Instead, observers believe that Hwang Pyong-so who led the purge against former eminence grise Jang Song-taek is rising inexorably through the ranks. >> Full Text

Bad Weather Hampers Ferry Salvage EffortsDespair mounted over the weekend as bad weather delayed attempt to retrieve remaining victims from the sunken ferry Sewol. Strong winds and high waves have been disrupting efforts since Saturday. The ferry lies on its side and opening the doors is almost impossible at the moment. >> Full Text

Samsung, Apple Recall Malfunctioning PhonesBoth Samsung and Apple are exchanging or offering free servicing of faulty smartphones. Samsung on Sunday said some of the cameras of its latest Galaxy S5 smartphones malfunctioned. The defective phones show the message "warning: camera faile" when the camera is turned on, and no pictures can be taken. >> Full Text

160,000 Visit Altar for Ferry Disaster Victims

Chinese Troops Stage Exercise Near N.Korean Border

PM Resigns Over Handling of Ferry Disaster

Park, Obama Visit Combined Forces Command---------------------------------------------

Hankyoreh (

Mourners descend on Ansan, bathed in rain and tearsSewol ferry sinking inspires nationwide mourning over missing students and a missing-in-action government
At 2:30 pm on Apr. 27, Jeong Hyun-sook, 53, from Seoul, wiped her eyes as she walked out of the temporary memorial altar at the Olympic Memorial Hall in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. A gentle rain was falling, but Jeong kept brushing away the tears, for the moment forgetting the need for an umbrella. It had taken two hours to get to Ansan, first in her car and then on the subway, and she had waited in line for two more hours to pay her condolences to the victims of the Sewol ferry sinking.

Citizens pick up the government’s slack in responding to Sewol tragedyOn the twelfth day since the sinking of the Sewol ferry, while the immature government bungled the initial phase of the accident and the rescue and response work, more than 5,000 citizens came forward to provide 24-hour aid in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, and Jindo, South Jeolla Province to families of the deceased and missing from the ferry.

Park-Obama summit a “missed opportunity”Experts are calling last week’s South Korea-US summit in Seoul a “missed opportunity.”
In particular, they pointed to the two-day event on Apr. 25 and 26 as a sacrificed last chance to stop Pyongyang from ratcheting up tensions with another nuclear test, while voicing disappointment over the focus on stern security measures and deterrence over suggested solutions.

Teenagers voice rage at a society they feel has abandoned them
“Friends, I hope you aren’t reborn in a country like this.”
“Good bye! I will keep fighting with the bad grownups to make sure that sad things like this never happen again.”
Rage is building among teenagers as they think about their friends whose promising lives were tragically cut short in the sinking of the Sewol ferry. As they gazed at the smiling young faces in the funeral portraits, they brooded over the inept and irresponsible behavior of the government and grownups.

Sewol victims’ families’ anger comes to boiling pointAgitated shouting in front of the President. Water bottles hurled at the head of the Prime Minister. Cries of “Stop lying!” directed at the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries for more than eight hours. The Coast Guard chief and deputy having their radios snatched away and being grabbed by the collar. Reporters being chased away, cameras smashed.

Joong Ang (conservative): (

Disaster video shows empty deck

Coast Guard’s film, meant to calm public, may only inflame it
The Coast Guard yesterday released a nine-minute video of rescue attempts when the ferry Sewol was capsizing April 16, showing the captain in such a hurry …

Family that owned ferry probed from all directionsWhat began as a probe into the ownership of the operator of the doomed Sewol ferry has turned into a corruption scandal …

Post lashing out at Park erupts across the InternetAn online post made Sunday morning on the Blue House’s free bulletin board that demanded President Park Geun-hye step down in the wake …

LG U reports dismal performanceThe nation’s No. 3 mobile carrier LG U posted poor earnings for the first quarter, citing higher marketing costs. …

Pioneer Hancom may be back from the deadHancom was once known as Korea’s Microsoft for its pioneering role in the country’s first IT boom in the 1990s. …

Patent case over Google winds downApple and Samsung Electronics head toward the conclusion of their second U.S. patent trial with one last chance to make a case to jurors …

Edaily (

[Table] Today’s Stock Market BriefThis is a stock market brief of Today. [table] Total stock market id="" width="570...

[Closed]KOSPI 1,934.94p( 15.42p) slightly up, KOSDAQ 546.83p( 5.04p) slightly up KOSPI & KOSDAQ Index Closed KOSPI closed slightly up 15.42p( 0.80%) at 1,934.94p from yesterday. KOS...

[Table]Currently Index of Major Country in ASIAThis is Index of Major Country in ASIA. [table] Index of Major Country in ASIA ...

[Midday]KOPSI 1,931.41p( 11.89p) slightly up, KOSDAQ 546.56p( 4.77p) slightly upKOSPI & KOSDAQ Index KOSPI slightly up 0.62%(11.89p) to 1,931.41p at 14:01. KOSDAQ slightly up 0....

Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Seoul’s IT growth engine Seoul Digital Industrial Complex sputtering
The Seoul Digital Industrial Complex, or G Valley, had been the Mecca of South Korea’s IT industry and heart of creative economy, but it is losing ground at the fundamental level. The G Valley, comprised of the Gasan Digital Complex in Geumcheon-gu and Guro Digital Complex in Guro-gu, has been a lifeline of the country’s IT industry since it was founded 50 years ago. The small and mid-sized IT solution providers and parts makers supplying their prod.....

S. Korean PM resigns over ferry disaster response

Obama visits Seoul for summit talks on Pyongyang’s ..

S. Korea lacks unified communication sy..

Banks’ personnel, branch growth bucks ..

Owner of capsized South Korea ferry und..

All crew of Sewol to face prosecution

Sewol ferry’s crew told passengers to ..

The Korea Post notice:

Here are more portrait paintings by Artists Chung Hyung-Mo and Kim Dong-Hyun:

▲ HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman

▲ The formal Chairman Park Tae Chun of Posco

Former President Jiang Zemin of China painted by Korean Artist Kim Dong-Hyun

A Japanese Buddhist nun

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