The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Dec. 2 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Tuesday December 02, 2014

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Here is a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


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The Korea Post news

Attended by Russian DPM, KITA president, many Korean and Russian experts

Joint Korean-Russian economic forum “Welcome to the Far East” in Seoul Dec. 9

A Russian-Korean Economic Forum entitled “Welcome to the Far East” will be held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Dec. 9, 2014 on the initiative of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation (RusTrade) in Seoul supported by the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East and Korean International Trade Association (KITA). This was learned from Representative Mikhail Bondarenko of the RusTrade in Seoul on Nov. 28, 2014.

The main purpose of the Forum is to discuss topical issues of trade and economic cooperation between Korea and Far Eastern regions of Russia and presentation of new projects.

rom the Russian side the Forum will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) of the Russian Federation-Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev, heads of the Far Eastern regions of Russia, more than 100 representatives of Russian business community and experts in trade and investments.

From the Korean side it will be attended by over 200 representatives of companies who are interested in cooperation with Russia.

Jointly organized by the RusTrade, KITA and the Korean-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Forum will be opened with the attendance of DPM Yury Trutnev, Chairman Han Duck-soo of KITA, Governor Choi Moon-Soo of Gangwon Province, Governor Vyacheslav Shport of the Khabarovskiy Krai and Ambassador Konstantin Vnukov of Russia in Seoul.

(Scroll down to the bottom for further details and/or visit /news/view.html?section=165&category=192&no=728 for photos as well as for details.)



Rival Parties in Talks to Present Amended Budget Proposal by Tuesday

The National Assembly's special committee on budget and account has failed to review the government's budget proposal for next year by the end-of-November legal deadline and is continuing unofficial appraisals.

Seoul, Washington Unlikely to Find Common Ground on Atomic Energy Agreement This Year

It appears uncertain if South Korea and the United States will be able to reach an accord on how to revise their atomic energy agreement before the end of this year.

Pres. Park Meets with Japanese Biz Leaders

President Park Geun-hye has met with a group of Japanese business leaders, including head of the Japan Business Federation Sadayuki Sakakibara.

KOSPI Ends Lower

Won-Yuan Direct Trading Market Opens

Mortgage Loan Borrowing Surges with Eased LTV, DTI Rules

Report: Production Company of Movie "The Interview" Hacked

20th Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC to Open in Peru Monday

Former Sex Slavery Victim Urges Japan to Resolve Sex Slavery Issue

S. Korea Proposes Setting up Organization on

Korea Grand Sale 2015 to Open Monday

Korea's Traditional Music


Yonhap (

S. Korean fishing boat sinks in waters off Russia

A South Korean fishing boat sank Monday in the western Bering Sea, leaving at least one of its crew members dead and the fate of more than 50 others unknown, the South Korean government said.

S. Korea's consumer prices grow 1 pct on-year in Nov.

South Korea's consumer prices grew at the slowest pace in nine months in November, renewing worries the country might be entering a phase of deflation, a government report showed Tuesday.2014/12/02 09:00

Sony Pictures movies leaked online amid suspicions of N.K. involvement: reports

At least five new Sony Pictures movies have been leaked online, reinforcing suspicions that North Korea may have played a role in a cyber-attack in reprisal for Sony's impending release of a film about a plot to assassinate leader Kim Jong-un, news reports said. 2014/12/02 06:04

Prospect unclear for Korea-U.S. civilian nuclear cooperation deal before year's end: source

South Korea and the United States are in the final stage of negotiations on a civilian nuclear cooperation deal, but it is unclear whether the talks will be concluded before year's end, a senior diplomatic source indicated Monday. 2014/12/02 05:19

Woori Bank head gives up reappointment

Woori Bank chief Lee Soon-woo said Monday he will not serve another term at the state-owned lender which is having trouble finding a private-sector owner. 2014/12/01 19:40


The Korea Herald (

Park urges probe into leak

President Park Geun-hye on Monday condemned the disclosure of documents regarding Chung Yoon-hoi, a former aide, calling...

Concerns rise over N. Korea’s submarine missile capability

Concerns are growing over North Korea’s pursuit of a submarine-launched ballistic missile, whi...

Finance Ministry seeks easy way out of labor divide

The pie will not get any bigger, at least for several years, and the only way to make it feed a...

Samsung mobile biz execs to resign

Top executives at Samsung Electronics’ mobile business unit will step down to take responsibil...

China policy in question after Taiwan polls

Taiwan’s warmer relations with China were called into question after the island’s Beijing-fri...

Change for the worse

Since its introduction in 2000, parliamentary confirmation hearings have become a key means ...

Humane shelter

The recent court ruling that granted refugee status to a Congolese dissident should serve as...


Adoptee launches search service for birth parents, adoptees

Korean transnational adoptee Sarah Bowling was adopted to the U.S. in 1974 at age 3 from an orp...

Comfort women’ stories rekindled on stage

Bongsunhwa (Garden Balsam)” is not being staged to criticize the Japanese people because the...


The Korea Times (

Park warns media on 'Memogate'

President Park Geun-hye called Monday for a thorough investigation into the alleged leak of internal memoranda about her former aide Jeong Yun-hoe. “The leaking of such confidential information is an unimaginable breach of natio...

Olive Young's misogynistic ad 

Posted on the windows of stores of CJ’s Olive Young cosmetics chain is an ad containing the likene... 

Seoul mayor in dilemma over gay rights  

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is in a double-bind.

Bill proposed to protect undocumented children  

An opposition party lawmaker has proposed a bill to provide free education and medical services to almost 20,000 undocumented children.

Bloggers question President's credibility 

The continuing brouhaha over the actions of one of President Park Geun-hye’s former closest advisers could be based on false rumors as Cheong Wa Dae insists, ...

Stagnant wages add to the economic concern  

Real wages in relation to inflation rose only 0.08 percent in the third quarter, marking the smallest growth in two years and nine months. Economists say that... 

Cigarettes hoarding reappears 

Smokers here have flocked to convenience stores and other retailers to purchase as many cigarettes...

Choi's labor reform plan draws backlash  

Finance Minister Choi Kyung-hwan’s labor reform scheme is facing opposition from other state-run organizations, especially in relation to issues about dismiss...

Incheon considers selling Asiad stadiums  

Struggling with snowballing debt, the Incheon Metropolitan Government (IMG) is considering selling at least four of the 17 venues built for the recent Asian G...


Dong A (

Nobel Prize laureate puts medal up for auction

I apologise ... (the journalist) somehow wrote that I worried about the people in Africa because of their low IQ ? and you’re not supposed to say that,” World-famous biologist James Watson told the Financial Times on... 

Messi breaks Champions League goal-scoring record

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