The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Dec. 3 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday December 03, 2014

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Here is a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


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Parliament Passes Budget Bill, Next Year's Budget Set at 375.4 Tln Won

Rival parties passed the nation’s budget for next year at 375-point-four trillion won on Tuesday, the constitutional deadline for passing the budget bill.

Gov't Sets CO2 Emission Caps for 525 Companies

The Environment Ministry has set carbon dioxide emissions limits for industrial sectors and notified 525 companies of their emission caps as the Emissions Trading Scheme will go into effect the first of January.

PM Orders Swift Rescue, Search Efforts for Oryong 501

Prime Minister Chung Hong-won ordered Cabinet ministers to cooperate with relevant countries to carry out swift search and rescue efforts for those who were onboard the sunken fishing trawler, the Oryong 501. 

KITA Selects 100 Small Firms with Export Competitiveness

Businesses Urge Gov't to Review Carbon Emission Quotas

Gov't Sets CO2 Emission Caps for 525 Companies

S. Korea, Brazil Agree to Enhance Cooperation

N. Korea Blasts Japan for Leading Role in UN Resolution

Korean Language Program Launched in 3 Dutch Elementary Schools

S. Korea Proposes Setting up Organization on

Korea Grand Sale 2015 to Open Monday

Korea's Traditional Music


Yonhap (

Korea's FX reserves fall for 4th month in Nov.

South Korea's foreign exchange reserves declined for a fourth straight month in November due mostly to the weakening value of some currencies, data showed Wednesday.

Incoming U.S. Pacific commander says N. Korea 'most dangerous threat'

The incoming U.S. Pacific commander said Tuesday that North Korea is "our most volatile and dangerous threat" as it pursues nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, vowing to fight and defeat the communist nation if deterrence fails.2014/12/03 08:50

Suspicions of N.K. involvement in cyber attack on Sony darken

Some of the malware that knocked down the computer network of Sony Pictures Entertainment contained Korean-language code in a sign that North Korea played a role in the attack, a news report said Tuesday. 2014/12/03 06:52

Obama likely to name ex-deputy defense secretary Carter to succeed Hagel:

U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to nominate former Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to be his next defense chief after Chuck Hagel offered to quit last week, CNN and other U.S. media outlets reported Tuesday. 2014/12/03 03:23

Park's ex-aide held phone conversation with key official

President Park Geun-hye's former aide, who is at the center of a scandal over an alleged power struggle, has had a phone conversation with a key presidential official, Park's spokesman said Tuesday. 2014/12/02 22:04


The Korea Herald (

Parliament hits budget deadline

The National Assembly approved next year’s government budget Tuesday, ending weeks of partisan bickering in time for a ...

Sailors’ families blast trawler operator

The families of the sailors of the sunken trawler Oryong 501 lashed out at the ship’s operator...

Big businesses brace for CO2 emissions cap

The South Korean government on Tuesday notified local companies of their carbon dioxide emissio...

Korea takes aim at labor market ‘inflexibility’

The government is considering measures aimed at easing “inflexibility” in employment at large...

Ex-Park aide shrouded in speculation

The scandal centered on Chung Yoon-hoi continues to expand and threatens to bring rival parties to a head...

Deteriorating conditions

Korea is all set to mark a record high of annual trade volume this year. In the first 11 mon...

Dealing with China

Security experts from South Korea and China held a heated debate last week on the possible d...


Hyundai chairman to discuss carmaker’s growth strategy

Hyundai Motor Group chairman Chung Mong-koo will gather together the heads of global operations...

Song Sae-byeok’s career enjoys late dawn

Actor Song Sae-byeok is not the most well-known actor in Korea, but he has infused his characte...


The Korea Times (

Sunken trawler shifts focus to Sajo

The sinking of the Oryang 501 in the Bering Sea this week has raised questions anew about Korean fishing giant Sajo Group, which owns the vessel and has long been accused of abuses on the high seas. Dating back to 2010, the cong...

Assembly passes next year budget bill  

The National Assembly passed next year’s government budget bill, Tuesday, in a rare agreement between the rival parties to meet the legal deadline for the fir... 

Will PyeongChang give up 2018 Olympics? 

The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics may be in limbo, with the government and Gangwon Province locking ho... 

Korea feared to follow Japan on deflation path 

Concern over deflation is increasing after inflation fell to the lowest level in nine months. Econ... 

'Fishermen worked in bad weather'  

The sinking of a Korean trawler in Russian waters in the Bering Sea on Monday was a man-made disas... 

NK urged to improve human rights record  

President Park Geun-hye urged North Korea Tuesday to improve its dismal human rights record in ord...

Income gap is top labor issue  

Widespread discrimination against non-regular workers will be a key topic discussed during tripartite talks later this month among representatives of labor, m... 

Daum to launch new blockbuster game  

Daum Games, a subsidiary of Daum Kakao, said Tuesday that it will launch its new game “Black Deser...


Dong A (

N.K. human rights issue likely to be on U.N. Security Council agenda

The permanent members of the U.N. Security Council including the U.S., Japan and France and the non-permanent members including Korea and Australia officially proposed Chad, the chair of December, to put North Korea’s... 

Messi breaks Champions League goal-scoring record

FC Barcelona`s Lionel Messi rejoices with teammate Pedro Rodriguez after scoring a goal in the 87th minute in a Group F match against Apoel in Nicosia, Cyprus on Tuesday (local time). ...

National Assembly approves budget bill before legal deadline

The National Assembly was scrambling in a rush throughout the day on Tuesday, the legal deadline for approval of next year’s state budget. The rival parties conducted fierce under-the-table negotiations because if the...

2015 college exam results show too many perfect scores

At this year`s college scholastic aptitude exam, the math B type, the test for students who will take the natural science track, was the most easiest among previous exams. Only students with perfect score got Grade 1....

Lee Jae-yong is Korea`s 2nd richest man after his father

Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee and his only son Lee Jae-yong who`s the company`s vice chairman ranked No. 1 and 2, respectively, in the list of most wealthy people in Korea. The father has been at the first...

Kim Hyo-joo signs contract with Lotte at highest among Korean golfers 

Trade rumors of LA Dodgers` Matt Kemp arise 

Lee Seung-yeop poised to win his 9th Golden Glove’ to set new record 


Chosun Ilbo (

Falling Oil Prices Boost Airline Earnings

Domestic airlines' earnings are recovering due to several positive factors, not least a continuing fall in oil prices. Another factor has been an increase in parcel deliveries as more Koreans shop on overseas websites like Amazon. >> Full Text

Real Wages Stagnate

Real wage growth has dropped for the sixth consecutive quarter, running to near zero percent in the third quarter of this year. According to the Labor Ministry on Monday, real per-capita average wages adjusted for inflation stood at W2.96 million a month as of the third quarter, an increase of less than W2,000 or 0.06 percent increase compared to the same period of 2013.  >> Full Text

Moody's Slashes Japan's Credit Rating

Credit Ratings firm Moody's in a shock decision downgraded Japan's credit rating from Aa3 to A1 on Monday. Japan's rating was last slashed in August 2011 and is now lower than Korea's. The Japanese government has been trying to revive the economy by keeping the currency weak to benefit exporters for nearly two years.  >> Full Text

Koreans Spend 3.5 Hours a Day on the Phone

Standard Chartered Scales Back Dividends to HQ

Hanwha Promises 1-Year Job Security for Samsung Execs

Imported Beer Sold More Than Soju


Hankyoreh (

Lee Hee-ho’s visit to North Korea delayed until next year

Former president’s widow is in frail health and seeking to avoid traveling at the coldest time of year

Lee Hee-ho, widow of former president Kim Dae-jung and chair of the Kim Dae-jung Peace Center, has delayed her visit to North Korea until May or June of 2015. According to the center, health concerns, including a recent bout of pneumonia

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