The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Dec. 4 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday December 04, 2014

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Here is a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


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41 Still Missing after Sinking of S. Korean Fishing Trawler

The identities of three South Korean victims of a fishing vessel that sank in waters off Russia's Far East coast have been confirmed.

"N. Korean Willingness for Constructive Dialogue Would Reopen 6-party Talks"

South Korea has suggested that all it would take for North Korea to resume the stalled six party talks is its clear expression of willingness to engage in constructive dialogue for denuclearization.

Park: Source of National Competitiveness Lies in Regional Development

President Park Geun-hye says the foundation of national competitiveness can be found in regional development.

30 Biz Groups' Facility Investment Drop 10% YoY

1 out of 3 Global IBs Forecast BOK Rate Cut Early Next Yr

Yuan-Denominated Deposit Plans Less Popular Than Expected

"N. Korean Willingness for Constructive Dialogue Would Reopen 6-party Talks"

6 Bodies Recovered after S. Korean Trawler Sinking

Search Efforts Resume, 2 Bodies Found Near Site of Oryong 501 Sinking

Gov't Launches Investigation into Oryong Trawler Sinking

'Skipper of Sunken Trawler Refused to Evacuate'

Superintendent Park Raided for Jeong Yun-hoe Report Leakage


Yonhap (

S. Korean economy grows 0.9 pct in Q3: central bank

The South Korean economy expanded 0.9 percent in the third quarter from three months earlier as consumption recovered and builders increased investments, central bank data showed Thursday.

Gov't steps up monitoring on use of state subsidies

The government will step up its monitoring of the use of state subsidies in a bid to reduce waste of taxpayers' money, the finance ministry said Thursday. 2014/12/04 08:01

N.K. officials could hold meeting with U.S. experts in Singapore next month:

North Korean officials could hold a meeting with U.S. security experts in Singapore next month, diplomatic sources said Wednesday. 2014/12/04 05:51

Leading candidate to be next U.S. defense chief had called for preemptive strike on N. Korea

Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, the reportedly leading candidate to take the helm at the Pentagon, had openly called for a preemptive strike on North Korea years ago to destroy a long-range missile Pyongyang was preparing to launch. 2014/12/04 03:57

FBI confirms probe into cyber-attack on Sony amid suspicions of N.K. involvement

The FBI confirmed Wednesday that it is investigating a recent cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment amid growing suspicions that North Korea might have played a role in anger over a soon-to-be-released film about a plot to kill leader Kim Jong-un. 2014/12/04 02:45


The Korea Herald (

Prosecutors raid Blue House leak suspect’s offices

The prosecution on Wednesday raided the offices and home of police Superintendent Park Gwan-chun in its expanding invest...

Deflation concerns grow in Korea

Citing the nation’s continuously falling consumer prices, local experts are raising concerns t...

Hyundai Motor considers two more plants in China

Hyundai Motor’s plans to expand production in China appear to be gaining fresh momentum with t...

Incoming U.S. Pacific commander calls N.K. ‘most dangerous threat’

The incoming U.S. Pacific commander said Tuesday that North Korea is “our most volatile and da...

After South Stream, EU eyes new gas sources

BRUSSELS -- Europe played down Tuesday an angry Russia’s shelving of the multi-billion-dollar South Stre...

Cacophony at SPO

A group of Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra employees issued a statement Tuesday calling for the...

Leak scandal

Key figures in the Blue House document leak scandal are engaged in a war of words even as pr...


Bladder replacement surgery option for cancer patients

For many bladder cancer patients, a cystectomy ― the surgical removal of all or part of the bl...

Notre-Dame de Paris’ readies for revival

The cast of French musical “Notre-Dame de Paris” showcases the show’s famous numbers during ...


The Korea Times (

SC exit speculation gaining force

Standard Chartered Korea’s hefty dividend plan has reignited speculation that the British bank may exit Korea due to declining profits, economists and industry people said Wednesday. “It seems unreasonable for the bank to pay hi...

POSCO receives largest carbon quota  

POSCO, Korea’s largest steelmaker, has received the largest carbon emission quota from the environment ministry.

Daum officials under probe for insider trading  

The financial authorities said Wednesday that executives at Daum Kakao are under investigation for making financial gains on privileged information. 

'Memogate' probe targets police officer  

Prosecutors have raided three premises in their probe of a police officer and former presidential ... 

'President's brother tipped off on leak of presidential document'  

President Park Geun-hye’s younger brother tipped off the presidential office and the country’s spy...

'Jeong enlisted Park's help for daughter'  

A former aide to President Park Geun-hye suspected of seeking to peddle influence on affairs of state faces a fresh allegation that he also instigated a gover...

'14 reactors have ineffective parts'  

Components in 14 of the nation’s 23 nuclear reactors were made with an ineffective material, which could cause an environmental disaster similar to that which...

Man cleared of martial law conviction in retrial  

A man who was convicted under martial law of speaking ill of then President Park Chung-hee was acquitted Wednesday at a retrial demanded by his son 32 years a...

N. Korean envoy sends complaint letter to UN   

North Korea’s U.N. ambassador sent a letter of complaint to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon over a landmark resolution related to its alleged human rights ...


Dong A (

N. Korea`s fingerprints reportedly found on Sony Pictures hacking

The destructive malware that infected Sony Pictures Entertainment`s network last week was written in Korean, further fueling suspicions that North Korea was behind the cyber attack, international news agency Bloomberg... 

11-under match between Korea and FC Bar?a

At a training ground of FC Barcelona in Spain, the 11-under match between Korean national youth team and Bar?a`s youth team is held on Wednesday. Paik Seung-ho, Lee Seung-woo and Jang Gyeol-hee, who play for FC...

Crowds gather to see `Centennial Debate between 2 Michaels`

We can solve many problems of capitalism through creating shared value (CSV), which creates new values in the area where corporate interests overlap with interests of society as a whole.” (Prof. Michael Porter at...

Korea`s young players hope to become new Bar?a Messi 

Policeman sentenced after peeping in woman`s smartphone 

Ex-spy agency head denies allegation on president’s brother 

Kim Hyo-joo signs contract with Lotte at highest among Korean golfers 

Trade rumors of LA Dodgers` Matt Kemp arise


Chosun Ilbo (

Chinese Students in Korea Make Money from Korean Wave

Chinese students in Korea are less likely than their counterparts from other countries to work in low-grade jobs in convenience stores or waiting tables to pay their tuition. >> Full Text

Consumers Prefer Samsung Smartwatches Over Other Brands

Samsung's Gear series of smartwatches are top of the wish list in the niche consumer market for wearable devices, apparently ahead of Apple's yet-to-be-released gadget, UBS said Monday. The Swiss bank asked 4,000 consumers worldwide.  >> Full Text

Power Naps Can Rejuvenate Busy Workers

A short nap during the day may increase efficiency and concentration levels, even if it interrupts the working day. You may feel more refreshed and your head clearer after a power nap, especially after lunch, when the body is mostly busy digesting.  >> Full Text

Physical Abuse at Army Barracks Tripled in 5 Years

Hopes Fade for Dozens Missing After Trawler Disaster

China Not N.Korea's Savior, Ex-General Says

Korea, U.S. Keep Tussling Over Civilian Nuclear Energy


Hankyoreh (

Report: export-centered model reaching its limit for growth

Since 2008-09 crisis, countries focused on growing domestic demand

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