The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Dec. 11 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday December 11, 2014

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Here is a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


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S. Korea, Vietnam Establish Free Trade Deal

South Korea and Vietnam have agreed on a free trade agreement (FTA). The two countries reached the agreement on Wednesday in a summit between President Park...

ASEAN-South Korea Commemorative Summit to Open Thursday

The ASEAN-South Korea Commemorative Summit will open on Thursday in Busan for a two-day run with the theme, “Building Trust and Bringing Happiness.”

Arrest Warrants Sought for 2 Police Officials in Leak of `Jeong Yun-hoe Report`

Prosecutors have requested arrest warrants for two police officials as part of a probe into the leak of the so called "Jeong Yun-hoe report".

Korean Air Executive Resigns from Vice President over Nut Case

KOSPI Ends Lower on China, Greece Woes

Assembly Researchers Propose Raising LTV, DTI Rates Back to Previous Levels

ASEAN-South Korea Commemorative Summit to Open Thursday

FBI: No North Korean Connection Confirmed in Sony Pictures Hacking

US Gov't to Provide Up to $250,000 to Human Rights Programs for North Korea

Documentary "My Love, Don't Cross

Korean Traditional Paper Receives Positive

Seoul to Operate 26 Rudolf Tayo Buses


Yonhap (

Park to open summit with Southeast Asian countries

South Korean President Park Geun-hye will open a crucial summit with Southeast Asian countries on Thursday with a speech for hundreds of business leaders from the region, Park's office said.

N.K. shows no signs of preparations for nuclear test: think tank

North Korea is showing no signs of preparing to conduct a nuclear test, despite its threat to do so in anger over a U.N. General Assembly resolution on its human rights violations, a U.S. think tank said Wednesday. 2014/12/11 06:55

S. Korea's point man on N. Korea calls for engagement with Pyongyang

South Korean Unification Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae said Wednesday that Seoul and Washington should make greater efforts to engage North Korea, saying that dialogues would make pressure on the communist regime more effective.2014/12/11 05:09

Daum Kakao CEO faces questioning over child pornography allegations

The head of South Korea's top mobile messenger operator, Daum Kakao, was questioned Wednesday on charges of allowing massive amounts of child pornography to be shared on its social networking service, Kakao Group, police said. 2014/12/10 21:09

S. Korea, Vietnam strike free trade deal BUSAN, Dec. 10

South Korea and Vietnam announced Wednesday a substantial conclusion of a free trade deal meant to boost bilateral trade by removing barriers, but excluded rice from the agreement. 2014/12/10 19:41


The Korea Herald (

South Korea, Vietnam strike free trade deal

BUSAN ― South Korea and Vietnam reached a free trade agreement on Wednesday, paving the way for a deepened bilateral s...

Korea, ASEAN kick off summit

The special summit between South Korea and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asia...

Prosecution grills Park’s former aide in leak probe

The prosecution on Wednesday questioned former aide Chung Yoon-hoi as it deepened its investiga...

Daum Kakao CEO probed for child pornography allegations

The head of South Korea's top mobile messenger operator, Daum Kakao, was questioned Wednesday o...

CIA torture brutal, ineffective: report

CIA torture of al-Qaida suspects was far more brutal than acknowledged, did not produce u...

Another quarter-century

The Korea-ASEAN Commemorative Summit opens in Busan on Thursday, bringing together leaders o...

Tall order

A presidential committee has unveiled a package of proposals to reform local autonomy, some ...


Sharing Korean development know-how via online archive

Armed with expertise and a multiethnic culture, KDI School is ready to step up its contribution...

Jang Hyuk, Cha Ye-ryun named best dressed at Herald Donga awards

Actor Jang Hyuk and actress Cha Ye-ryun were named the best dressed at the 2014 Herald Donga Li...


The Korea Times (

Park seeks no middle road with press

Cheong Wa Dae officials have filed libel lawsuits against two newspapers over their reports on the leak of internal documents since the “memogate scandal” broke two weeks ago.

Daum Kakao CEO under probe over child porn distributor  

The head of Daum Kakao, Korea’s leading mobile messenger operator, was questioned over allegations... 

Kookmin University focuses on convergence 

Kookmin University is shifting its focus to more practical methods of learning by opening a Colleg...  Inspiring students with innovative spirit

More water leaks in Lotte Aquarium  

A government inspection team has found at least three water leaks from an aquarium inside the seco... 

Korea, Vietnam conclude FTA deal  

BUSAN - Korea wrapped up negotiations with Vietnam over a free trade agreement (FTA) Wednesday tha...

KB to seek US Fed approval on LIG purchase 

Achieving U.S. approval has emerged as a challenging task for KB Financial Group as it seeks to expand into the American insurance market by acquiring LIG Ins...

5 more government agencies to relocate to Sejong this month  

Five additional government agencies, including the National Tax Service, will move this month to Sejong City, an administrative town 150 kilometers south of S...


Dong A (

Kim Jong Un spent $300 mil. on showy projects during 3-year rule

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly spent more than 300 million U.S. dollars on "showy construction projects" since taking over power from his father, the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, in December... 

N. Korea`s video showing teenagers deported back from Laos

North Korean propaganda website Uriminzokkiri TV released on Tuesday a video of four among nine North Korean teenagers deported back to the North from Laos in May last year. Lee Gwang Hyuk, Ryu Chul Yong, Chang Kuk Hwa...

Ex-Pres. Rhee’s ink wash painting found for the first time

An ink wash painting painted by former President Rhee Syng-man has been found for the first time. There are several pieces of handwritings of the former president who was good at calligraphy and painting, but this is...

AirAsia to operate aircraft featuring Park Ji-sung

AirAsia, Asia’s largest low-cost carrier, has named Park Ji-sung, a retired football icon, as its new global ambassador. The carrier will operate a plane featuring Park. AirAsia announced the appointment in a press...

Coach Stielike: I`ll look at players with a broad mindset 

SK Telecom to sponsor national speed skating team for 4 years 

Gov`t launches advisory panel for Korean SAT 

Chinese soldier’s combat kit is worth about 2 iPhones 

Kim Hyo-joo with strong stamina and gut makes strides


Chosun Ilbo (

More Abuses of N.Korean Laborers Come to Light

The international media have taken a special interest in the ill-treatment of North Korean laborers overseas since the EU submitted a draft resolution on the North's human rights abuses to the UN General Assembly in October. >> Full Text

Apple Ordered to Compensate iPhone User

A district court on Tuesday ruled in favor of an iPhone owner who had taken Apple to court over its repair policy. The user first raised the case a year ago. The Gwangju district court ordered Apple Korea to pay the plaintiff W1.52 million for mental distress and his unreturned handset.  >> Full Text

Tokyo Governor Against Sharing Olympic Venues

Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe on Tuesday slammed a proposal by the International Olympic Committee that some events of the 2018 Pyeongchang and 2020 Tokyo Olympics should be shared between the neighbors to save costs.  >> Full Text

N.Korea's Defense Commission Gets Bigger Headquarters

Custody Talks Between Samsung Scion, Husband Break Down

Program Offers Free Job Training for N.Korean Defectors


Hankyoreh (

Film: “Quo Vadis” asks where South Korean churches are going

Colorful documentary dissects churches’ long role in yielding power, and money, in South Korean society

Twenty thousand to seventy-eight thousand.

The first number is the number of convenience stor

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