The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Dec. 16 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Tuesday December 16, 2014

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Here are humor from Korean-language economic daily and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


Lee Kyung-sik


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Here is today’s ration of humor from a Korean-language business daily of this morning:

Seoul Kyungje

"I'm ashamed of the way we live," a young wife said to her lazy husband who refused to find a job.

"My father pays our rent. My mother buys all of our food. My sister buys our clothes. My aunt bought us a car. I'm just so ashamed."

The husband rolled over on the couch. "You should be ashamed," he agreed. "Those two worthless brothers of yours never give us a thing!"



US Missile Defense Chief Confident to Shoot Down N. Korean ICBM

The director of the Missile Defense Agency under the U.S. Defense Department says he has nothing to say on the issue of deploying the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) battery on Korean soil.

N. Korea Blames US for "Denuclearization Failure"

Pyongyang has claimed that the denuclearization agreement in the six-way nuclear talks has lost meaning due to Washington pressuring the North on its human rights conditions.

Korean Ebola Medical Workers Begin Training in Britain

The first team of South Korean medical workers has begun training in Britain before joining the global efforts to fight the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa.

S. Korea Number of Borrowers Reaches Highest Level Ever

KOSPI Ends Lower

S. Korea Posts Trade Surplus for 34 Consecutive Months

Korean Ebola Medical Workers Begin Training in Britain

US Missile Defense Chief Confident to Shoot Down N. Korean ICBM

Abe Pledges to Include Reflections of War in Statement Next Yr.

S. Korea Completes World's Largest Floating Solar Plant

Seoul Announces Measures to Make City More Pedestrian-Friendly


Yonhap (

Prosecutors question Park's brother over document leak

The younger brother of President Park Geun-hye was questioned by prosecutors on Monday over a widening scandal involving a leaked presidential document.

According to the presidential document leaked to the media, Jeong Yun-hoe, who served as an adviser for President Park when she was a lawmaker, is alleged to have held regular meetings with several senior presidential officials and sought to collude with them to replace presidential chief of staff Kim Ki-choon. He has never held any official position in the current administration.

S. Korean relief troops in Philippines set to return home

South Korean relief troops stationed in the Philippines will return home next week after wrapping up their one-year mission to rebuild the country in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, the military here said Tuesday.

Opposition lawmaker visits N. Korea

A South Korean lawmaker visited North Korea on Tuesday to deliver a wreath of flowers commemorating the third anniversary of the death of the communist country's late leader Kim Jong-il, the father of current leader Kim Jong-un.

Judging row at Kim Yu-na's final Olympics voted top S. Korean sports story of 2014

A figure skating judging scandal at the final Winter Olympics for Kim Yu-na was voted the top South Korean sports story of 2014, a poll of local media by Yonhap News Agency showed Tuesday.

S. Koreans spend more than 3 hours daily on smartphones

South Koreans use smartphones more than three hours a day on average, research showed Tuesday, with the younger generation becoming more dependent on the mobile device.


The Korea Herald (

Gunman, 2 hostages killed as police storm Sydney siege cafe

Two hostages and the lone Iranian-born gunman were killed as heavily armed Australian police early Tuesday dramatically ...

Abe’s win dims prospects for Korea-Japan ties

Emboldened by a landslide election victory, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is forecast to p...

President’s brother quizzed over Blue House document leak

The prosecution on Monday questioned the president’s brother, Park Ji-man, as they dug deeper ...

Weaker yen to weigh on exporters

Japan’s weak yen would continue to affect major Korean exporters following Shinzo Abe’s lands...

Abe faces reform battle after win

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faces strong resistance to a promised economic and political...

Plot thickens

The onus is heavier than ever on the prosecutors investigating the Blue House document leak ...

Outrage over ‘nut rage’

An incident referred to as “nut rage” is an example of what can happen when a member of th...

Korean Air chair’s daughter to be quizzed by prosecution

The prosecution said Monday that it plans to summon the eldest daughter of Korean Air chairman ...

Aedas chairman: Problems with Lotte World Tower ‘unusual’

Koreans seem to be keener than ever on safety issues after witnessing a series of accidents thi...


The Korea Times (

Students recognized for multiculturalism

Eleven elementary, middle and high school students from diverse ethnic backgrounds received the Korea Multicultural Youth Awards at a ceremony held at the Press Center in downtown Seoul, Monday. Park Ji-han, a sophomore at Daeky...

Award winners show pride in their diversity

Victory emboldens Abe Following his Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) landslide victory in Sunday’s elections, ultraconservative Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to press ahead with his key diplomatic agenda - highlighted by attempts to ...

Judging row at Kim Yu-na's final Olympics voted top S. Korean sports story of 2014  

A figure skating judging scandal at the final Winter Olympics for Kim Yu-na was voted the top Sout...

S. Koreans spend more than 3 hours daily on smartphones  

South Koreans use smartphones more than three hours a day on average, research showed Tuesday, with the younger generation becoming more dependent on the mobi... 

KFA chief calls for offensive football  

Korea Football Association (KFA) President Chung Mong-gyu called on K League Classic clubs to comm...

Number of debtors to banks hits record high  

The number of people with bank loans hit a record high of 10.5 million in the first half of this year, with aggregate loans totaling 487.7 trillion won, indus... 

Heather Cho likely to face trial  

Former Korean Air Vice President Heather Cho is likely to be face trial for violating the country’... 


Dong A (

Sydney hostage siege likely being done by `lone wolf`

The Sydney hostage siege occurred on Monday is likely to be carried out by a “lone wolf” militant who follows the Islamic State. Though "lone wolves" are not members of terrorist groups active in Syria and its nearby... 

N. Korea`s video showing teenagers deported back from Laos

North Korean propaganda website Uriminzokkiri TV released on Tuesday a video of four among nine North Korean teenagers deported back to the North from Laos in May last year. Lee Gwang Hyuk, Ryu Chul Yong, Chang Kuk Hwa...

Why was Mozart kicked in the ass?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was kicked in the butt at 25 in June 1781. At the command of Archbishop Colloredo, the ruler of Salzburg, he was literally “kicked in the butt” by the archbishop’s steward Count Arco. Kicking the...

Korean Air aggravates nut incident in attempts to conceal truth

It has been a week since the so-called "Nutty Flight Return" incident was reported to the public. If had handled properly, the incident could have been known as a mere aberration of Cho Hyun-ah, former vice president...

Dick Cheney defends CIA interrogation tactics against suspected terrorists

Former Vice President Dick Cheney who led the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in 2001 on Sunday continued his fierce defense of the CIA, saying, “The CIA’s investigative tactics against...

Lee Jeong-sook named ‘Dong-A Marathon Player of the Year’ 

KOC announces goal to achieve top 4 at Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 

President`s concerns over social conflict caused by pro-North event 

Korean team wins World Cup gold in pursuit speed skating


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