The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Dec. 17 2014

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday December 17, 2014

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Here is a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:


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Korean Air to Face Punitive Measures over Nut Case

The transportation ministry has decided to file a complaint with the prosecution against the former Vice President of Korean Air Cho Hyun-ah over her “nut rage” that led to a delay in a passenger jet.

Taliban Attacks School, Killing over 120 in Pakistan

More than 120 people have died in a Taliban attack on an army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

KOC, Sports Associations Vow Top 4 Finish in P'chang Olympics

The Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) and winter sports associations have vowed to finish fourth in the medal standings at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Samsung Electronics Loses Global Smartphone Market Share

No Illegal Fishing Found in S. Korea-China Joint Crackdown

KOSPI Ends Lower on Foreign Selling

Over Half of Japan’s Ruling Lawmakers Support Kono Statement Revision

Korean Ebola Medical Workers Begin Training in UK

US Congressman Mike Honda to Visit S. Korea on Wednesday

'Light, Mild' Banned from Cigarette Packages

Police Lieutenant Han Denies Pressure from Top Office

S. Korean Universities Admit 629 More Students due to Grading Error


Yonhap (

N. Korea eager for dialogue with South Korea: lawmaker

North Korea has a strong will for dialogue with South Korea but it continues to set a halt to the cross-border spread of anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets as a precondition, a South Korean lawmaker said Tuesday after a rare visit to the communist nation.

Producer prices slump to near 4-year low in Nov.

Producer prices in South Korea plunged to a near four-year low in November due to a continued fall in global oil prices, central bank data showed Wednesday.

North Korea boycotts protest letter over Kaesong wage

North Korea has refused to accept a protest letter from South Korea over its unilateral decision to amend the wage system for its workers at a joint industrial zone in its border city of Kaesong, a Seoul official said Tuesday.

Naver rolls out LINE Pay in Japan

Naver Corp. South Korea's top Internet portal operator, released Tuesday a mobile payment platform in Japan as part of efforts to diversify its business. LINE Pay is now available for service in Japan and elsewhere in the world as an additional function attached to its existing global mobile messaging app LINE, the company said in a statement.

Construction worker found dead at Lotte skyscraper

A worker was found dead at the construction site of retail giant Lotte Group's 123-story skyscraper in southeastern Seoul on Tuesday, police officers said.


The Korea Herald (

Two police officers at center of leak scandal

The Cheong Wa Dae intelligence report on Chung Yoon-hoi was leaked by police inspectors Choi and Han, the prosecution te...

Korean Air to face heavy sanctions after nut incident

The South Korean government is expected to issue heavy sanctions on Korean Air and its former e...

Oil prices sink further

Brent oil slumped Tuesday to a new five-year low below $60 per barrel, as shrinking...

Online community shocks Korea with attacks on minorities, women

The website started off as a simple community, a cyber-playground to share humorous postings. B...

Hostage drama: Jihadist propaganda win?

His motives are a mystery and his acts described as random and deranged, but analysts say the gu...

Parliament’s mission

As expected, the month long extraordinary parliamentary session that began Monday is sailing ...

True mandate

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won a fresh mandate by winning a landslide in Sunday’s s...

WeMakePrice eyes Chinese market

WeMakePrice, Korea’s most visited deal-of-the-day website, is now eyeing a bigger, more promis...

Hankook Tire to enter car parts business

Hankook Tire, the nation’s largest car tire maker, confirmed Tuesday that it is considering a ...


The Korea Times (

Ssangyong Motor shuns ex-workers

A recent Supreme Court ruling that Ssangyong Motor’s massive layoff in 2009 was within the law, was painful for some 150 former workers, who are still fighting in miserable conditions to return to the company. One of the laid-of...

'Nut rage' hurts Cho's Olympic leadership 

Just five months on the job, Cho Yang-ho, the head of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games Organizin...

Korea asks to join US-led trade pact 

Korea has asked the United States to accept its request to join the U.S.-initiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ahead of its formal launch next year.

Korea to export 120 K9 howitzers to Poland 

A South Korean defense company will sign a deal with Poland, today, to sell 120 locally developed self-propelled howitzers, a military source said Tuesday.

Samsung hopes for progress in leukemia talks 

Samsung Electronics is hoping for major progress in a new round of compensation talks that start on Thursday with several families of former employees who dev... 

Hyundai Rotem ordered to pay for defects in KTX-Sancheon  

A court ordered Hyundai Rotem, the manufacturer of the high-speed KTX-Sancheon train, Tuesday, to ...


Dong A (

UN Security Council to introduce N.K. human rights as an agenda

As the U.N. General Assembly is to soon adopt a resolution on North Korea’s human rights at its plenary session, and the U.N. Security Council is close to introducing the North’s human right issue as an agenda,... 

Mother, daughter reunite after 40 years of separation

The mother left her four-year-old third daughter at a relative`s home saying she would come for her when she gets better off. That was the daughter`s last memory with her mother. The daughter, whose surname is Lee, was...

New Sonata Hybrid improves fuel efficiency by 8.3%

Hyundai Motor has declared an era of eco-friendly vehicles by launching a new version of the Sonata Hybrid. While announcing the new Sonata Hybrid on Tuesday, Hyundai Motor`s Vice President Kwak Jin said, “Hyundai...

Poet Seo Jeong-joo’s prose with the motif of `A Bride` found

Seo Jeong-joo (1915-2000)’s prose with the motif of his poem “A Bride” has been found. The poem is part of the late poet’s collection of poems titled “The Myth of Jilmajae,” which was published in 1975. “Lovers,” a...

2 long-term friends to confront in Champions League 

Mother, daughter reunite after 40 years of separation 

Badminton elite to vie for $100 mi. prize in Dubai Superseries Finals 

Lee Jeong-sook named ‘Dong-A Marathon Player of the Year’


Chosun Ilbo (

Uncle's Execution Touted as Achievement for Kim Jong-un

North Korea's state-run media on Monday touted the execution of Kim Jong-un's uncle Jang Song-taek as among the major achievements of the young leader over the last three years. KCNA also touted as Kim's achievements a space rocket launch and farm reforms. >> Full Text

Cold Snap Hits Korea

A cold spell will hit the country on Tuesday, with the mercury falling to the lowest this winter. Temperatures will start plummeting in the afternoon before the morning low will dip to -12 degrees Celsius in Seoul on Wednesday. >> Full Text

Too Much Healthcare Is Bad for Your Health

People who worry about and take care of their health are more likely to have health problems than their devil-may-care counterparts. The reason is that worry itself is a bigger threat to health than the odd cigarette or glass of wine, to say nothing of a full delicious meal. >> Full Text

Korea to Buy Israel's Heron Drone

Park Against Sharing Winter Olympics Venues

Cold Spell Boosts Department Store Sales


Hankyoreh (

Aerial protests the last battleground of aggrieved workers

In Korea, such desperate protests have been taking place since at least 1931, and have become more common in recent years

Aggrieved workers continue to climb structures and equipment for aerial protests. When no one is listening, going up becomes the only option they see to make their voices heard down below. Like climbing vines, the workers quietly ascend everything from factory smokestacks to high-voltage electricity transmission towers and downtown lighting displays.

How pay raise killed workers:

A story of Northface manufacturer in Bangladesh

There is an old saying that Bengal, along with Punjab, feeds all of India. With abundant water from the Ganges and a warm climate throughout the year, they can have as many as three rice harvests a year in Bangladesh, which means ‘the country of Bengal’.

Succession at European companies holds lessons for South Korea’s chaebol

Germany’s economy, which has remained in relatively good standing despite the global recession, has been propped up by several hidden champions, or companies that are market leaders despite their small size. One of the secrets of these companies’ success, experts say, is their consistent ability to produce rational leaders to run them.

Nut rage” shows the shortcomings of chaebol third-generation leaders

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