The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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April, 13 . 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, April 13, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notices, humor from a Korean business daily and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

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The Korea Post news:

At Gijisi Juldarigi Tug-of-War Culture Festival

International students enthrall Mayor Kim, Dangjin citizens, everyone

Students of Azerbaijan, the United States and scores of other countries in Korea captivated tens of thousands of people in Dangjin City and other Koreans from all parts of the country and from abroad, including Japan, on April 12, 2015--with their colorful, eye-catching traditional costumes and cheerful, playful and happy smiles and giggles. They attracted the eyes of not only the people on the ground but also of the cameras of the KBS TV drone that hovered over thousands of people pulling the 100-meter long straw ropes of the Gijisi tug-of-war match?as well as the dozens of the foreign students studying in Korea. (List of participating students is at the end of this article.)

Mayor Kim Hong-jang of Dangjin City invited the foreign students in Korea as well as well as the ambassadors and the Seoul bureau chiefs of international media a couple of days earlier to impress them that Dangjin Gijisi Juldarigi (tug-of-war) was 500 years old and must get recorded by the UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

For further details, please visit:

Mayor Kim Hong-jang of Dangin City (in pink Durumagi coat) and Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post

(in black coat next to him) poses with the international students from HUFS, Seoul National University and other universities.


Today’s humor:

Hankuk Kyungje

Man's Advantage

-I’m glad I’m a man, because:

-I don’t get wasted after only two beers.

-I won’t spend hours deciding what to wear.

-I spend 5 minutes maximum fixing my hair.

-I don’t gossip about friends or stab them in the back.

-I think it’s a privilege for me to have a penis and two balls and stand when I pee.

-I’m glad I’m not capable of child delivery.

-I’m glad that my gender gets me a much bigger raise.

(KP editor’s note: Ladies could call the man a ‘male chauvinist pig!’)


Top headlines of major news media of Korea this morning:


S. Korean Embassy in Libya Attacked by Gunmen

An armed group have attacked the South Korean embassy in Tripoli, killing two Libyan policemen and injuring another. Quoting a local security...

Park Orders Thorough Investigation into Bribery List

NPAD Urges President to Start Thorough Investigation into Bribery List

Saenuri Chief Calls for Thorough Probe into Bribery List

BOK: S. Korea's Exports to Drop 1.9% in 2015

Financial Sector Lost Over 4,000 Jobs in 2014

Gov't Evaluates Subsidy Programs

N. Korea's Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons Threatens Survival of Kim Jong-un Regime

N. Korea: DVD Circulation Tantamount to Declaration of War

Pay Period for Gaeseong Workers Begins Friday

S. Korean Embassy in Libya Attacked by Gunmen

'Both N. Korea and US to Blame for Collapse of 1994 Nuke Deal'

Former Ambassador Attempted to Invite Kim Jung-un to US

Families of Sewol Victims Urge Repeal of Sewol Special Act

Foreign Tourists Cite Language Barrier Biggest Inconvenience

7th World Water Forum Kicks Off Sunday

Japanese Agency Distorts Ancient Korean

Composer of "Our Wish" Dies at 89

Biographical Dictionary of Independence

S. Korean Scientists Develop World's Best Thermoelectric Alloy

Gov't to Develop ActiveX Alternatives by 2017

S. Korean Scientists Develop Prognostic Assessment Technology for Leukemia

Pyeongchang Committee Forms Overseas Advisory Group

S. Korea Takes Down Russia 2-0 in Women's Football Friendly

S. Korea Defeats Russia in Women's Football Friendly


Yonhap (

S. Korea takes up nearly half of global smart TV market

South Korea took up nearly half of the global smart TV market in 2014, data showed Monday, with Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. being the only tech players to post a two-digit share.

Two S. Koreans finish Masters with up-and-down rounds

The two South Korean pros at the Masters ended the first major championship of the men's golf season with up-and-down rounds on Sunday.

U.S. bill seeks hostage recovery officer appointment

A U.S. House lawmaker has introduced a bill that appoints a federal officer charged with overseeing efforts to win the release of American citizens held by hostile groups and rogue states like North Korea.

Clinton formally announces presidential bid

Hillary Clinton formally announced her bid for the White House on Sunday, promising to be a "champion" for everyday Americans at a time when "the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top." Clinton, who has long been considered the front-runner in the race to succeed President Barack Obama, declared the bid through a two-minute video that began with a series of everyday Americans making preparations for a better future.

Seoul firms to run 2nd N.K.-Russia logistics project

NK leader inspects construction site of new airport termin..

N. Korea's FM leaves for India

Park likely won't attend Russia's war victory event

S. Korea's per capita meat consumption jumps nearly fourfo..

S. Korea takes up nearly half of global smart TV market

(EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on April 13)

S. Korea's import prices fall in March

Culture/Sports(LEAD) Two S. Koreans finish Masters with up-and-down roun..

Two S. Koreans finish Masters with up-and-down rounds

S. Korean infielder Kang Jung-ho gets first MLB hit

S. Koreans struggle to move up leader board at Masters

Sunday's weather forecast


The Korea Times (

Did Sung's rags-to-riches story affect last days?

Was it a dying man’s spiteful act of vengeance or a confession from the bottom of his heart? Currently, there is no way of knowing which is true. When Sung Woan-jong killed himself last Thursday, he left behind what appears to b...

Rapper Kim Jin-pyo flips car three times

Singer and car racer Kim Jin-pyo crashed his car during a race on Sunday with the impact strong enough to flip the car in the air and obliterate the vehicle. The crash occurred during Super 6000 Class race at the CJ Hello Mobile...

'Iranian nuclear deal not applicable to NK' 

Optimism is in the air in South Korea following the approval of the tentative nuclear deal calling...

NK blasts Japan for military expansion 

Pyongyang called on Japan Sunday to abandon its military ambitions and come to terms with its wartime crimes.

Park won't attend Russia event 

President Park Geun-hye will not attend Russia’s war victory anniversary next month. Instead, Korea will send a presidential envoy, the Ministry of Foreign Af...

Japan's UNESCO heritage campaign creates backlash 

Tokyo has stepped up efforts to register wartime facilities on the UNESCO world heritage list, drawing the ire of Koreans because some sites are related to wa... 

Life still hard for ferry Sewol survivors 

Nearly a year has passed since the sinking of the ferry Sewol, but the nightmare continues for sur... 

Water Forum opens in Daegu 

The 7th World Water Forum (WWF) kicked off on Sunday in Korea to discuss solutions to water shorta... 

KRC showcases rural development knowhow at World Water Forum 

The Korea Rural Community Corp. (KRC) is showcasing its knowhow and expertise in large-scale rural... 

LSIS set to lead water treatment market 

LSIS said Sunday it will invest more in equipment for water treatment solutions in a move to diver... 

Oracle to boost partnerships with Korean companies 

An Oracle senior executive said that the global software firm is diversifying its business portfol...


DongA Ilbo (

Historic summit meeting between Obama and Castro in 59 years

U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro Ra?l Castro had a “history meeting” on Saturday (local time). After long-standing enmities for half a century, the mood for reconciliation between the two... 

Asiatic black bears living in Mt. Jiri give birth

“Five baby bears are born.” At the end of March, five Asiatic black bear babies (Endangered Species Class I) were born. Two wild mother bears gave birth to two and one baby bears, respectively, and the other two were...

`Korea will be the epicenter of global design innovation`

“I believe that Korea will be the epicenter of world design in the future.” Karim Rashid (55), a globally renowned industrial designer from Egypt, stressed in an email interview with the Dong-A Ilbo, by saying, “Korean...

Survey: only 59 percent of companies to hire new workers

The survey on Korean companies’ new employment plan for 2015 conducted by Korea Employer’s Federation (KEF) showed that only 59.1 percent firms have plans to hire new workers, which is the lowest level in five years. ...

Park Chu-young scores first goal since his return to K-league

This happened at a K-League Classic match between Incheon and Seoul at Incheon soccer stadium on Sunday. When Seoul’s Everton Santos garnered a penalty kick at the 7th minute in the first half, Coach Choi Yong-soo did...

Son Heung-min scores 17th goal, close to breaking Cha Bum-kun’s 19

Son Heung-min (23, Bayer Leverkusen) is close to breaking the record of the most goals scored by a Korean player in a single European league season. Son scored the first goal of the match against FSV Mainz in the German...

Controversies over N. Korean leader’s call for ‘highest-level’ talks 

Ki Sung-yueng, Son Heung-min as promising Korean soccer players 

New year’s wishes change over time 

Samsung’s mobile phone beats Apple to top ACSI 

Actor Lee Jung-jae reported to be in a relationship with Daesang heiress 

N. Korean leader shows willingness to hold inter-Korean summit 

U.S. military base in Yongsan bans civilian drones, model aircrafts 

Japanese police on 14-year manhunt for cruel murderer


Chosun Ilbo (

Baby Boomers Move into Online Commerce

Many older people are joining the online sales market dominated by 20- and 30-somethings as e-commerce has grown and become much easier to handle. People over 50 accounted for a mere 18 percent of the startup sellers on shopping website in 2012. >> Full Text

Draft-Dodgers to Be Named and Shamed Online

The identities and personal details of young men caught dodging the draft will be posted on the Internet from January next year. The Military Manpower Administration on Thursday said their age, address and reasons for dodging the mandatory military service will also be revealed. >> Full Text

Can Alcohol from Beeswax Cure Stomach Ailments?

Heartburn, stomach aches and indigestion are increasingly common in Korea, usually caused by stress, heavy drinking, and exposure to spicy food. Yet most people are reluctant to seek treatment for gastrointestinal disorders or stomach ailments. >> Full Text

Sex Workers Seek Repeal of Prostitution Law

Kim Jong-un Injures Wrist

Depression Rife in Ferry Victims' Hometown

BOK Freezes Interest, Cuts Growth Forecast

Inha University Hospital a Magnet for Foreign Patients

Preorders for Galaxy S6 Highest Ever for a Galaxy Series

Postage Stamps Featuring Korean Scientists Released

Tennis World Hails Chung Hyeon as Future Star Korea Drops Further in FIFA Rankings


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

North Korean real estate market: sustained boom, or bubble?

Rising home prices and number of transactions show growing marketization of the North’s economy

They say there are apartments in Pyongyang selling for US$200,000.” Jung Eun-yi, a research professor at Gyeongsang National University, was talking about how rapidly housing prices in North Korea have been rising. Jung had just returned from spending January and February in Dandong, China, where she had been tracking trends in the North Korean housing market. In July 2014, the highest price for an apartment in Pyongyang that heard about in Dandong had been US$100,000.

[News analysis] Why is the US taking Japan’s side on historical issues?

It was early this year that the US first started taking Japan’s side in its historical conflicts with South Korea. When Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced at a New Year’s press conference in early January that he would be including reflection on war and ways of contributing to Asia and the world in a statement by Abe to be produced in August, the US praised it as a “constructive” move. .

[News analysis] Seoul failing to break out of its diplomatic dilemma

South Korea is finding itself caught in a two-pronged diplomatic dilemma. Already faced with a difficult balance between the US and China on the issue of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense deployment, Seoul is now wedged in an awkward position in its trilateral relationship with an increasingly tight-knit Washington and Tokyo. Its failure to come up with a way out has many now accusing it of a diplomatic failure. .

Sean Hepburn planting a Sewol Memorial Forest in Jindo

A memorial forest to victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy is being planted 4.16 km from Paengmok Port in Jindo, South Jeolla Province. The social enterprise Tree Planet announced plans on Apr. 8 to plant a Sewol Memorial Forest in Jindo during the first half of 2015, with the help of Sean Hepburn Ferrer, son of the famed film actor Audrey Hepburn. “In May 2014, we received an email from Sean telling us that he wanted to carry on his mother‘s legacy by doing something meaningful for the children .

[News analysis] THAAD controversy an outcome of much longer, ongoing debate

The recent debate over deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system on the Korean Peninsula is an extension of a years-old ongoing debate over US missile defense systems. THAAD‘s emergence as a major diplomatic issue could stem from a lack of strategic judgment and Cold War-era antagonistic policies from Seoul. The issue of South Korea’s participation in US-led missile defense has surfaced repeatedly over the past decade. .

With payday looming, wage hike issue hanging like a dark cloud over Kaesong Complex

Storm clouds are once again gathering over the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

April 10 marks the beginning of March wage payment for North Korean workers at the complex, for whom Pyongyang has unilaterally demanded a wage hike. On Mar. 11, North Korean authorities single-handedly amended 13 provisions in the complex’s labor regulations. Two of those provisions were applied in late February, .

Japan’s Diplomatic Bluebook deletes phrase about “shared values” with South Korea

On Apr. 7, the Japanese cabinet adopted a Diplomatic Bluebook for 2015 that deletes a phrase describing South Korea as sharing fundamental values such as “democracy and basic human rights” with Japan and includes a phrase about Dokdo being Japan’s “sovereign territory.” Along with the results of the middle school textbook assessment that Japan published the day before, this bodes ill for relations between Seoul and Tokyo. .

[Cine interview] The current Climate of Korean cinema

At this year’s 9th Asian Film Awards, which was held on March 25th in Macau, two Korean film professionals were recognized for their achievements. Actress BAE Doo-na of A Girl at My Door won the Best Actress Award while director IM Kwon-taek of Revivre received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Although there weren’t any trophy grabbers, there were Korean nominees in each category of the awards including two sets of performers who joined the festivities during the breaks to cheer on the strong Korean presence and heighten the celebration. But who selects and votes for the nominees and the winners? Out of the fourteen jury members, there were two Korean professionals who participated in the selection. .

[Cine feature] Korean film remakes boom in China

Chinese remakes of Korean films have been booming since the big success of 20, Once Again!, a remake of the Korean film Miss Granny (2014). What elements led to remakes of Korean films such as Blind (2011), Architecture 101 (2012) and Cyrano Agency (2010)? Let’s look into why remakes of Korean films are booming in China. On February 25, the preliminary agreement on Korea-China FTA was signed after 30 months of negotiation. .

Threats of violence from veterans groups derail Vietnam War event

“They’re going around the whole country trying to make us look like butchers of innocent people.” “It looks like those [censored] found out that we were gathering and moved somewhere else.”On the afternoon of Apr. 7, about 300 members of the Korean Victims of Agent Orange Veterans Association (KAOVA) held a demonstration across from Jogye Buddhist Temple in central Seoul and shouted invectives over a loudspeaker. .

Before ruling on prostitution, masked sex workers to rally in Seoul

Before the Constitutional Court rules on the constitutionality of the Special Law on Prostitution, several thousand female sex workers will join a large masked demonstration in downtown Seoul, the first such demonstration in four years. After the court struck down a law against adultery, female sex workers and related businesses have their hopes up, but feminist organizations argue that a hasty attempt to argue for the law’s unconstitutionality will not help the cause of women‘s rights. .

More Japanese textbooks to refer to Dokdo as Japanese territory

There has been a significant deterioration in the way Dokdo (called Takeshima in Japan) is introduced in the textbooks that will be taught in Japanese middle schools starting next year. Among a total of 18 textbooks in the three subjects that fall under the rubric of social studies - civics, geography, and history - the number of textbooks that refer to Dokdo as the “sovereign territory” of Japan will increase from nine to 15, while the number of textbooks that claim that South Korea is “illegally occupying the island jumped more than 200% from four to 13.


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

100,000-plus vie for jobs with Samsung, Hyundai

Amid predictions that this year will be one of the toughest yet for job-seekers, more than 100,000 college graduates desperately seeking employment at the nation’s two major conglomerates, Samsung and Hyundai Motor Group, took a written exam provided by the companies on Sunday…

Scandal implicates 2012 Park campaign

The graft scandal surrounding a businessman, who committed suicide after revealing he gave money to top politicians for years…

As Cuba, U.S. ties improve, Seoul opens up to Havana

Growing up in one of the last Communist countries, Marisbelle Bermudez discovered the larger world through music.…

For Stiglitz, inequality the crux of the problem

Joseph Stiglitz, professor at Columbia University and recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001, and SaKong Il,…

President Park turns invitation to Russia down

South Korean President Park Geun-hye is not expected to attend Russia’s World War II victory anniversary celebration next month…

Group claiming ISIS ties behind embassy attack

Unidentified gunmen possibly backed by the militant group ISIS, also known as ISIL or the Islamic State, fired on the South Korean Embassy in Tripoli on Sunday…

Environment council finishes its largest congress

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (Iclei), a global association of local governments and organizations committed to sustainable development,…

KT’s Pangyo innovation center a high-tech candy store

PANGYO, Gyeonggi - A laboratory accommodating five cutting-edge 3D printers, a never-before-seen collection of Internet of Things (IoT) parts,…

Hyundai Motor driven to higher goals

Hyundai Motor is opting for more aggressive targets than it set for itself earlier this year, raising domestic and global sales goals for 2015. …

Managing water resources smarter

As the 7th World Water Forum opens, participating countries and organizations are gathering in Daegu and Gyeongbuk to address the importance of water…

Ecofriendly construction for Saemangeum project

Agriculture, particularly the cultivation of staple crops such as rice, has long been a major source of income for Korea. With such history,…

Yeongsan River success to be highlighted at forum

The Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC) will demonstrate its successful comprehensive agricultural development model at this year’s World Water Forum in Daegu and Gyeongbuk,…

Charity bazaar sees impressive turnout, efforts

A fund-raising bazaar led by a local charity organization attracted more than 1,000 visitors last week at the Grand Hyatt Seoul in Yongsan District, central Seoul,…


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Park seems to order strict investigation on campaign funds

Eyes are on a coping plan of South Korean President Park Geun-hye as the sensation of the so-called ‘Sung Wan-jong list’ spread to a suspicion on funds of her campai.. ...04.12 16:45

Land minister says housing market recovery is not satisfactory

Yoo il-ho, minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, said, “the recent reviving real estate market is not satisfactory. To revitalize the local economy, the rec.. ...04.12 16:03

Moody's upgrades S. Korea’s credit rating 

Moody`s Corporation, an international credit rating agency, upgraded the prospect of South Korea’s credit rating from ‘stable’ to ‘positive’ on Friday. The agency.. ...04.12 13:43

Meeting between S. Korean defense minister and his US counterpart held in ..

Han Min-Koo, South Korean minister of National Defense, and Ashton Carter, U.S. Secretary of Defense, held a meeting in Seoul on Friday and deeply had an in-depth disc.. ...04.12 11:07

Korean textile industry in full efforts to penetrate into Chinese market

Korean textile companies are making full efforts to penetrate into the Chinese market based on the ROK-China free trade agreement. Large companies move independently, .. ...04.10 17:25

Political bribery list found from pocket of ex-Keangnam chief who committe..

Sung Wan-jong, former head of Keangnam Enterprises, who committed a suicide Thursday, was found to have left a memo, which depicted his lobbying activities for politic.. ...04.10 17:05

Buying frenzy for new homes fueled by low rates, high jeonse prices

There is a buying frenzy for new apartments built on land provided by the public sector in Korea. Such transactions are fueled by extremely low interest rates and high.. ...04.10 15:36

Monk Jinjae says happiness lies in self-reflection

Jinjae, supreme buddhist of the Jogye Order, 81, noted, “the lives that people are leading are all about pretension.” He went onto say, “the way to happiness is to .. ...04.10 15:34

BOK loses face by cutting inflation forecast just in three months

The Bank of Korea slashed consumer price inflation forecast for this year from 1.9 percent to 0.9 percent, below one percent for the first time since 0.8 percent talli.. ...04.10 11:24

‘Galaxy S6’ created from scratch based on big data analysis

“We analyzed over 80 million pieces of smartphone users’ big data from the stage of product planning and found that consumers want strong basic functions and conveni.. ...04.10 10:28


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

[1 Year after the Sewol: Memories] When I See the Cherry Blossoms, I Feel like My Friends Will Come Asking to Take Pictures

* The Students Now in Their Senior Year * Cherry blossoms are everywhere, just like a year ago. The children go through life as an average high school senior, ···

Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo, "Japan's Distortion of History Is Denying Our National Spirit"

Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo, 65, gathered the press for an unscheduled press conference on April 9 and strongly condemned the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affair···

Employment Remained Stagnant in Top 30 Business Groups Last Year: Quality of Jobs Deteriorates as Temporary Jobs Increase

Employment in the nation's top thirty business groups grew by only 1.3% last year, showing that employment was virtually at a standstill. The growth rate was f···

[Editorial] On What Grounds Does the U.S. Claim North Korea Has ICBMs?

The Sixth Commander of the U.S. Northern Command William Gortney, who oversees the defense of the North American continent, said on April 7 that North Korea had···

[Editorial] The Confirmation Hearing of Park Sang-ok Confirms He Is Not Qualified as a Supreme Court Justice

Supreme Court justice nominee Park Sang-ok showed no awareness of responsibility or even the slightest pangs of conscience as a member of a team of prosecutors ···

Abe Speeding toward the Right: South Korea Watches on, Hands Tied on Security Cooperation

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the restoration of relations between South Korea and Japan, but the bilateral relationship is heading downhill makin···

[Japan's Textbooks, 'Provocative' Portrayal of Dokdo] All-around Approach from Geography to Civics as Well as History 'Dokdo Annexed in 1905'

"The Japanese have fished around Dokdo since the early days of the Edo Period, and the islets were annexed to the Shimane Prefecture, Japan in 1905. South Kore···

[Editorial] There Is No Reason to Postpone the Salvaging of the Sewol Any Longer

Discussions on salvaging the Sewol are underway. In a meeting with Cheong Wa Dae senior secretaries yesterday, President Park Geun-hye said, "If salvaging the ···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Korea's 2015 Exports Forecast to Decline 1.9% from 2014...BOK

Amid a situation in which exports fell for three consecutive months, the Bank of Korea put out a forecast on April 12 that this year's export volume (customs clearance basis) would reach US$562.0 billion, down 1.9 percent from last year's $572.7 billion. The central bank also said the first half exp...

Samsung Electronics Set to Introduce Bitcoin Technology

Samsung Electronics, together with IBM, is set out to develop a new application using the online virtual currency Bitcoin technology. Samsung Research America, a Silicon Valley subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, announced on April 10 that it will develop a new online transaction verification technol...

Aggregate Hiring Number This Year Expected to Be 5 Year Low...KEF Survey

A survey revealed that the number of new hires for those companies with workers of more than 100 will likely fall 3.6 percent from last year. According to survey results, only 59.1 percent of surveyed firms answered they have hiring plans or have already hired this year. This is the lowest figure fo...

Moody's Upgrades Korea's Credit Rating Outlook to "Positive" from "Stable"

International credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service has adjusted on April 10 Korea's outlook on credit rating upward to "positive" from "stable." Its current credit of "Aa3" was kept unchanged. The Aa3 rating is the fourth-highest investment grade rating. As grounds for its credit rating ou...

Hyundai and Kia Enjoys Robust Sales Overseas

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors saw their sales in Europe rise 16.7 percent last month compared to a year ago. They also enjoyed a 9.5-percent growth in China. Thanks to brisk sales in the world's top-three car marketsthe United States, Europe, and China, the two Korean car makers savored higher-than-...


AJU Business Daily (

S. Korea's steel imports rise 4.1% on-year in March

Imports of steel products increased in March from a year earlier after sliding for two straight months, industry data showed Friday. The country imported 2.01 million tons of steel products last mo…

Hyundai Starex mini van popular among campers

On the back of the camping boom, Hyundai Motor's Starex mini van continues to be popular among South Korean campers. Sales of the Starex rose 4.4 percent to 12,607 units in the first half from…

Moody's upgrades S. Korea's outlook to 'positive'

A global rating agency Friday upgraded South Korea's credit rating outlook to "positive" from "stable" and retained its sovereign rating of "Aa3," citing "improved management of public corporation…

Moody's upgrades S. Korea's outlook to 'positive'

A global rating agency Friday upgraded South Korea's credit rating outlook to "positive" from "stable" and retained its sovereign rating of "Aa3," citing "improved management of public corporation debt, reduced vulnerability to global market turbulence and ongoing track record of fiscal prudence."

World's largest solar-powered plane arrives in Chongqing, China

Solar Impulse 2, the world's largest solar-powered plane, arrived in China's southwestern metropolis of Chongqing early Tuesday morning. The plane departed from Mandalay, the second largest city of Myanmar, on Monday morning and arrived at…

S. Korea's share in DRAM market hits record high in 2014: US market researcher

South Korea's share in the global DRAM (dynamic random access memory) market hit a record high last year, industry data showed Thursday. The combined share of Samsung Electronics and its compat…

New Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones to hit shelves Friday

GALAXY S6 WORLD TOUR SEOUL - Models pose with Samsung Electronics' newest flagship Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones during an event on its home turf



[Patents in Future Technology] Technologies Samsung Purchased

The Samsung Electronics Future Technology IP Portfolio is diversifying, since strategic patent purchases have been greatly reinforced. Last year, Samsung greatly increased ...

Read the full story

Domestic Device Price ranks in 1st and 2nd spot for 3 years in a r...

There has been several points that South Korea¡?s phone device price is world¡?s highest regardless of standard or luxury phone. It is becoming b...

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New Material With A Curve Radius Reduced To 1%…The Prelude To Fold...

An Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED) electrode material with a curve radius of merely 0.03§® has been developed. It is one hundredth the size of previous ...

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Samsung, “Galaxy S6 Sales Will Reach the Highest Record Ever”

Samsung Electronics has set their sales goal for Galaxy S6 as over 77 million devices. It is the highest record ever, higher than Galaxy S3(77 million devices), which has been sold the most among the Galaxy series.

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G-Star Held in Busan Until 2016...Seongnam-si Competing to “Induce G-Star” in 2017

G-Star Game exhibition will be held in Busan until 2016. According to the gaming industry, Busan passed the recent venue evaluation test. So for now Busan will maintai...

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Galaxy S6 Edge Material Revolution …Ambition to Reclaim the Top Spot of Smartphone Market

Samsung Electronics has stepped up in their material technology for smartphones innovation. If till now they have focused on semiconductor parts and displays, they are ...

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LG Electronics, ‘G4’ Opening Event on April 29th 11 A.M

LG Electronics will proceed the ¡®G4¡? opening event for local media at Coex Megabox in Seoul on April 29th at 11 a.m.(KST). Through the invit...

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KT Begins Presales for ‘LG Watch Urbane’

KT begins presales for the ¡®LG Watch Urbane¡? from the 7th to the 23rd through the Olleh shop( and the Olleh accessory shop appli...

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SK Hynix to Expand Their Non-Memory Semiconductor Foundry

SK Hynix will expand their non-memory semiconductor foundry business . Unlike how Samsung Electronics concentrates on the foundry business applying the 14 nano Fi...

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