The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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May 4, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, May 4, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notice, humor from a generous former Asian ambassador and a Korean business daily and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

P.S.: 1. To see the desired site, press down the Control key and click the blue URL of the media.

2. If received by a person other than the intended recipient, please kindly convey the mail to His/Her Excellency.


The Korea Post news:

Eventually to be introduced to half-million visitors to Namyangju Slow Life Expo in October

Representative foods of the Laos similar to Korean, but have exotic features

Today’s ration of the representative delicacies of the world is those of the Lao People’s Republic, which have some similarities with traditional Korean foods and yet much exotic features that look attractive and should taste the same. Enjoy them!

P.S.: How about your country?

Please the eyes and palates of over 200 different countries of the world diplomatically represented in Korea with your tasteful traditional foods and beverage by sending them to The Korea Post.

Eventually, the representatives foods of the different countries will be introduced to the half-million visitors to the Namyangju Slow Life Expo slated in October this year after initial introduction by the five media units of The Korea Post Media. For further details, please visit

Lao Sausage

Also known as ‘sai oua', the Lao sausage makes a pleasant appetizer or snack. Chopped pork meat, seasoned with herbs such as lemong「ass, kaffir lime leaves shallots, cilantro, galangal and flavoured with fish sauce. Good with sticky rice and fresh vegetables.



The Korea Post notices:

Send your consumer complaints to The Korea Post

Do you have any consumer complaints? Email the details to, or in English and Korean.

The Korea Post contacts the manufacturer for a remedial action and if the manufacturer unjustifiably neglects to take an appropriate action the case is turned over to the government and/or non-government consumer protection organizations.

If it is still unresolved for no justifiable reason, the details are published both in the Korean and English publications of The Korea Post for public attention.


Show the representative foods of your country to the Korean people and the entire world!

For exhibition at the Namyangju Slow Life Expo in October this year to be sampled by half a million people expected to visit during the Expo.

They are published in all five media units of The Korea Post, including its English print monthly:


Please introduce the mouth-watering representative foods of your country while it is hot.

(Please send the recipes and comments to, or


Use The Korea Post Translator Pool and the Designer Pool

You never know how your masterpiece speech is downgraded to a poorly written one in the process of Korean translation.

Use The Korea Post Translator Pool where the translators are looked after personally by the Winner of the ‘Korean Literature Translation Award’ of Hankook Ilbo and The Korea Times and the former Cultural Editor of The Korea Herald.

The Korea Post Designer Pool: Are you planning to publish an English and Korean pamphlet or brochure? Contact the Designer Pool of The Korea Post, which was formed with the graduates of the most prestigious Hongik University of College of Fine Arts.

Please send your orders to Tel 2298-1740/2, 010-5201-1740 or


Today’s humor:

Humor from a generous former Asian ambassador

Blonde humor

A blonde went to police station and registered a complaint

Blonde - "Sir, I am getting threats on my phone."

Police: "Who the hell is threating you? Tell me we will take action against them."

Blond: "Sir, telephone people... They are threating to cut if the bill is not paid."

Foolish man & wise man

A foolish man tells a woman to STOP talking, but a WISE man tells her that she looks extremely BEAUTIFUL when her LIPS are CLOSED.

Hankuk Kyungje

He vs. She

-Marrying a divorced man is ecologically responsible. In a world where there are more women than men, it pays to recycle.

-Men who can eat anything they want and not gain weight should do it out of sight of women.

-When four or more men get together, they talk about sports.

-When four or more women get together, they talk about men.

-When a woman tries on clothing from her closet that feels tight, she will assume she has gained weight.

When a man tries on clothing from his closet that feels tight, he will assume that the clothing has shrunk.



Finance Minister Says 3.3% Growth Possible This Year

The nation’s finance minister has predicted that in 2015 the South Korean economy is likely to grow at last year's level of three-point-three percent.

German Leaders Reflect on Past Ahead of WWII Anniversary

Park In-bee Wins Second LPGA Tour Title This Season in Texas

Parliament to Discuss Ways to Legalize Political Assistance Donations by Corporations

S. Korean Nuclear Envoy to Visit U.S., China

"Abe Missed Golden Opportunity to State Correct Historical View"

Finance Minister Says 3.3% Growth Possible This Year

'S. Korea-China FTA to Increase S. Korea's Water Exports'

New High for Monthly Overseas Production of S. Korean Vehicles

VOA: 47,000 N. Koreans Working in Russia

Inter-Korea Trade Reaches New High in 2014

Little Progress Made on Gaeseong Wage Dispute

German Leaders Reflect on Past Ahead of WWII Anniversary

Cargo Ship Operated by S. Korean Firm Catches Fire Near Suez Canal

Issue of Korean atomic bomb Victims Raised at UN for First Time

Korea Coast Guard to Hire 386 Police Officers in Second Half

Seoul Seeks Han River Parks Smoking Ban

Seoul City Boosts Tourist Accommodation for May Holiday

Paul McCartney's First Concert Held in

Korea Pavilion at Milan Expo Set to Promote

Seoul to Host Diverse Cultural Events in May

S. Korea's Technology Level Estimated at 78.4% of US

S. Korea, Chile to Boost Cooperation in Space Sciences

New Study Finds Phytoncide Levels Reach Highest in Morning

Korea-China Pair Wins World Table Tennis Championships

FIFA Women's World Cup Roster Unveiled


Yonhap (

Pirates' Kang Jung-ho hits 1st MLB homer

South Korean infielder Kang Jung-ho of the Pittsburgh Pirates belted his first big league home run Sunday in St. Louis.

S. Korea's current account surplus hits 4-month high in March

South Korea's monthly current account surplus rose to a four-month high in March, extending its surplus streak to a 37th straight month, data showed Monday.

World No. 2 Park In-bee earns LPGA win in Texas

World No. 2 Park In-bee captured her 14th career LPGA Tour victory on Sunday in Texas.

GM Korea recalls over 20,000 cars on defects

GM Korea Co., the local unit of U.S. automaker General Motors Co., is recalling more than 20,000 units of its QM3 crossover SUV due to the defective brake system, the Transportation Ministry said Sunday.

2 S. Korean detainees in N. Korea confess to spying: CNN

N. Korea to hold int'l women's grand march in May

Student detained in N. Korea is S. Korean: official

Local govt's gear up to resume aid to N. Korea

N. Korea reveals new satellite control center

S. Korea's current account surplus hits 4-month high in Ma..

S. Korea posts US$10.39 bln current account surpl..

Renault Samsung recalls over 20,000 cars on defects

S. Korean banks' loan delinquency rate falls in March

Pirates' Kang Jung-ho hits 1st MLB homer

World No. 2 Park In-bee earns LPGA win in Texas

Paul McCartney concert delights fans in Seoul

'Avengers' sequel tops 6 mln viewers in S. Korea


The Korea Times (

Chun's win gives wakeup call to NPAD 

The victory of independent Chun Jung-bae in the liberals’ home turf Gwangju election last week is ...

NK detains South Korean citizen 

A South Korean student attending New York University has been detained in North Korea on a charge of illegally entering the repressive state, the Korea Centra... 

Commemorative event held for 53 survivors of sexual slavery 

A civic group in Gyeonggi Province held a commemorative event, Saturday, for 53 survivors forced i...

Chemical castration law to be reviewed 

The Constitutional Court will hold a public hearing on May 14 to discuss whether the law on chemical castration of sex offenders infringes on their fundamenta...

Han River parks to go smoke free from July 

Eleven riverside parks along the Han River will be designated smoke-free zones as early as July, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), Sunday.

Aides to scandal's key figures to be called in 

Prosecutors will summon three aides to former Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo and three to South Gyeongsang Province Governor Hong Joon-pyo this week as part of an...

Park looks for new PM 

Naming a successor for former Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo is at the top of President Park Geun-hye's to-do list. 

Samsung to cash in on Marvel's Avengers 

Senior Samsung Electronics executives will use Marvel's “Avengers: Age of Ultron” as part of marke... 

Women get bigger voice in pharmaceutical industry 

More women are getting senior positions in foreign pharmaceutical companies that have businesses i...

KB, Hana to delay insurance payments 

KB Life, Hana Life and Heungkuk Life delay insurance payments the most often, significantly more than the average rate, an opposition lawmaker said on Sunday.


DongA Ilbo (

Boxing big match of the century ends in judges’ unanimous decision

The boxing ring that was shined with spotlight has become left with emptiness. Boxing fans who had counted their fingers to watch the big match of the century looked dispirited. An astronomical amount of money of 250... 

`Kim Jong U`s visit ti Moscow not made due to bungled missile purchase`

As opinions are mixed regarding why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un didn’t attend a commemoration event of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II to be held in Moscow on Saturday, some analyze the possible...

NPAD leader to visit Gwangju amid rumors of party split

Moon Jae-in, chairman of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, will visit Gwangju in a bid to regain "public support in the Jeolla provinces," which turned negative toward his party at the April 29...

Some 80 protesters engage in 2-day standoff with police over Sewol disaster

Some 2,000 people (police estimate) were in standoff with police throughout the night at Anguk-dong intersection in Seoul’s Jongno district, while trying to move towards the presidential office on Friday. About 500...

Choo Shin-soo hits season’s 2nd homer, double after slump

Texas Rangers` Choo Shin-soo, dubbed "Choo Choo Train," hit his second homer of the season, and a double, heralding his revival. Playing as a starting right fielder and sixth batter at a home game against the Oakland...

`Abe should apologize at the anniversary of the end of the 2nd World`

Ed Royce, chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, has bitterly criticized the act of clouding the issue of past history by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. "I was disappointed with the prime...

Controversies over N. Korean leader’s call for ‘highest-level’ talks 

Ki Sung-yueng, Son Heung-min as promising Korean soccer players 

New year’s wishes change over time 

Samsung’s mobile phone beats Apple to top ACSI 

Actor Lee Jung-jae reported to be in a relationship with Daesang heiress 

N. Korean leader shows willingness to hold inter-Korean summit 

U.S. military base in Yongsan bans civilian drones, model aircrafts 

Japanese police on 14-year manhunt for cruel murderer


Chosun Ilbo (

Poorer Children More Prone to Ill-Health, Academic Failure

The income of parents has a measurable effect on the mental health and academic performance of children, according to data from ChildFund Korea. The lower the parent's income, the worse the health of the child. >> Full Text

Work Program Cuts Medical Bills for the Elderly

The working elderly spend W550,000 less on medical expenses a year than the retired, according to a report. The report by the Seoul National University found that annual medical expenses of senior citizens who took part in a work program offered by the Ministry of Health and Welfare shrank by W545,994 last year. >> Full Text

1 in 4 Married Men Likely to Divorce

One in four married men are likely to get divorced. The more the highly-educated people are, the less they will likely they are to divorce. Among married men who left school before finishing their education the proportion is as high as 48 percent. >> Full Text

Kim Jong-un Won't Attend Moscow Victory Celebrations

100,000 Chinese Tourists Expected Over Long Weekend

Inter-Korean Trade Hits Record Despite Sanctions

KEPCO Completes Record-Breaking Power Plant in Jordan

Incheon Named Best Airport for 10th Straight Year Jeonju Film Fest Opens


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

150,000 rally on May Day to oppose government’s labor reforms

Activists argue that proposed reforms will only exacerbate the polarization in South Korea’s two-tier labor market

On May 1, 125th International Workers’ Day, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) organized the largest ever gathering for the holiday - with around 150,000 people attending - and expressed their opposition to government plans to restructure the labor market.

Seoul announces efforts to step up inter-Korean cooperation

The South Korean government announced plans on May 1 to allow broad-ranging inter-Korean exchange efforts by private groups and local governments and organize joint cultural, historical, and sporting events for the 70th anniversary of Korean independence this August. The question now is how Pyongyang will respond. .

To boost low productivity, more Korean companies dedicating select hours to focused work

LG U introduced its “911 working system” in 2013. The system involves dedicated working hours between 9 and 11 each morning. LG Display has similar dedicated hours from 8:30 to 10 am and from 4 to 5:30 pm at its Paju and Kumi plants. During those hours, workers are encouraged to avoid smoking or other distractions and focus on collaboration and duties instead. .

[News analysis] With the US on Japan’s side, time for a S. Korean diplomatic reset?

With Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wrapping up his trip to the US without adopting a forward-looking attitude toward historical issues, cracks are showing in the assumptions of President Park Geun-hye’s strategic approach to foreign policy. Experts argue that South Korea must reset its approach to foreign policy so that it can avoid being isolated as the US sides with Japan on historical issues and defense cooperation. .

[Correspondent’s column] In Washington, views on East Asia tilting in Japan’s favor

There’s a group of Japanese experts in Washington who control US policy toward Japan. They are known as “Japan handlers,” since they offer advice about Japan policy. Their breadth and reach go much wider and much deeper than experts on the Korean peninsula. Some of these figures deal with both Japan and Korea policy, which means that their perspectives also have a major effect on the Korean peninsula. .

The wave of English education reaching North Korea

Are young North Koreans about to face the same stress over learning English as their South Korean counterparts? The Korean Peninsula is in the middle of an English education wave - and now it appears the North is no exception.“Thank you, the Great Leader Marshal Kim Jong Il!” reads one of the entries in a North Korean middle school English textbook. .

Paju set to become film town, in addition to being book hub

Paju is getting a new “book and film town.”The project is the second phase of an effort that has already seen the creation of a book hub in the Gyeonggi Province city. Now some 30 film-related businesses are set to move in, while additional venues are built for residents to enjoy films. Having already established its reputation as a publishing center, Paju is about to become a “cinema town” too. .

Abe’s remarks in Washington again evade responsibility for past aggressions

“Post war, we started out on our path bearing in mind feelings of deep remorse over the war. Our actions brought suffering to the peoples in Asian countries. We must not avert our eyes from that. I will uphold the views expressed by the previous prime ministers in this regard.”This was the sum total of Shinzo Abe’s remarks about his country’s historical aggressions during a joint address to the US Senate and House of Representatives on Apr. 29, the first ever by a Japanese Prime Minister. No clear message of reflection was given on past episodes of aggression or colonial rule by Japan. The term “comfort women” was never mentioned, let alone any apology to survivors of wartime sexual slavery.


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

Parties agree on pension reform plan

Lawmakers are slated to vote on the revision bill on Wednesday

The ruling and opposition parties agreed to put to a vote on Wednesday a long-awaited reform plan for Korea’s debt-stricken civil servant pension system that aims to reduce the government funds used to cover the losses. The decision on Saturday followed months of wrangling over the scope and depth of the changes to be made on the system…

Thrifty phone market gets a noticeable boost

More users are flocking to thrifty phone providers that rent network space from Korea’s largest mobile carriers as the government regulation on subsidies for smartphones…

Feldstein, Sakong talk future of global economy

Martin Feldstein, professor of economics at Harvard University and the president emeritus of the National Bureau of Economic Research…

Key testimony corners governor

Prosecutors have obtained testimony from a former aide to late businessman Sung Wan-jong in which he said that he had personally given illegal political funds worth 100 million won…

North claims NYU student was arrested

PYONGYANG - North Korea said on Saturday that it has arrested a South Korean student from New York University (NYU) for illegally entering the country last month from China.…

Seoul Grand Park to acquire new pygmy hippo

The Seoul Grand Park last week expressed its plans to borrow a female pygmy hippopotamus from a British zoo later this year in the hopes that the animal will breed…

Telecom operators seek to solve security problems of the future

As Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled products and services like smart televisions and smart homes begin to enter the market, many consumers are becoming worried…

K-Wave boosts economic growth

The economic effect of the so-called Korean Wave, or Hallyu, was estimated to be 12.6 trillion won ($11.6 billion) in 2014, an analysis by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency…

New bottle announced by Absolut for fall 2015

Absolut, a premium vodka brand owned by French beverage group Pernod Ricard, unveiled a new design for its iconic Absolut Vodka bottle to be distributed from fall 2015.…

Developments in ID card tech improve security, convenience

Corporate badges used to hang around the neck, their function typically confined to allowing entries and exits. But in today’s rapidly evolving technological environment…

KT Wiz swaps future ace pitcher to improve offense, catchers

On Saturday night, a mega trade between the KT Wiz and the Lotte Giants surprised KBO League fans. The KBO rookie club Wiz said that it will send pitchers Park Se-woong…


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Table PC business set for worst-ever decline

Tablet PC, which was the major pillar that drove the mobile era along with smartphone is rapidly collapsing. According to a US-based market research firm Strategy An.. ...05.03 17:19

About one-third of listed firms enjoy earnings surprise in Q1

Most of South Korean listed companies reported better-than-earnings for the first quarter this year. According to a local financial information providers Sunday, of .. ...05.03 14:49

Task force reaches conclusion on pension bill

The working-level body comprising rival parties, government officials, labor union for public officials’ pension reform de facto reached an agreement over public offi.. ...05.03 12:56

Status of S. Koreans shrinking at global financial organizations

‘South Korea - the world’s 13th largest economy. Only one high-ranking official at six international financial institutions.’ This is the current status of Korea at.. ...05.03 11:12

Gov’t mulls locals’ entry to cruise casinos

The South Korean government will push for launching Korean flag-carrying cruises within this year and allowing locals to enter into cruise casinos. Additionally, as a .. ...05.01 17:42

Retailers ride on momentum of ‘direct buying’

South Korea’s big retailers are capitalizing on the ‘direct buying’ trend with overseas direct purchase is catching on among consumers. Large-sized TVs sold via dir.. ...05.01 17:41

Consumer prices for April inch up 0.4%

South Korea’s consumer prices grew at less than one percent for five consecutive months in April, adding concerns over deflation. Core inflation, a measure that can.. ...05.01 15:04


Interview with KEPCO chairman

“Our construction of Amman diesel power plant will serve as a chance to launch efforts for the Middle East power generation business in full-fledged manners.” At t.. ...05.01 12:49

Inspection finds Natural Endotech’s ingredients are contaminated

A government inspection Thursday found most of Cynanchum wilfordii products available in the market contain herb Cynanchum auriculatum Royal, which is banned by the go.. ...04.30 17:30

7 out of 10 students to enter university through non scheduled admission

Seven out of 10 current second grade students in high school, who will enter university in 2017, would be able to enter universities through non-scheduled admission. .. ...04.30 17:27


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

U.S.-Japan Display Reconciliation for Common Interests: TPP and Keeping China in Check

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended his official trip to the United States as he moved to San Francisco after handling his schedules in Washington D.C. inc···

Yang Gwon-mo's Column] Why Can't the Opposition Party Win?

The opposition party was utterly defeated in an election held shortly after the tragic accident of the Sewol, and it was defeated once again in an election held···

Abe Never Mentioned the Comfort Women

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offered his condolences to the American victims of World War II, but did not mention the comfort wom

en before a joint meeting···

[Editorial] April 29 By-Elections: A Warning to Moon Jae-in's New Politics Alliance for Democracy

The by-election for lawmakers on April 29 ended in a complete victory for the Saenuri Party. The Saenuri Party claimed victories in all three constituencies in ···

Desperate Move by the 'Queen of Elections,' President Park Appears Center Stage One Day Before the Election

A day before the April 29 by-elections, President Park Geun-hye appeared center stage in the race between the ruling and opposition parties. In a message read b···

[Another 'Honeymoon' for U.S. and Japan] Yoo Seong-min Criticizes, 'Failure of the Park Geun-hye Government's Foreign Policy'

On April 28, Saenuri Party floor leader Yoo Seong-min, 57, criticized, "Our government lacks a strategy in its relations with Japan and the U.S. and its diplom···

Lee Wan-koo 'I Have Much to Say, But I'll Leave in Silence'

President Park Geun-hye returned from her trip of four Latin American countries on April 27 and accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo that afte···

Special Committee for the Sewol, 'Failed to Enact the Decree in Over 6 Months... Call for the President's Decision'

Chairman Lee Suk-tae and some standing members of the Special Committee for the April 16 Sewol Disaster engaged in a sit-in on April 27 demanding the enactment ···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Samsung and Hyundai Motor Both Trapped in a Sandwiched Position in China

The status of Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor is weakening in the Chinese market. The concerns that they will be eventually trapped in a sandwiched position between front-runners of industrialized countries and latecomers of China are turning into reality. Samsung Electronics started losing i...

Total Amount of SOC Projects Estimated to Be Unprofitable Reaches 34 Tril.

The total amount of social overhead capital projects expected to incur losses is estimated to be 34 trillion won for the past five years. This is largely because central and local governments push ahead with pork barrel projects without thinking about future profitability. According to the Korea Deve...

April Daily Stock Transaction Volume Hits 10 Tril. Won

As the KOSPI and KOSDAQ market rallied in April, the daily average stock trading volume has surpassed the 10-trillion-won level for the first time in three years and eight months. According to the Korea Exchange on May 3, the daily transaction volume in the stock markets in the month of April was 10...

Korean Wave’s Production Inducement Effect Rises 4.3% Last Year

The production inducement effect of the Korean Wave amounted to 12.55 trillion won last year, up 4.3 percent from a year earlier. According to a report titled "A Study on the Economic Effect of the Korean Wave for 2014" published jointly by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and the Korea ...

Hyundai and Kia Report 1.3% Growth in U.S. Sales in April

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors saw their combined U.S. sales reach 121,291 units last month, up 1.3 percent from a year ago. Hyundai Motor enjoyed a positive year-on-year growth, in contrast with the negative growth marked by Kia Motors. According to industry sources on May 2, Hyundai Motor sold 68,0...


AJU Business Daily (

Jeonju International Film Festival opens

2015 JIFF: Actress Jung Joo-yeon arrives to attend the opening ceremony of the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) Thursday at the Jeonju Sports Stadium. Under the theme of “Jeonju in Sprin…

Posted : 2015-05-01 15:43:12 |Updated : 2015-05-01 15:43:12

Actress Kim Sae-ron draws attention with cute charms at Jeonju International Film Festival

CUTE CHARMS: Actress Kim Sae-ron draws attention with her cute charms as she arrived to attend the opening ceremony of the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) Thursday at Jeonju Sports Stad…

Posted : 2015-05-01 15:39:45 |Updated : 2015-05-01 15:39:45

Jeonju International Film Festival to screen 200 films

JIFF OPENS: Actress Son Yeo-eun arrives to attend the opening ceremony of the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) Thursday at the Jeonju Sports Stadium. The 2015 JIFF, under the theme of “J…

Posted : 2015-05-01 15:38:11 |Updated : 2015-05-01 15:38:11

Asan Medical Center holds event for patients from Middle East

MEDICAL TOURISM: An Arab child puts halal food on a plate during the "Arab Night," an event Asan Medical Center's international department held for patients from Middle East countries, including S…

Posted : 2015-05-01 15:35:38 |Updated : 2015-05-01 17:33:13

S. Korea's consumer inflation rate remains below 1% level for 5 straight months

South Korea's consumer inflation rate remained below the 1 percent level for the fifth straight month in April, government data showed Friday. Consumer prices grew 0.4 percent in April from the…

Posted : 2015-05-01 15:33:32 |Updated : 2015-05-01 17:11:55

Jung Hae-in appeared in KBS2 TV drama 'Blood'

ROOKIE ACTOR: Jung Hae-in, who appeared in the recently ended KBS2 TV series "Blood," poses for the camera before holding an interview with The Aju Business Daily newspaper at its headquarters in Jung…

Posted : 2015-04-30 16:45:38 |Updated : 2015-04-30 16:45:38

Actress Soohyun appears in Hollywood blockbuster 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron'

South Korean actress Soohyun, also known as Claudia Kim, who plays the role of Dr. Joe in the Hollywood action blockbuster "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," poses for the camera during an interview with …

Posted : 2015-04-29 16:33:42 |Updated : 2015-04-29 16:33:42

Model-turned-actor Hong Jong-hyun stars in comedy 'Meet the In-Laws 2'

Model-turned-actor Hong Jong-hyun, who plays the male lead role in comedy "Meet the In-Laws 2," poses for the camera during an interview with The Aju Business Daily at a cafe in Jongno-gu, central Seo…

Posted : 2015-04-29 16:32:19 |Updated : 2015-04-29 16:32:19

Paul McCartney to hold 1st concert in South Korea May 2

Paul McCartney, a former member of the British band The Beatles, will give his first concert in South Korea this weekend, the organizer said Wednesday. The concert will be held at the Jamsil Stadiu…

Posted : 2015-04-29 16:29:34 |Updated : 2015-04-29 16:29:34



SK Telecom To Build 5G Test Bed in T OpenLab During The Third Quarter

SK Telecom(Chairman Jang, Dong-hyun) held the ¡®5 G Forum¡? on the 28th with HP, Ericsson, Intel, Samsung Electronics, etc. at the Euljiro headquar...

Read the full story

LG Innotek Record Business Profit Of 64.4 Million Dollars For First Quarter...

19% Increased Compared To Previous Quarter

Thanks to the increase in sales of the high performance camera module, LG Innotek have reached a business profit of 64.4 million dollars for the first quarter, which ...

Read the full story

3D NAND Era to ‘Bloom’ in 2nd Half

Following Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix will begin in the third quarter a mass production of 3D vertical NAND, transistors stacked up in 36 tiers. Not only Toshib...

Read the full story

Busan Subway Becoming the World’s First Place to Have Commercial LTE-R Set Up

Busan Transportation Corporation (BTC) has begun on setting up LTE-R in their subway. LTE-R is railroad network based on long term evolution (LTE) that the domestic ...

Read the full story

Daebo Obtains Order For Next Generation ITS Demonstration Project

A mid-sized firm was selected as the priority bidder in the public information business with the exception of major company engagement limit. While numerous major compan...

Read the full story


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