The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Nov. 19, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notice and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


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A round-up of the latest news published by the Korean media:


Park Seeks Stronger Protection of S. Koreans in Philippines

President Park Geun-hye held bilateral talks with her Filipino counterpart on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC, summit on...

Park Holds Summit with New Canadian PM

Park Calls for Accelerating APEC Economic Integration

Park in Manila for APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting

UN: Discussions Ongoing with North about Visit by Ban

Gov't to Support Establishment of 10,000 'Smart Factories' by 2020

Parliamentary Defense Committee to Compose KF-X Subcommittee

Park Seeks Stronger Protection of S. Koreans in Philippines

Gov't to Support Establishment of 10,000 'Smart Factories' by 2020

Short Selling Increases Over Expected US Rate Hike

Insurance for Luxury Cars to Surge up to 15% from 2016


N. Korea Unveils Detailed Plans for Rason Special Economic Zone

N. Korean Escapees Facing Repatriation

Electronic Entry System in Gaeseong to Display Both Korean Times

UN: Discussions Ongoing with North about Visit by Ban

S. Korea Ranks Near Bottom in Antidepressant Use

UN Spokesman Denies Xinhua Report on Ban Visiting Pyongyang


Yonhap (

S. Korea, Canada agree to cooperation on climate change

President Park Geun-hye and her Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau agreed Wednesday to closely cooperate on how to cope with challenges posed by climate change.

Prosecutors raid int'l school in Seoul over alleged embezzlement

Prosecutors said Thursday they have raided a Seoul branch of a British international school over allegations it embezzled billions of won of school expenses.

Samsung gains share in global DRAM, panel markets

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. gained ground in the global chip and panel markets in the third quarter from a year earlier, but the company saw its handset and TV shares continue to remain dull, data showed Thursday.

Finance minister urges quick implementation of labor reform

South Korea's Finance Minister Choi Kyung-hwan on Thursday called for an early implementation of government-supported labor reform measures that he has said will help create new jobs especially for the country's youth.

Businesses face mounting tax burden: survey

A majority of large companies in South Korea said that they are paying an increasing amount of corporate taxes and the tax burden will likely mount down the road, a survey showed Thursday.


The Korea Herald (

2 dead, 7 arrested in French terror raid

Amid gunfire and explosions, police raided a suburban Paris apartment where the suspected ma...

Naver seeks global success beyond Line messenger

Naver, the nation’s largest search engine, has reaffirmed its ambition for global success ― a...

Indonesian al-Qaida arrested

South Korean police said Wednesday they had arrested an Indonesian migrant, who was illegally r...

Questions surround asylum seeker’s airport death

A Moroccan asylum seeker in Korea was belatedly confirmed to have died several months ago at In...

Hyundai gears up to push Genesis in U.S.

The Genesis G90, introduced as EQ900 in Korea (Hyundai Motor) FOUNTAIN VALLEY, California -- For quite a...

Duty-free shops

In Korea, a duty-free shop is regarded as a goose that lays golden eggs. Once you are awarde...

NE Asia bank

President Park Geun-hye is pushing hard for her plan to set up a multilateral development ba...

SMTOWN builds K-pop mecca

SMTOWN@coexartium in Gangnam, Seoul (Julie Jackson/The Korea Herald)A self-admitted die-hard K-...

Gwangju players to stage Shakespeare

Mixing fantasy with funny, Gwangju Performance Project is putting on its biggest ever productio...


The Korea Times (

Shinsegae interested in Hyundai Card 

Shinsegae Group has plans to acquire a major stake in Hyundai Card, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

Few Koreans seek medication for depression 

Koreans rely far less on antidepressants than citizens of other OECD countries, even though Korea has the world's highest suicide rate, a report showed Wednes...

Firms negative about business outlook 

Nine out of 10 Korean companies do not expect to achieve their sales targets this year, a survey showed Wednesday. 

Controversy erupts over police water cannons 

Controversy has erupted over the use of water cannons by police, following the serious injury of a...

Jogye Temple to decide on KCTU head today 

Monks at Jogye Temple said Wednesday that they will discuss whether to extend the stay of Han Sang-gyun, head of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCT...

Lawmakers call for audit of KF-X 

Lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties have asked the state auditor to launch an inspection into the country’s troubled fighter jet development prog... 

Korea, Canada to boost ties 

President Park Geun-hye and Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed Wednesday to strengt... 

YG's iKON determined to pursue own music 

YG Entertainment's new boy group iKON released its new album “Welcome Back,” Monday, and some of t... 

Taeguk Warriors pound Laos 5-0 

There was never any doubt about the outcome. It took just two minutes for South Korea to open the ...

Three items, three markets show way for exporters 

Despite the overall gloom gripping Korean exporters this year, three industries - cosmetics, electronics and food - are enjoying double-digit growth, offering...


DongAIlbo (

2 terrorist suspects killed during police raid in Paris

In the early morning hours of Wednesday (local time), Saint-Denis, outer northern Paris, saw gunfights between the police and the Paris terror attack suspects. The police were under an operation to arrest Islamic State... 

Analysis to cope with ‘magical pitches’ of Japanese pitcher Otani

Try with his first pitch. Fastball is coming.” Batters of the Korean national baseball team vowed to keep this in mind to not succumb again to ShoheiOtani (21) of the Japanese national baseball team. This conclusion...

Historian identifies Harvard Draft that found Eulsa Treaty `null and void`

The author of a Harvard Law School`s report, on which the International Federation declared a 1905 Japan?Korea treaty that turned Korea into Japan`s protectorate, has been identified. Seoul National University...

Former politician claims to be ‘pro-Roh but not pro-Moon’

I am a member of the pro-Roh Moo-hyun faction but not pro-Moon Jae-in.” Kim Doo-kwan, former governor of South Gyeongsang Province, told The Dong-A Ilbo on Tuesday. He told this when explaining the reason he chose to...

The next target of IS is the world in fear

The whole world is panicked by the terrorism threat by the Islamic State. The level of fear is the highest in the United States, where the Islamic militants have announced as the next target. The city of New York,...

Unlikely dispute between Buddhism and Confucianism

When the site of a seowon (memorial hall in honor of Confucians) was excavated, national treasure-grade Buddhist relics were found en masse. It happened at DobongSeowon at the foot of Mount Dobong in Seoul’s Dobong...

Not yet Major Leaguer, Park Byung-ho already listed as top rookie candidate 

Drinking tap water can save $1.75 billion of social costs, say experts


ChosunIlbo (

Few Koreans Seek Treatment for Depression

Korea ranks at the bottom of the OECD in terms of treatment for depression but has the highest suicide rate, according to a report. The reason seems to be a deep-seated stigma surrounding mental illness. >> Full Text

Hyundai to Roll Out New Genesis in U.S. Early Next Year

Hyundai's first premium sedan under the independent Genesis brand will hit showrooms in the U.S. early next year. To be called G90 in the U.S., the car will be released here as the EQ900 next month. >> Full Text

Warm Wet Winter Lies Ahead

The world will see a strong El Nino phenomenon this winter, bringing warm, wet weather to Korea. But the Korea Meteorological Administration said the rain will not be enough to compensate for the drought that started early this year. >> Full Text

Fresh Blow for Airlines from Terrorism Fears

Korea Among Potential ISIS Targets

China to Send 9 Defectors Back to N.Korea


HankyorehShinmoon (

Report: wealth now more about inheritance than effort

Findings provide more evidence that South Korea is not a meritocracy but a place where economic status is inherited

The percentage of personal savings and real estate assets that come to South Koreans from their parents via inheritance or gifts rose sharply from 27% in the 1980s to 42% in the 2000s, a recent report shows.The numbers suggest that inherited assets are contributing more to wealth than personal efforts or abilities.

[Interview] For S. Korea’s diplomacy “timing is everything”

Since the deal reached by North Korean and US officials on February 29, 2012 ended in failure, the two sides have not had any meaningful interaction. Their positions remain diametrically opposed, with the US demanding that North Korea agree to give up its nuclear program as a prerequisite to negotiations and the North refusing. In the meantime, the political situation on the Korean Peninsula is becoming even more complicated as the US and China vie for hegemony and the US and Japan strengthen their alliance. .

Sony and Panasonic rebounds hold lessons for Samsung and LG

Focus on your strengths or work on opening up new markets? Two of South Korea’s electronics giants are adopting different strategies to find a way out of their current respective slumps. The woes facing Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics today are reminiscent of the trajectories several years back for Sony and Panasonic, Japan’s leading electronics companies. Now those two companies look to be rebounding on the strength of a weak currency. .

The military welcomes its very first Jindo pooches

Jindo dogs are one of the best-known dog varieties that are native to Korea and are the country’s Natural Monument No. 53. Two of these dogs, named Pado and Yongpil, have been made the first Jindo dogs to join the military. On Nov. 17, the military dog training unit at the ROK 1st Field Army command announced that two Jindo dogs named Pado and Yongpil had passed the final suitability test and had been enrolled as military dogs. .

Survey: many women would be happy to quit working after marriage

Seventy-three percent of unmarried South Korean women said they would “seriously consider it” if their boyfriend asked them to quit their job after they marry, a recent study shows. The marriage information service Duo released results recently from a questionnaire on post-marriage working life administered to 300 working women in their twenties and thirties between Nov. 4 and 14.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

48 dubious foreigners deported

Korea deported 48 foreigners over the past five years after they were identified as members of terrorist groups, the country’s main intelligence agency told the National Assembly on Wednesday. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) briefed the National Intelligence Committee Wednesday afternoon, as Korea scrambled to beef up its security in the aftermath of last week’s attacks in Paris…

British school in Seoul raided in a tax probe

Prosecutors are cracking down on allegations of corruption that include embezzlement at international schools in Korea, according to officials…

Seniors’ debt levels are higher than elsewhere

The average debt-to-income (DTI) ratio of Korean senior citizens above age 60 hit 161 percent, the highest among 16 major countries…

Law to target car ‘over-repairing’

A new law revision could be in place as early as next April banning auto shops from “over-repairing” accident-damaged vehicles…

Samsung tops in growing markets

Samsung Electronics was the best-selling smartphone vendor in 14 out of 15 countries classified as emerging smartphone markets in the third quarter…

Six percent of Korean firms face insolvency

The government has been preparing to preemptively restructure insolvent companies ahead of the anticipated interest rate hike by the U.S. central bank…

FTC accuses Qualcomm of violating law on licensing

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of violating local competition law in the way it licenses technology to customers, the chipmaker said.…


MaeilKyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

STX Offshore to cut payrolls by 30%

STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co. has released a new restructuring plan to cut employee pay by up to 10 percent and downsize its fleet ...

Borrowing costs for Korean companies shoot up amid weak demand for corporate

Weak demand even for investment-grade Korean corporate bonds amid concerns for higher U.S. interest rates and sweeping restructuring ...

Kospi to hover in the 1850 - 2200 in H2 of 2016

South Korean shares would bottom out in the first half and the composite index would be boxed at around 1850 - 2200 in the second ...

Gloomy Q4 earnings forecast for major S. Korean companies

The fourth quarter earnings outlook for the listed companies in South Korea does not appear bright. The possible rate hikes in the ...

Cape Investment selected as preferred bidder to buy LIG Investment & Securities

Cape Investment Co. was chosen as the preferred bidder to acquire LIG Investment Securities Co. by KB Investment & Securities Co., ...

Compact beam projectors gain popularity

A compact beam projector used at home is gaining popularity in South Korea. In particular, portable projectors are popular as they ...


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Police Begin Investigation into Gwanghwamun Demonstration

The police have engaged in a broad-scale investigation into the groups that organized the Gwanghwamun rally on November 14. The people are criticizing the p···

Why Was the Chief of the National Police Agency Called to a Ruling Party Meeting?

Chief of the National Police Agency Kang Shin-myung made a surprise appearance at a Saenuri Party meeting on November 17. Floor leader Won Yoo-chul had orde···

[The Time Is Now] Rough Words on the Major Weekend Rally: Ruling Party Lawmaker Says, 'It Is Okay for the Police to Shoot a Citizen in Advanced Countries'

"In developed countries, it is okay even if a police officer shoots and kills citizens." "If we can't suppress demonstrations, we can't win against ···

President Park Misleads G20 Leaders on South Korean Labor Reforms

Yesterday at the G20 Summit, President Park Geun-hye(photo) introduced South Korea's labor reforms as an exemplary model of "inclusive growth." She used the ···

[Editorial] Government Blocks Its Ears to the People and Puts a Sixty-Something Farmer in Critical Condition with a Water Canon

Demonstrators violently clashed with the police at a rally in Seoul last weekend. The police parked police buses to create a barricade in places throughout down···

North Korea Declares Navigation Restriction Zone in East Sea, Possibility of Missile Launch

North Korea declared a navigation restriction zone in the East Sea from November 11 to early next month. The South Korean military is keeping an eye on the Nort···


The Korea Economic Daily(

Elderly Households Highly Vulnerable to Debt Burden...Study

A study said the balance of household debts assumed by Korea's senior citizens in their age older than 60 is the world's highest but their ability to pay back the debt is quite weak. Kim Ji-seop, senior research fellow with the Korea Development Institute, said in a research report titled "Structura...

LG and Google Tighten Cooperation in Smart TV

LG Electronics announced on November 18 that it will tighten its cooperation with Google in smart TV area. This is LG Electronics’ two-track strategy of strengthening both its own Web OS-based smart TVs and Google Android TV business at the same time. The tie-up between LG Electronics and Google is...

Promising K-Food Item “Korean Buffet” Trapped in Korea

Korean buffet, which is gaining rising popularity in Korea, is also drawing hot attention from overseas markets. On November 6, E-Land opened its first overseas Korean buffet restaurant in Shanghai’s downtown district Waitan. The Korean buffet restaurant attracted more than 10,000 guests in just te...

Vietnam Emerges as Biggest Commercial Vehicle Market for Hyundai Motor

Vietnam is emerging as the biggest export outlet for Hyundai Motor’s commercial vehicles. Hyundai Motor expects this year’s shipments of commercial vehicles to Vietnam could pass the 10,000 mark for the first time in its history. Hyundai announced on November 17 that it shipped 8,504 units of 2.5 ...

VIM Named as Next Year’s Must-watch Markets

Korean corporations are urged to pay more attention to Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar (VIM) among foreign markets in 2016. The Korea International Trade Association held a seminar on how to launch into the three ASEAN marketsVietnam, Indonesia and Myanmarpicked as top-three ASEAN countries which ...


AJU Business Daily(

Korea may not be safe from terrorist attacks

The news coordinated attacks of Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL) in Paris Friday is spreading shock and horror worldwide, a the Middle East political expert analyzed that Korea may not be safe from IS’ attack. According to a repo…

Ban most favored presidential candidate - Poll

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon[AJU NEWS CORP DB] United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is the most favored among potential candidates for the 2017 presidential election, ac…

Four seasons of actress Ku Hye-sun to open Understage concert

[Courtesy of Hyundai Understage] ?A multi-talented Korean actress and filmmaker, Ku Hye-sun is to open a concert titled “Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring” on November 21st. The concert, colla…

Suzy dresses in men's clothes to sing pan-sori

[Photo by YooDae-gil=dbeorlf123@] A member of a Korean idol group “Miss-A”, Suzy will act as a female singer in Joseon(old name of Korea) dynasty. In Joseon, only men were allowed to sing “p…

Super Junior's Choi Si-won named special representative for UNICEF Korea

South Korean boy band Super Junior's Choi Si-won has been named a special representative for the Korean Committee for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), his management agency in Seoul sa…

Minnesota Twins have 30 days to strike deal with Korean slugger Park Byung-ho

The Minnesota Twins have won the posting bid for South Korean slugger Park Byung-ho, the Twins and Major League Baseball (MLB) said Monday (local time). ?The winning bid for the first baseman report…

2nd airport in Jeju Island to be built before 2025

The South Korean government Tuesday announced plans to build the second airport on the southern resort island of Jeju. The airport will be built in Seongsan-eup, eastern part of the island, the Min…



Samsung Electronics Surpasses Intel and TSMS in 10-Nano System Semicond...

Samsung Electronics developed 10-nano FinFET processed S-RAM for the first time in the world. 10-nano S-RAMs that its competitors Intel and TSMC announced are ...

Japan Puts Brake on Competition in Reduction of Cellphones’ Prices…...

Japanese Government decided to set upper limit of reduction to eradicate competition in reduction of Smartphones¡? prices, and it is similar to Mobile Te...

LG Electronics Chooses Full Metal Case for ‘G5’

LG Electronics is putting on full metal case on its next strategic Smartphone ¡®G5¡? that will be released in 1st quarter of next year. It i...

[Issue Analysis] First Personnel Matter of Samsung Group under Vice-Chairman Lee Jae Yong’s System…Big Changes Are Expected

Financial industries are becoming restless as major groups are about to have periodic personnel change at the end of this year. As reorganization of business structures of major groups such as Samsung, Hanhwa, and Lotte is taking place, it can be assumed that sizes of personnel change of presidents and executives and reorganization of businesses are going to be signific...


Special Notices:

Photo shows President Soon-Heung Chang of Handong Global University (fifth from left, front row) with ambassadors and other visiting members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps (SDC), including AmbassadorMme Natallia Zhylevich of Belraus (dean of the visiting members of the SDC), fourth from left the same row With Ambassador and Mrs. SylvestreKouassi Bile of Cote d’ Ivoire (third and second from left, front row).

And Ambassador Roballo of Argentina (sixth from left, same row) and Ambassadors Mohamed Abdi Gello of Kenya (on the right of the rear row).


“Why not try to change the world?”

Ambassadors, senior diplomats visit Handong Global University in Pohang

Ambassadors NatalliaZhylevich of Belarus, Kouassi Bile of Cote d’Ivoire, Jorge Roballo of Argentina and Mohamed Abdi Gello of Kenya and 20 other senior diplomats, including the charges d’affaires, visited Handong Global University in Pohang City on the Southeast Coast of Korea on Nov. 12, 2015 at the invitation of President Soon-Heung Chang of the University.
The tour, organized by The Korea Post, included also a visit to POSCO and a cruise ride around the harbor of the Pohang City.
The Korea Post has been organizing tours for the ambassadors and other senior members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps for the past 30 years, but it must be said that the one hosted by Handong Global University is one of the most impressive in terms of the interest on the part of the host who met the guests with a true heart and warm welcome.
President Soon-Heung Chang of the University made such an excellent arrangement out of respect and special regard for the distinguished international guests by asking his Vice President Simon Kang(Administrative Affairs) and Professor JinwonAhn (School of Management and Economics) to come all the way from Pohang to Seoul to welcome and escort the ambassadors and other senior diplomats to comfortably visit his University.
The tour of the Handong Global University was a truly memorable one where many outstanding features of the University continuously surprised the visiting ambassadors and the other senior diplomats. For further details, visit:



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