The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Dec. 23, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015

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Here are The Korea Post news, a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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The Korea Post news

Making clear difference from Chairman Moon of NPAD

AhnCheol-soo gains momentum in his search for change of government

Rep. AhnCheol-soo, former co-chairman of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, has been gaining a momentum in his effort to form a new opposition political party in Korea following his declaration of departure from the New Political Alliance for Democracy (NPAD) on Dec. 20, 2015.

Reports indicate that Ahn has been feeling from his personal experiences while with the party that it was not fit to take over the control of the government through elections.

Speaking at a press conference at the Chunggu Chapter of the Businessmen’s Association in Daejeon on Dec. 22, 2015, which he visited after Busan, Gwangju and Jeonju, Ahndeclared, “In many elections in Korea, whichever party won in the Daejeon area won the final victory and I will try to give a new life to the opposition political camp in Korea who has collapsed.”

Then he said, “In many elections in Korea, whichever party won in the Daejeon area won the final victory and I will try to give a new life to the opposition political camp in Korea who has collapsed.”

Ahn said, “I personally owe greatly to the Daejeon City because it was where I was awakened to the importance of the localities when my mind had been centered around Seoul and the Capital zone.”

Then he said, “Many changes have begun taking place, including the conspicuous dropping of the people’s support rating of the ruling Saenuri Party down to the 30% range and I believe that it would be interesting to the Korean people that I form a new political party and join the competition for carrying out reforms.”

“Contrary to the belief among some people,” reasoned Ahn, “I think that the present situation in Korea will contribute to the interests of the people because it will inject vitality into the political parties of the opposition camp and cause the departure of the people with different ideas from the ruling political camp.”

Ahn emphasized the possibility that his new party will cause the division of the ruling camp and not such a situation in the opposition camp.

Then Ahn predicted, “If we try to renovate ourselves, the Saenuri Party and the NPAD, too, would find themselves compelled to follow suit and change themselves, which will ultimately make the Korean people the final winners.”

Rep. AhnCheol-soo explains how he will go it

alone without the NPAD in the upcoming National

Assembly elections in next April.

Then he said, “I am highly encouraged by the newly developing situation in Korea where the people, who had lukewarmly supported the Saenuri Party because they had no trustworthy opposition party to repose their confidence in, have begun leaving the party in search of a new place of choice.”

“I promise that I will respond to them with a concrete result,” Ahn declared.

Many Korean-language media also indicated thatAhn has changed from his former position and stance at the NPAD.

Ahn is no longer like when he used to be before. They say that Ahn no longer does unpredictable things nor does he make any more ambiguous statements.

At the time of the last National Assembly elections in April 2012, Ahn made the widely publicized unpredictable declaration that he would quit his candidacy in the Presidential election race in spite of the fact that he was the frontrunner in many of the prestigious media opinion surveys. In the same way, Ahn merged with the then Democratic Party when he had little reason to do so.

Now Ahn is different. He has become a resolute man, and carries into action what he says. For instance, within eight days of his declaration of bolting from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), Ahn officially declared that he would form an opposition political party within the next two months when the National Assembly elections were only four months away.

A close associate of Ahn said that the most prominent change of Ahn is his attitude in meeting with people. Ahn has been known as a man who shuns ‘touchy-feely’ways. He is also known as a man who does not know the importance of people who stay around him as they like him.

Last year, when Ahn was one of the two co-chairmen of the NPAD, he did not help any of his supporters who wanted to win the party nomination to run in the June-4 local elections and the July-30 supplementary re-elections?with the sole exception of Gwangju City Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun. Due to this type of attitude on the part of Ahn, many prominent politicians have left him.

In a striking contrast with this attitude, Ahn now attends many meetings and events of his associates and followers who plan to run in the National Assembly elections next year. Ahn raises the hands of the election candidates at such meetings and asks the congregations to support the candidates. Ahn also tells the candidates in sharp contrast with his past attitude, “This time, I am going to help you.”

Ahn (right, foreground) with Moon during the last Presidential campaign.

Ahn campaigned for Moon but the elections were lost to the then rival Presidential

Candidate Park Geun-hye of the Saenuri Party.

A close associate of Ahn who has been helping Ahn since the 2012 National Assembly general elections says, “Rep. Ahn used to think that looking after his own men was a ‘bad practice of the past’ but that now he has changed after experiencing all kinds of things in the Korean political arena. “He said, “Now he even offers, ‘I will help you.’”

When Ahn bared his plan on Dec. 21, 2015 to form a new opposition political party in early February next year, he posed before the press cameramen with four bolters from the NPAD hand-in-hand, including Rep. Moon Byung-ho. An associates of Ahn said, “Before he used to think that he alone was right and sought people of his own kind but that now he has changed and he obviously tries to work also with other people if they are ‘not so bad’ in the eyes of the people.”

Another close associate of Ahn disclosed, “Many former cadre members of the opposition party tried to join the Ahn camp but Ahn rejected them classifying them as ‘people with the vested rights of the past’ whom he detested.”

In a striking contrast with this attitude, Ahn now has his doors wide open.

Ahn has substantially chanced also in money matters. In the past, for instance, when he tried to form a new political party he used to check the receipts, which was a cause of regrets among his supporters. “We have been using our own money to help him, but he even checks the receipts when he uses his money, “complained one of his past associates.

When Ahn suddenly gave up his plan to form a new political party of his own in March last year and joined the old Democratic Party, there were rumors that the reason may have been related with the billions of won he would need in the creation of a new party. In sharp contrast with this attitude of the past, now Ahn is known to have expressed his willingness to donate money from his own pocket for the formation of the new party.

A close associate of Ahn disclosed that Ahn expressed his willingness to initially donate about 100 million won to secure an office and take care of other immediate expenses.

Ahn will be entitled to the use of the government subsidy of 8.8 billion won from the national treasury if he succeeds in forming a negotiating body (formed with a minimum of 20 members of the National Assembly). An associate of Ahn said that even if Ahn does not get the public subsidy he has made up his mind to go ahead with his political plan.


A round-up of the latest news published by the Korean media:


BOK Governor: S. Korea Won't Immediately Follow US Rate Hike

Bank of Korea Governor Lee Ju-yeol says a U.S. interest rate hike won't immediately lead to an increase in South...

PM Calls for Follow-up to Paris Climate Accord

S. Korea-China Vice-Ministerial EEZ Negotiations Off to Rocky Start

PM Calls for Follow-up to Paris Climate Accord

S. Korea-China Vice-Ministerial EEZ Negotiations Off to Rocky Start

Park Presses Lawmakers to Meet Int'l Expectations after Moody's Upgrade

BOK Governor: S. Korea Won't Immediately Follow US Rate Hike

Hwaseong Likely to be Site of Universal Studios Theme Park


'There are 750 Unofficial Marketplaces in N. Korea'

Unemployment Rate of N. Korean Defectors in S. Korea Falls Below 5%

Survey: 1 Out of 2 Youths Believe Society Will Improve with Unification

Kyodo: S. Korean Suspect in Yasukuni Blast Had Gunpowder in Luggage

Kishida: S. Korea-Japan Compensation Issue Completely Settled

CNN: Canadian Diplomats Meet Pastor Detained in N. Korea

1 in 5 Senior Citizens in S. Korea Living Alone

S. Korean Prosecutors Not to Appeal Ruling on Japanese Journalist

22 Refugees from Myanmar to Arrive in S. Korea for Resettlement


Yonhap (

S. Korea, China hold first talks on EEZs in 7 years

South Korea and China opened the first talks Tuesday on their overlapping exclusive economic zones (EEZs) in seven years but skepticism is rampant over an early deal.

Park hopes expressway brings rival regions together

President Park Geun-hye expressed hope Tuesday that the extended opening of an expressway connecting the southwestern city of Gwangju and the southeastern city of Daegu will bring the rival regions together.

N. Korea rebukes Canada for taking issue with its ruling against pastor

North Korea slammed Canada Tuesday for taking issue with the North's "fair" ruling over a Canadian pastor who has been sentenced to hard labor for life in the North.

S. Korean prosecutors not to appeal Sankei journalist

South Korean prosecutors said Tuesday they will not appeal the case involving a Japanese journalist who was acquitted of charges that he defamed President Park Geun-hye in print, citing the Seoul-Tokyo relationship.


The Korea Herald (

Park steps up pressure on reform bills

President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday continued to add pressure on lawmakers to pass key bills related to government-led re...

Saenuri blood boils at Choi’s return

A major factional feud looms at the ruling Saenuri Party upon the imminent return of Rep. Choi ...

A brokerage titan in the making

Mirae Asset Financial Group, with its charismatic self-made boss bent on expansion, is likely t...

Hasty household debt control can backfire on economy: BOK

Despite households worsening ability to repay debt, Korea should avoid implementing hasty contr...

Tough tasks await finance minister nominee

Rep. Yoo Il-ho. YonhapYoo Il-ho, the nominee for Korea’s top economic post of deputy prime minister and ...

Cabinet reshuffle

President Park Geun-hye completed a Cabinet reshuffle to brace for the coming April general ...

Remedy for ailing firms

Last week’s rate hike in the U.S. is set to aggravate the interest burdens of Korea’s debt...

Doosan chairman’s ‘human-oriented’ management hits snag

On Monday, Doosan Group officially put its prestigious machine tool business unit on the market...

Genesis EQ900: Car is good, work to do on market positioning

There was much hype surrounding the Genesis EQ900, the first flag...


The Korea Times (

NK in middle stage of H-bomb development

North Korea is believed to have entered the middle stage of developing a hydrogen bomb, according to defense officials here, Tuesday. Some, including retired Brigadier General Lee Sang-chul who is now director of the Korea Arms ...

'Korean authorities declare end of MERS' 

Korean authorities will declare the end of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) at 12:00 a.m., Thursday.

Plan to unify sports bodies hits snag 

The government’s drive to integrate sports federations has hit a major obstacle, as each association is fiercely opposing the plan for their own vested intere... 

Over two thirds of cancer patients survive 

Nearly 70 percent of cancer patients survive the disease, a survey by the National Cancer Center s...

Samsung will cut smartphone shipments 

Samsung Electronics plans to cut its smartphone shipments next year by more than 12 percent from a year earlier, officials from the company’s local partners s... 

Magnitude 3.9 quake hit southwest 

The Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources reported that a magnitude 3.9 earthquake o...

Incheon Airport passengers hit record high 

Despite a sharp drop in foreign visitors because of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in summer, a record number of passengers used Incheon International A... 

Facebook most popular social media for Koreans 

Facebook is the most dominant form of social media in Korea, figures show. 

Seo hopes for bright future in Korean racing 

SeoJu-won, 21, is the youngest racecar driver in the professional Korean league, but he has marke... 

Government to ban potentially dangerous arrivals 

The government will ban people who might pose a danger to Korea from traveling to the country. The...

Hanwha Techwin wins $3.8-billion aircraft contract 

Hanwha Techwin has won a 4.5 trillion-won ($3.8 billion) contract to supply aircraft engine parts to Platter and Whitney until 2061, the company said Tuesday.


DongAIlbo (

Samsung bets big on biotechnology

Samsung BioLogics held a groundbreaking ceremony of its third plant on Monday at its headquarters in the Incheon Songdo Free Economic Zone. The plant will start commercial operations in September 2018, and is expected... 

AhnCheol-soo officially declares to form a new party on Monday

Independent lawmaker AhnCheol-soo officially declares on Monday that he will form a new party. It has been two years and a month since November 2013 when he declared to found a new party. Ahn plans to reveal that he...

Star Wars sets box office records in U.S. after 10-year hiatus

Star Wars that has made a comeback for the first time in 10 years is rocking the entire U.S. continent. As the movie has returned as ‘classic’ created by America, rather than a Hollywood blockbuster for the year-end...

Shenzhen landslide caused by mountain of garbage

A massive "landslide" that occurred on Sunday at a site near Shenzhen industrial complex in Guangdong Province China, the origin of China’s reform and opening, is found to have been a man-made disaster rather than...

Yoo Il-ho chooses to complete reform drive instead of parliamentary seat

The highlight of the cabinet shuffling announced on Monday was Yoo Il-ho, the candidate for the deputy prime minister and finance minister. Yoo resigned from the position as minister of land, infrastructure, and...

Golden Culture of Shilla’ exhibition opens in Chuncheon

A special exhibition dubbed "Golden Culture of Shilla," which will showcase glory of gold culture in the Shilla Kingdom, recently opened at the Chuncheon National Museum, and will continue through January 24. The...

Ambassador Lippert attends KCRC event to keep promise 

Breach of trust is more dangerous than anthrax spores 

This year`s most famous golfer Spieth earns $1,979 per stroke


ChosunIlbo (

2 in 3 Korean Patients Survive Cancer

Two in every three patients recover from cancer thanks to medical advances and regular checkups, data shows. Cancer patients are considered completely recovered if they survive for over five years after diagnosis. >> Full Text

Korea, China Discuss Exclusive Economic Zone at Sea

Korea and China on Tuesday discussed areas where their so-called exclusive economic zones at sea overlap, leading to sometimes bloody clashes between Chinese fishermen and Korean maritime police. >> Full Text

Christmas Movies on Course to Set New Record

Christmas Day is traditionally the busiest day of the year in cinemas, with the audiences tripling compared to the daily average of 450,000. "Silmido," "Avatar," "The Attorney," and "Ode to My Father" are just some of the recent Christmas blockbusters that attracted over 10 million spectators. >> Full Text

Burmese Citizens Given Asylum in Korea

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Japanese Journalist


HankyorehShinmoon (

Household debt outpaces household income by over 1 mil. won in 2015

Average household debt over 43 million won; real estate assets and disposable income show small gains, savings and other financial assets drop slightly

Households are finding themselves increasingly unable to pay back debt, with levels growing faster than income over the past year, a recent report shows.Now households that have taken out loans are spending roughly a quarter of their income on paying them back, according to the findings.

National Police Agency head proposes limits to size of public gatherings

The head of South Korea’s National Police Agency called the gathering of large numbers of people at Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul a “public security threat in and of itself.”NPA commissioner general Kang Sin-myeong also advocated introducing fines for “events where attendance of 5,000 people is reported and tens of thousands of people end up showing up,” .

President Park wishes imprisoned labor leader “good fortune” in New Year’s card

South Korean President Park Geun-hye sent a New Year’s card wishing success and good fortune to Han Sang-gyun, 53, president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU), who is currently in jail.On the morning of Dec. 21, KCTU Secretary General Lee Yeong-ju posted a picture on Facebook of the New Year’s card that Park sent to Han. .

Sewol documentary “Cruel State” sparks ticket donation trend

Buzz about an anonymous individual who watched the documentary “Cruel State” - which documents how families of victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy have lived over the past year - and donated an entire screening of the film has prompted ticket giveaways to be held in Busan and Seoul as well. .

Rival Christian groups agree not to light controversial Christmas tower

“We will not be lighting up the tower at Aegi Peak until the day when we can light it together with the North.”No sooner had the pledge been made by Rev. Kim Young-il, chairman of the Aegi Peak Cross Tower Reconstruction Committee of the conservative-leaning Christian Party, than veteran progressive Christian leader Rev. MunDae-gol fell to his knees in a deep bow.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Universal Studios comes to Korea

The world’s fifth Universal Studios will open in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, as early as 2020. The decision came a decade after a plan to bring the famous theme park to Korea was first floated. The theme park is expected to be popular with domestic Korean customers but also with tourists from neighboring China. A Chinese consortium is participating in the construction...

Heavyweight Kim to ditch NPAD, joinAhn

High-profile lawmakers in the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), including a former chairman, Kim Han-gill…

22 Karen refugees to arrive today

South Korea will permit 22 Karen refugees from Myanmar to enter the country today, the first time it has accepted refugees seeking resettlement in a third country,…

Pangyo will open road for driverless cars

The Gyeonggi government announced that it will build the world’s first road that will allow self-driven or autonomous vehicles to travel in Pangyo…

Concern over conflicting comments from nominee

Conflicting remarks by the finance minister nominee, Yoo Il-ho, on the housing market and household debt are creating controversy…

For second year, Sonata is nation’s top vehicle

Hyundai Motor’s Sonata sedan will probably be the best-selling car of the year in the domestic market, clinching the No. 1 position for the second consecutive year…

Shake Shack is coming to Korea

Shake Shack, a New York-based global burger chain, will launch in Seoul next year in partnership with Korean bakery giant SPC,…


MaeilKyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

World’s 5th Universal Studios to be built in S. Korea

South Korea will have the world’s fifth Universal Studios in South Korea, following the ones in the United States, Japan, Singapore ...

Samsung Asset Management to set up offshore hedge fund

Samsung Asset Management Co., the largest asset manager in South Korea, is expected to establish a large-scale offshore hedge fund ...

Finance minister nominee vows to maintain current policy directions

The President has honored me with this important task but I also feel under pressure to shoulder the responsibility.” Upon his ...

Hana KEB to complete merger of two banking systems in first half of 2016

South Korea’s KEB Hana Bank will complete integrating the computing systems of the two banks that were united under one roof in ...

Chanel offers up to 50% discount in Korean stores

Chanel S.A. is offering up to 50 percent discounts at its outlets in South Korea in just two months after it cut prices in some of ...

Hotel Lotte goes under fast-track IPO review to ready listing in March

Hotel Lotte Co., the de facto holding company of South Korea’s Lotte Group, on Monday submitted an application for preliminary ...


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Why So Lenient on Kim Moo-sung?

Saenuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung once again stirred controversy. On December 18, while volunteering to deliver coal briquettes, he made a racist remark at a st···

How Much Longer Must We Witness Ad Hoc State Administration and Reshuffles with No Principle?

Yesterday, President Park Geun-hye carried out a cabinet reshuffle, replacing the heads of five ministries including the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and th···

President Park Intervenes in Next Year's Elections Calling for 'Sweeping Changes' and Acts as 'Governor' of Ruling Party Calling for Lawmakers to Pass Bills

President Park Geun-hye is standing at the front line of politics as she celebrates the third anniversary of her presidential victory (Dec. 19). This is indeed ···

The Harsh Economic Reality Does Not Change Because of a Higher Credit Rating

The international credit rating agency Moody's has raised South Korea's credit rating to Aa2, the highest ever. Aa2 is the third highest credit rating ···

Court, 'No Intention to Slander President Park with False Information'

"It was not appropriate for the defendant (Tatsuya Kato) to caricature an individual with an article. However, since we are a democratic nation, the freedom of···

[U.S. Raises Base Rate: Impact on South Korean Economy] If Interest Rate Rises and Housing Prices Fall, It Can Impact Household Debt of 1.2 Qn Won

The U.S. has ended the "zero interest rate" era after seven years, and the South Korean economy now faces a new change. The base rate hike was pretty much alr···

No Special Treatment for Chaebol This Time Despite Plea for Mercy Due to Health Issues and Contribution to the Economy

On December 15, the Seoul High Court sentenced Chairman Lee Jay-hyun (55) of CJ Group to two years and six months in prison in a case that was remanded by the S···


The Korea Economic Daily(

Tax Revenue for 10 Months Increases 8.4% from Same Period 2014

The amount of tax revenue collected for the ten-month period from January to October this year has increased by about 15 trillion won from the same period last year. This is largely thanks to a higher revenue balance from the mini-housing boom and an 80-percent hike in tobacco prices in January. Sti...

Major Oil Refiners Set to Achieve Record-high Operating Profit

International oil prices continue to nosedive. The global oil market is shocked by America’s resumption of oil exports and Iran’s decision to increase its output, plus the U.S. Fed’s recent interest rate hike. At the end of last weekend, the per-barrel prices of West Texas Intermediate and Dubai ...

POSCO to Join Forces with Rival ArcelorMittal in Marketing and Tech Development

POSCO will join hands with ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel maker in terms of crude output, in developing new higher value-added products such as cold-rolled automotive steel sheets. According to industry sources on December 22, POSCO and ArcelorMittal have agreed to work together in the are...

Korean Workers' Average Years of Service Reaches 5.6, Shortest among OECD Members

The average number of years of service for Korea's workers turned out to be 5.6 years (as of 2014), the shortest among all 34 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries. The annual number of work hours for Korean workers was 2,057 hours, third longest among OECD members a...

Hyundai Development Wins $85 Mil. Bridge Building Project in Vietnam

Hyundai Development Co. said on December 22 that it has landed a bridge construction deal in Vietnam. This is the third overseas project for the company since it moved out of Korea for the first time in 1992. The latest project, commissioned by Project Management Unit No. 1, a state-run agency under...


AJU Business Daily(

Bank of Korea wary of worsening household balance sheet

[Courtesy of Bank of Korea] The Bank of Korea is wary of the worsening fiscal health of the country’s household sector as household debt soars on increased activity in the housing market. …

Nearly 70% of cancer patients survive more than five years

[Courtesy of Paik Hospital] ? 69.4 percent of Korean people who are initially diagnosed with cancer from 2009~2013, survived or are in good condition to expect at least five years. Accordin…

South Korea’s incoming finance minister calls for structural reforms

Yoo Il-ho, South Korea’s incoming finance minister [Photo by] South Korea’s incoming finance minister said there will be no major shift in economic policies…

Drunk driving kills over 700 a year

[Courtesy of Bucheon District Police Department] ? 3,648 people died from drunk driving related accidents from 2010 until 2014. It’s an average of nearly 730 people killed every year, accordin…

South Korean president says bio-medicine industry to drive future economic growth

Park Geun-hye, the President of Korea [Courtesy of Blue House] ? South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Monday vowed to foster the bio-medicine industry as a key engine of the country’s futur…

South Korea president picks ex-land minister Yoo as new finance minister

Yoo Il-ho, new Minister of Ministry of Strategy and Finance[AJU NEWS DB] ? South Korean President Park Geun-hye named a former land minister as the new finance



Samsung Electronics Does Toll Manufacturing for AMD’s Next Chip

Samsung Electronics secured AMD as its toll manufacturing (foundry) customer for semiconductor chip and will produce AMD¡?s next graphic processing unit (GPU) ...

Samsung Will Use Its Success in Semiconductor Business for Bio Business

Samsung Biologics will try to repeat Samsung¡?s success in semiconductor business in its bio markets. It will try to make $1.70 billion (2 trillion KRW) and $...

Daewoo Information Buys Samsung SDS’ Affiliate Nuri Solution

Daewoo Information System bought Samsung SDS¡? affiliate Nuri Solution that is a financial software (SW) business. By strengthening capabilities in financial ...

Samsung’s ‘Quantum Dot’ Technology Faces against LG’s ‘M ’ Technology with UHD TV Market on the Line

Samsung and LG are going to face each other with different technologies in 2016 with UHD TV markets on the line. Samsung and LG will put out ¡®Quantum Dot¡? and ¡®M ¡? as their main technologies respectively. It is estimated that Samsung Electronics will double the number of supplies of SUHD TV with Quantum Dot technolog...


Special Notices:

Photo shows President Soon-Heung Chang of Handong Global University (fifth from left, front row) with ambassadors and other visiting members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps (SDC), including Ambassador

MmeNatalliaZhylevich of Belraus (dean of the visiting members of the SDC), fourth from left the same row With Ambassador and Mrs. SylvestreKouassi Bile of Cote d’ Ivoire (third and second from left, front row).

And Ambassador Roballo of Argentina (sixth from left, same row) and Ambassadors Mohamed Abdi Gello of Kenya (on the right of the rear row).


“Why not try to change the world?”

Ambassadors, senior diplomats visit Handong Global University in Pohang

Ambassadors NatalliaZhylevich of Belarus, Kouassi Bile of Cote d’Ivoire, Jorge Roballo of Argentina and Mohamed Abdi Gello of Kenya and 20 other senior diplomats, including the charges d’affaires, visited Handong Global University in Pohang City on the Southeast Coast of Korea on Nov. 12, 2015 at the invitation of President Soon-Heung Chang of the University.

The tour, organized by The Korea Post, included also a visit to POSCO and a cruise ride around the harbor of the Pohang City.

The Korea Post has been organizing tours for the ambassadors and other senior members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps for the past 30 years, but it must be said that the one hosted by Handong Global University is one of the most impressive in terms of the interest on the part of the host who met the guests with a true heart and warm welcome.

President Soon-Heung Chang of the University made such an excellent arrangement out of respect and special regard for the distinguished international guests by asking his Vice President Simon Kang(Administrative Affairs) and Professor JinwonAhn (School of Management and Economics) to come all the way from Pohang to Seoul to welcome and escort the ambassadors and other senior diplomats to comfortably visit his University.

The tour of the Handong Global University was a truly memorable one where many outstanding features of the University continuously surprised the visiting ambassadors and the other senior diplomats. For further details, visit:



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