The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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March 21, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, March 21, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post news and Humor from one of the former ambassadors who served in Korea and The Korea Post notice and roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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The Korea Post news:

Pundits see Saenuri winning 50%, Minjoo 32%, People’s Party 12%, Justice Party 6%

Who’ll win in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 13?

By Lee Kyung-sik

Publisher, The Korea Post

The National Assembly general elections are only a little over three weeks away and Korea Gallup has recently disclosed an opinion survey on the prospects of the winning parties on the decisive day of April 13, 2016.

The results of the polls taken on March 15-17 showed the ruling Saenuri Party leading witha 41% victory followed by the Minjoo (Democratic) Party with 20%, the People’s Party with 8% and the Justice Party with 7%. Other surveys also show similar results with slight differences. They roughly average 40% for Saenuri, 25% for Minjoo, 10% for the People’s Party and 5% for the Justice Party. The remaining 20% indicate that they areundecided.

President Park Geun-hye’spopularity rating is not very high these days. However, it is higher than that of  many of her predecessors in the latter half of their tenure of office.

Beginning on March 31, the ruling and opposition political parties start their election campaign.With the undecided 20% hypothetically included in the total number of voters, Saenuri might win 50%, Minjoo32%, People’s Party 12% and Justice Party 6%.

Considering the total 300 seats of the National Assembly, including the comparative representatives of the different parties, the final tally of the assemblymen by the competing parties would be Saenuri 150 seats, Minjoo 96, People’s Party 36 and Justice Party 18.

Both the ruling and opposition political parties are experiencing severe internal strive of the nomination of the candidates for the elections, which would seriously affect the actual results of the elections.

Main opposition Minjoo Party Chairman Kim Jong-in.

He recently got a ‘free-ride ticket #2’ of the Party to enter the National Assembly as a proportional representative member.

President Park Geun-hye is known to be trying to see her ‘own people’ to win the Saenuri Party nomination to run in the elections?as did most of her predecessors, especially former President Lee Myung-bak,who had his ‘own people’ nominated in the past election at the expense of the candidates of the then ruling Hannara Party.

In the latest Saenuri Party nomination for the upcoming elections, former President Lee Myung-bak’srighthand man, Rep. Lee Jae-oh, was dropped from the list of the Saenuri Party candidates.

The main opposition Minjoo Party is also in a similar situation. Many of the influential members of the party, the incumbent Assemblymen, were dropped from the list of the nominees to run in the race and some of them have declared that they would run in their capacity as independent candidates.

Chairman AhnCheol-soo of the second opposition People’s Party. Will he secure 20 seats? That is the ‘big’ question.

The second opposition People’s Party is relatively free from internal strife over the candidate nomination and this poses a measure of obstacle in the prediction of the winning parties in the elections.

So, what would be the actual results of the elections?in spite of the odds?

The decisive battle would be in Seoul and the surrounding areas of the capital zone where there are a total of 122 seats to be shared by the ruling and opposition parties. Traditionally, Seoul and the surrounding zone are the power-seat region of the opposition camp as the more educated population is there and is normally opposition-oriented politically. However, in the upcoming competition, the opposition camp is not necessarily in a very advantageous situation as it is split between the Minjoo Party of Moon Jae-in (now represented by Kim Jong-in), the People’s Party of AhnCheol-soo and the Justice Party of the progressive lady opposition leader Shim Sang-jeong.

Chairperson Shim Sang-jeong of the progressive Justice Party. The party’s chances of winning the Assembly seats are estimated at six to ten.

With the exception of Jeolla provinces, the provincial regions are normally pro-ruling camp, especially the power-seat southeastern region of the Gyeongsang provinces that have a total of 65 seats. The traditionally conservative inland Chungcheong provinces, also friendly with the ruling camp, have a total of 27 seats and the similarly pro-Saenuri northeastern province of Gangwon has a total of eight seats.

The opposition-strong southwestern Jeolla provinces have a total of only 28 seats that have to be shared by the opposition parties of Moon and Ahn.

Exerting a considerable extent of influence on the result of the elections is the people’s support rating of President Park Geun-hye. Recent surveys show that she has 40% supporting her and 45% against, which is pretty high in her favor in view of her predecessors. Perhaps this is why the main opposition party levels its point of attack on the poor economic policies of the Park government instead of downright ‘Change the Government!’ tactics.

Former Chairman Moon Jae-in of the main opposition Minjoo Party. Many Koreans think that he is

still the ‘real’ boss the main opposition party.

Another important factor exerting a great extent of influence on the elections is the voter turnout.

It was 54.2% in the last (19th) National Assembly while it was 46.1% for the preceding 18th-term parliamentary elections. Normally, if the voting rate is high, it favorably affects the opposition camp. This is because the conservative-oriented voters in the 50s and older favor the ruling camp while those in the 20s and 30s support the oppositioncandidates. The old people tend to go to the polls while the young ones would rather go on picnic than to the polling stations.

Rep. Lee Jae-Oh of the ruling Saenuri Party. A prominent pro-Lee Myung-bak conservative statesman, Lee JO was dropped from the list of official Saenuri nominees to run in the upcoming National Assembly elections.

The Saenuri party leaders want to secure a total of 180 seats while the main opposition Minjoo Party insists on winning at least more than 100 seats.

Ahn’s People’s Party must win at least 20 seats to form a parliamentary negotiating body, which, however, does not look very easy at this time.

This is because the 20 seats would entitlethe People’s Party to the 8.5 billion won state subsidy. Otherwise, Ahn would have to be satisfied with only 2.5 billion won given to the parties with less seats.

Former President Lee Myung-bak. His followers in the ruling camp were substantially dropped from the list of nominees for the 20th-erm National Assembly elections. Reports say he did the same to the then main  conservative party leader Park Geun-hye in the previous general elections.


Humor from former Ambassadors in Korea:

The following humor was contributed by a kind-hearted and generous-minded former ambassador to Korea from a Central Asian country:

An article from readers digest

Last night I was sitting in the living room, talking 2 my wife about life.. In-between, we talked about the idea of living or dying. I told her: 'Never let me live in a vegetative state, totally dependent on machines and liquids from a bottle. If you see me in that state I want you to disconnect all the connections that are keeping me alive, I'd much rather die.'

My wife got up from the sofa with this real look of admiration towards me proceeded to disconnect the Cable tv, DVD, then the Computer, the Cell Phone, the iPod, and the Xbox, and then went to the bar and threw away all my whisky, rum, Gin, Vodka the Beer from the fridge...

I almost died!!

Moral: Think before you speak. The female brain works on a different wavelength!


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Invitation to the DagjinGijisi Tug-of-War Festival (UNSESCO Cultural Heritage)

Your Excellency:

I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Kim Hong-jang of the Dangin City cordinally invites Your Excellency and Madam to the DangjinGijisi Tug-of-War Festival (UNESCO Cultural Heritagte) on Friday April 8, 2016. The Korea Post organizes the tour at the invitation of Mayor Kim, which also includes a visit to the famed Hyundai Steel Mill.


Schedule follows:

0820 hours Friday April 8, 2016: Meet at Grqand Hyatt Seoul(near Water Fountain)

0830-1100 hours: Move by Limousine Bus to Dangjin by picturesque West Coast Expressway, visiting the Hyundai Steel Plant on the way to Dangjin.

1100-1140 hours: Visit the Gijisi Tug-of-War Museum.

1200-1340 hours: Luncheon hosted by Major and Mrs. Kim Hong-jang of the Dangjin City.

1400-1420 hours: Wear traditional Korean costumes of the King, General and Court ladies.

1430-1640 hours: Have hands-on experience in various local cultural events, including participation in the Gijisi Tug-of-War and Rice wine- and Sake-making.

1700-1830 hours: Move back to  Seoul arriving at Grand Hayatt Seoul by 6:30 p.m.

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik


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A quick roundup of major news stories from Korean media:


Minjoo Chief's No.2 Nomination Causes Controversy

The main opposition party has suffered a setback as its chairman was nominated on the number-two spot in...

Rep. Chin Blames Saenuri as He Joins MPK

Saenuri Supreme Council Members Nominated

MPK Nominates Ex-Saeuri Chin to Seoul District

Seoul: Pyongyang’s Missile Tests Danger Int’l Travel

Study: S. Korea May Suffer Labor Shortage of 9 Million in 2060

Rep. Chin Blames Saenuri as He Joins MPK

Seoul: Pyongyang’s Missile Tests Danger Int’l Travel

Saenuri Supreme Council Members Nominated

Study: S. Korea May Suffer Labor Shortage of 9 Million in 2060

Outlook on S. Korean Economy Falling Amid Gloomy Forecasts on Global Economy

No. of Japanese Tourists to S. Korea Up for First Time Since 2012

RFA: State Security Department Growing Powerful in N. Korea

'N. Korea Requests UNSC Discuss S. Korea-US Drills'

N. Korea Threatens Preemptive Attack at Slightest Sign of Military Action

S. Korea's Household Debts Grows 2nd Fastest Next to China

Obama's New Executive Order Against N. Korea Numbered 13722

4 N. Korean Female Defectors Testify in New York


Yonhap (

400 U.S. troops to deploy to S. Korea as part of force rotation

About 400 U.S. troops will deploy to South Korea later this summer to help deter North Korean aggression, the Department of the Army announced Sunday.

The troops with the 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division will make a rotational deployment to the Asian ally, the department said in a statement.

Number of full-time housewives falls, more elderly women join workforce

The number of full-time housewives is on the decline, notably as women in their 50s and 60s join the workforce to help with household income, state statistics showed Monday.

Actor Song Joong-ki thanks fans on Instagram

Actor Song Joong-ki of the popular KBS 2TV series "Descendants of the Sun" on Monday expressed his gratitude for his fans on Instagram.

Son Yeon-jae marks career-high scores in Portugal

South Korean rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae achieved career-high scores in ball and clubs Sunday en route to winning three medals at an International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) competition in Portugal.

Rival parties' approval ratings mixed

The ruling party's approval rating has edged down due to a factional battle over the nominations for next month's parliamentary elections, while the main opposition party gained some support, a poll showed Monday.


The Korea Herald (

Obama arrives in Cuba for what he calls a "historic visit"

Stepping into history, President Barack Obama opened an extraordinary visit to Cuba on Sunday, eager to push decades of...

N.K. leader inspects landing drill against allies

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has inspected an amphibious assault and anti-landing drills in ...

Asylum seekers trapped in long refugee application process

For Milene (not her real name), a 25-year-old asylum seeker from a small country in West Africa...

Private bankers out to lure wealthy expatriates in Korea

Han Seung-woo, a private banker at KB Kookmin Bank, helps three wealthy expatriates manage thei...

Landmarks go dark for 10th Earth Hour

From Sydney‘s Opera House to New York’s Empire State Building and Paris‘s Eiffel tower, landmarks worl...

Work culture

Like in other parts of the world, work culture in Korea has evolved with the passage of time...

All the ills

As political parties are gearing up for the April 13 general election, all the negative aspe...


The Korea Times (

Muslim-friendly policies to boost tourism face Christian backlash

Conservative Christians have stepped up their movement against the government’s Muslim-friendly policies to attract more tourists. About a hundred protesters rallied near Seoul Station, Saturday, with no violence reported.

Las Vegas Sands bets $10,000,000,000 on Korea 

Las Vegas Sands Corp. will push ahead with its plan to build an integrated resort wort... 

Police confirm fifth child killed by parents in three months 

Education and law enforcement authorities faced mounting calls, Saturday, to strengthen monitoring... 

Responding to 'Hell Joseon' 

About three years ago, I defended my thesis on a comparative study of my country, Kenya, and Korea... 

90% of SMEs oppose foreign worker levy 

The government plans to introduce a new levy system, in which all small and medium businesses are ...

Lawmaker sues journalist over college admission accusations

Rep. Na Kyung-won of the ruling Saenuri Party filed a lawsuit Friday against a journalist employed...


DongAIlbo (

Cognac costs $743 at N. K. hotel due to sanctions banning luxury goods export

High-end spirits, which are luxury goods in North Korea, are found to be priced at high levels due to effect of sanctions against…

Korean rice and samgyetang might enter Chinese market next month

Korean rice will be served on tables in Chinese homes in the beginning of next month at the earliest as Chinese customs authority…

New domestic record set at 2016 Seoul International Marathon

Wilson LoyanaeErupe (28, Kenya), who also has Korean name Oh Joo-han meaning "I will run for Korea," opened a new chapter in the…

Han Kang makes Man Booker Prize list with 'The Vegetarian'

“I felt composed and happy as I was nominated with writers that I like.”A Korean novelist Han Kang (aged 46) said with bashful sm…

Why US could not stop China becoming communist in 1945?'

Usually, your enemy's enemy is your friend. However, if your friends are ideally different from one another and yet pretending th…


ChosunIlbo (

N.Korea 'Ready for Another Nuke Test'

North Korea is clearing up and repairing a remote nuclear test site in Punggye-ri, which seems capable of supporting another nuclear test "at any time," according to the website 38 North. Activity has been spotted near the north entrance of the test site, where the last test was carried out. >> Full Text

Passive Smoking Still a Real and Present Danger

More than 600,000 people die each year from various diseases caused by second-hand cigarette smoke. The government has banned smoking in all public facilities, but damage from passive smoking continues. >> Full Text

Young Koreans Change Names to Land Jobs

A growing number of young people are changing their name in a bid to land scarce jobs in a tough employment market. The aim is to make themselves sound more familiar and approachable. >> Full Text

Up to 100,000 N.Koreans Labor Abroad

U.S. Slaps Stringent Sanctions on N.Korea

Korea Ranks a Gloomy 58th on Happiness Index


HankyorehShinmoon (

Temp agencies abuse the law while workers suffer

Several industries now rely on cycle of low-paid workers on short term contracts, with no hope of stability

Seemingly every other building at the intersection in front of Dongam Subway Station in Incheon has at least one temp agency. One ten-story building right next to the station has three. In all, some thirty to forty agencies can be found within a distance of 200 or so meters, their windows and walls plastered with advertisements about “24-hour job-seeker counseling,” “male/female production positions available,” and “semiconductor line assembly work.”

New Platforms and new sources for new Korean cinema : IPTV

For some time, the ancillary market was a declining industry compared to the considerable scale of the Korean film exhibition market and its average of four admissions per person. However, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) not only revived the almost dead ancillary market, but also presented the Korean film industry with a new source of revenue, in addition to what it’s earning from ticket sales in theaters. If the previous ancillary revenue stream relied on theatrical release-to-video/DVD releases, this role has now been taken over by IPTV.

New platforms and new sources for new Korean cinema : web dramas and web movies

Films and TV dramas are reducing their size in order to enter the Internet. Web dramas or web movies are not just a service to offer films and TV dramas through the Internet, but media products specifically made for mobile devices, especially smartphones. Web dramas offered on online mobile platforms such as portal sites, YouTube and various social networks, spread their content into 10-minute episodes, to fit the environment and attention span of mobile users.

New platforms and new sources for new Korean cinema : webtoons

Among the most popular genres in the Korean content market is the webtoon, for which readers scroll down on their monitors or phone screens instead of turning paper pages. Its copyright market is currently very active, and becoming an important source for film content. However, this popular genre was not so successful when it began.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Nuclear test site in North is active

North Korea’s Punggye-ri site in Kilju County, North Hamgyong Province, is active and could be ready for new nuclear tests, according to 38 North, as Pyongyang continues to…

Chin Young climbs on Minjoo’s bandwagon

Chin Young, right, holds hands with Kim Chong-in, the interim leader of the Minjoo Party of Korea, at the press conference…

Korean rice, fish will enter Chinese market

Korea will start exporting rice, cutlassfish and samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) to China as early as June, said the Ministry of Trade…

Adoptee remembers Nancy Reagan with tears

It was five in the morning when Brett Halvorson received an email from a reporter in New York asking whether he could fill out…

North shows off its own exercises

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un supervised large-scale landing and repulsion drills aimed at the South, North Korean state media reported on Sunday…

Jeolla’sShinan gets wider Unesco designation

Shinan County in South Jeolla has received Unesco’s coveted biosphere reserve designation, the Ministry of Environment announced Sunday…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

The Arrogance of the Pro-Parks Making Light of the Public

The arrogance and blind pursuit of power displayed by the pro-Park members of the Saenuri Party have gone too far. The ruling party is suffering internal discor···

Moon Jae-in "Unexpected Profits," AhnCheol-soo "Good Defense," Park Won-soon "Sad Results"

Future opposition candidates for the presidency, Moon Jae-in, former leader of the Minjoo Party of Korea; AhnCheol-soo, co-leader of the People's Party; and P···

Kim Moo-sung and Lee Hahn-koo Collide Head-on over Candidate Nominations

On March 16, Saenuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung said, "The decisions concerning some areas with single candidate recommendations and priority recommendations we···

Elections of the President, Candidate Nominations by the President, and a Country for the President

The Saenuri Party's candidate nominations for the April 13 elections have practically been concluded. The nomination of lawmaker YooSeong-min is yet to be det···

Who Owns the Copyright to the Records of AlphaGo's Game, If There Is Such a Thing?

Can the copyright of the odd moves that artificial intelligence AlphaGo displayed in the matches against Lee Se-dol (9 dan, 34), the order and form of the moves···

[Editorial] Saenuri Party Candidate Nominations: Pro-Parks Survive, While Non-Parks Are Ousted

Non-Park lawmakers of the Saenuri Party have failed, in large numbers, to be nominated as candidates for the upcoming general elections. According to the result···


The Korea Economic Daily (

BOK Likely to Revise Growth Forecast Downward to 2% Level

The Bank of Korea is expected to revise the country's growth forecast for this year downward to the 2-percent level during the next meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee scheduled to be held next month. The downward revision is attributable to the continuing sluggish performance of major economic...

Former Samsung Executives Study Vietnamese for Reemployment

Many of the former executives of Samsung Electronics who retired at the end of last year as part of a downsizing measure are now learning the Vietnamese language. That's because suppliers of Samsung that will move their operations to Vietnam together with Samsung are rehiring them as consultants or ...

No.of Marginal Families Rises to 1.58 Mil.

The number of "marginal households," defined as ones whose financial liabilities are more than their financial assets and their debt service burden exceeds 40 percent of the disposable income, has increased to 1.58 million last year, accounting for 8.5 percent of all households in Korea. Of these, 4...

Busan Maps out Brand Strategy, Targeting Singapore and Hong Kong

SeoByung-soo, Mayor of the Busan metropolitan city government, said, "The competitors of Busan are no longer major cities like Seoul in Korea. Instead, Busan should compete with foreign premier cities like Singapore and Hong Kong by leveraging its strength in marine logistics and finance. Its ultim...

Gov't Backup Focuses on Electric Cars, with PHEVs Being Disregarded

Plug-in hybrid vehicles are being ignored in the Korean car market. As the government's green car policy focuses on electric vehicles, the outlook for the diffusion of plug-in EVs is dim. According to industry sources on March 20, the sales of the Sonata plug-in EV which Hyundai Motor started sellin...


AJU Business Daily(

North Korea's quiet but active push to develop SLBM: 38 North

With global attention chained to Pyongyang's long-range missiles, there has been a quiet but active push to develop a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) in No…

North Korea test-fires medium-range missile

North Korea on Friday test-fired what appears to be a medium-range ballistic missile, days after its leader Kim Jong-un vowed to push for the launch of more rockets c

North Korea sentences U.S. student to 15 years of hard labor

In a move seen to further escalate tension with the United States, North Korea's supreme court has sentenced a detained American student to 15 years’ hard labor after f…

Anxiety grows among residents on front-line island

The wall of a public playground on South Korea’s front-line island of Yeonpyeong shows a hole created by the shelling of North Korea’s artillery in 2010. [photo by Terra production] YEONPYEO…

North Korea pledges more nuclear and missile tests

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has issued an explicit order for the launch of more rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads, state media



Accumulated sales of LG’s Washing Machines Surpasses 150 millions

Accumulated sales of LG¡?s washing machines has surpassed 150 million. After releasing its first domestic washing machine called ¡®Swan (Model name: WP-181)...

Governor Won Hee-ryong Proclaims That Next Year Will Be a Tipping...

Governor Won Hee-ryong is confident that next year will be a tipping point for electric vehicle industry. In just Jeju Island, there will be total of 22,000 el...

Quiz Battle between a Human and South Korean Artificial Intelligence...

It is expected that one will be able to watch a quiz competition between a human and artificial intelligence (AI) program that is developed by South

LGD, JDI, and Foxconn to Compete Against Each Other to Win a Right to Supply OLEDs to Apple

Display businesses are competing each other to win a right to supply OLED panels to Apple for Apple¡?s next iPhone. As Samsung Display was chosen as the Apple¡?s primary partner, competition to becom


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

LG Electronics partners with Bang &Olufsen in OLED TV

South Korea’s leading electronics maker LG Electronics Inc. said Sunday that it has entered a partnership with a Danish-based ...

Korean pharma industry goes global

South Korean pharmaceutical companies are in the spotlight for their achievement in new drug development. In particular, not a ...

Samsung Electro-Mechanics to begin production of dual-camera module

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., a South Korean industrial part maker under Samsung Group, will begin mass production for dual ...

LS Cable & System commercializes superconducting cables that can carry up to

South Korea’s LS Cable & System Ltd. (LS C&S) has emerged as a leader in the global superconductor power market that has been ...

S. Korea’s Pyungwha Pipe succeeds in developing upgraded PVC water pipes

South Korea’s water pipe manufacturer Pyungwha Pipe Industry Inc. said on Thursday that it succeeded in developing and ...

Condom sales surge in S. Korea as couples delay having babies amid slowing

Condom sales have been soaring in South Korea amid the slowing economy that is believed to have led many couples to avoid or ...


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