The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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March 24, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Here are The Korea Post news and The Korea Post notice and roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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The Korea Post news:

The above photo was published by the Korean-language daily HankyorehShinmun this morning on its front page. In the photo, the just-resigned Saenuri Party National Assemblyman YooSeong-min (former ruling party floor leader) waves hand in front of the photo of President Park Geun-hye. It appears that it is one of the file photos but it shows the current situation involving Yu and the President.

Former Floor Leader OyoSong-min of the ruling Seabury Party disclosed late last night that he was leaving the party, against his will in his heart, which is expected to cause a great extent of repercussions on the Korean political arena, especially at this time when the National Assembly elections are not very far. Here are excerpts from the editorials of the English dailies published in Seoul, which give a glimpse into what’s happening in the political circles in Korea today.?Ed.

The Korea Herald

Updated : 2016-03-24 09:27

Three lawmakers of the ruling Saenuri Party quit the party Wednesday to run in next month's parliamentary race as independents, following a factional feud over the candidate selection process.

YooSeong-min, former Saenuri floor leader, announced that he will leave the party after the nomination committee failed to nominate him for the ticket for the April 13 general poll.

"The party showed politics based on anachronism and retaliation," Yoo said at a press conference in his precinct in the central city of Daegu.

Yoo -- originally the key member of the pro-Park Geun-hye faction within the party -- has been under pressure by his colleagues to either drop his election bid or leave the party.

Yoo stepped down as floor leader post in July 2015 after President Park publicly lambasted him for leading negotiations with the main opposition party on the passage of a parliamentary revision bill.

Rep. Lee Jae-oh, a five-term lawmaker and considered an opponent of the pro-Park faction, also officially left the party Wednesday.

Lee, who had failed to receive the party nod, will make an announcement Thursday to run as an independent.

Joo Ho-young, a three-term lawmaker of the ruling party, also said that he will run for a fourth term as an independent after he failed to win the party's nomination.

Candidates will officially register their official bids with the country's election watchdog, the National Election Commission, on Thursday and Friday.

The Saenuri Party has vowed to carry out sweeping reforms in their candidate selection process, which has often been cited as the reason for public distrust of major political parties.

A number of veteran Saenuri lawmakers have since left the party to either run as independents of join the opposition bloc. (Yonhap)

The Korea Times

Updated : 2016-03-24 09:51

Anti-Park lawmaker kicked out of ruling party

Rep. YooSeong-min of the ruling Saenuri Party enters his house in Daegu, Wednesday. He made his first public appearance after eight days amid the party's postponement of nominating him as a candidate in his election district there for the general election on April. 13. / Yonhap

Ruling party makes no decision on former floor leader

Rep. YooSeong-min has left the Saenuri Party to run as an independent candidate in the April 13 general election.

While the party's nominations committee is postponing his nomination for the upcoming race, Yoo announced that he quit the party and run for a parliamentary seat, Wednesday.

"I'm leaving the party for a while. I will run in the election for justice," Yoo said during a press conference. "What the party has done over nominations was not democracy but a shameful and anachronistic political retaliation."

In order to run in the election as an independent, he must leave their party before the candidate registration period starts, according to the Election Law. The National Election Commission accepts registration for two days starting today.

The party's nominations committee controlled by loyalists to President Park Geun-hye has postponed announcing a candidate for Yoo's current constituency, Dong B district in Daegu, increasing pressure on him to leave the party.

Yoo, a former floor leader who is estranged from the President, is the last incumbent lawmaker whose candidacy remains undecided while the committee has almost completed nominations for the election.

"Today is not the last day for our deliberation on the nomination as it could last until March 25. It is the last day only for those who plan to leave the party (to run as an independent candidate)," Lee Hahn-koo, the head of the committee, said earlier that day, daring Yoo to make the first move.

Amid growing speculation on Yoo's departure, party Chairman Rep. Kim Moo-sung strongly urged the committee to nominate him, clashing head-on with Park loyalists.

Kim, a de-facto leader of the party's mainstream, also requested the committee to reconsider the exclusion of some lawmakers including five-term veteran lawmaker Rep. Lee Jae-oh.

"I have clearly delivered my opinion that nominating Yoo is the right decision," Kim told reporters after a Supreme Council meeting held to discuss the situation.

"There was no way for the party leadership to change the situation because the nominations committee kept delaying making a decision," Kim said, denouncing it for worsening the matter.

Kim claimed Yoo's exclusion will impact the party negatively in the April polls during the meeting, Rep. Rhee In-je, a Supreme Council member, said in a media interview, echoing the similar view.

The nominations committee caused repercussions following the release of the latest nominations list last Tuesday, in which most lawmakers close to Rep. Yoo and former President Lee Myung-bak were excluded. The lawmakers denounced the committee, claiming it was pro-Park faction's "political retaliation" against them, and aiming to grab control of the party after the election.

Amid deepening factional conflicts, the committee delayed the nomination of Yoo for over a week, fearing a further backlash. Many Park loyalists failed to win a parliamentary ticket in the primaries held following the controversial nominations, and the party suffered a fall in approval rating according to the recent polls.

Yoo's move prompted additional departures of lawmakers excluded from the nominations.

Rep. Lee Jae-oh and Rep. Joo Ho-young, a three-term lawmaker and former minister of special affairs under the Lee Myung-bak administration, also quit the party, saying they had decided to run as an independent. They were one of the contentious figures excluded from the latest nominations.

The Korea Joongang Daily

Yoo left the Saenuri to run as independent

Mar 25,2016

Rep. YooSeong-min, an adversary of President Park Geun-hye, left the ruling Saenuri Party Wednesday night to run as an independent in the April 13 general election.

Yoo held a press conference in his campaign office in Daegu at 11 p.m. to announce his decision. “The party has failed to show justice, common sense and principle during the nomination process,” Yoo said. “All it showed was embarrassing, anachronistic political retaliation.”

He, then, vowed to return to the party after winning the election, along with his allies who failed to win nominations for their ties to him.

Yoo was once an ally of Park, but the two parted bitterly last year after she publicly condemned Yoo for “politics of betrayal” over a political deal he brokered with the opposition. Yoo resigned from the floor leader post and became an icon of resistance to the president.

After Yoo declared his bid to run in Daegu Dong B for a fourth-term, Park loyalists opposed awarding a nomination to him. They said Yoo has a different ideology and philosophy from the ruling party.

Wednesday was the deadline for Yoo to leave the party and run as an independent because final candidate registration with the National Election Commission starts Thursday. Once the process starts, changing party affiliation is not allowed.

Daegu Dong B District, currently represented by former Saenuri floor leader Rep. Yoo, has been a ticking political time bomb over the past few weeks. The Supreme Council, headed by the party’s Chairman Kim Moo-sung, and the Nomination Committee, chaired by Rep. Lee Han-koo, a key Park ally, tried to avoid making a decision on Yoo’s application run for reelection. The move was largely interpreted as a strategy to squeeze him out of the party.


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0820 hours Friday April 8, 2016: Meet at Grqand Hyatt Seoul(near Water Fountain).

0830-1100 hours: Move by Limousine Bus to Dangjin by picturesque West Coast Expressway, visiting the Hyundai Steel Plant on the way to Dangjin.

1100-1140 hours: Visit the Gijisi Tug-of-War Museum.

1200-1340 hours: Luncheon at the Hyundai Steel Guest House hosted by Major and Mrs. Kim Hong-jang of the Dangjin City.

1400-1420 hours: Wear traditional Korean costumes of the King, General and Court ladies.

1430-1640 hours: Have hands-on experience in various local cultural events, including participation in the Gijisi Tug-of-War and Rice wine- and Sake-making.

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A quick roundup of major news stories from Korean media:


SaenuriEx-Floor Leader Rep. Yoo Leaves Ruling Camp

The Saenuri Party’s former floor leader YooSeong-min has left the ruling party to run in the upcoming general...

N. Korea Claims to Have Improved Ballistic Missile Technologies

KBS’s Hit Drama Surpasses 30 Percent Ratings

Seoul City to Open Disaster Response Command Center

SaenuriEx-Floor Leader Rep. Yoo Leaves Ruling Camp

Park Stresses Importance of Job Creation


AMCHAM Delegation Wraps Up US Trip

KITA: S. Korean Food Products Take China's Market by Storm

Seoul Warns Pyongyang over Threats to Attack President Park

N. Korea Threatens to Remove S. Korean President

KCNA: N. Korean Leader Observed Missile Firings

N. Korea Claims to Have Improved Ballistic Missile Technologies

'New Zealanders Have Positive Sentiments about S. Koreans'

Gov't Requested Revisions over Japanese Books' Description of Sexual Slaves


Yonhap (

N. Korea says it successfully conducted solid-fuel rocket test

North Korea said Thursday it has successfully conducted a solid-fuel rocket test, adding that the accomplishment will boost the country's ballistic rocket capabilities to hit its enemies.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made the comments during his visit to the site of the ground-based test on the rocket engine and its separation, according to the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Korean-Japanese firm Lotte aims to rank 5th in global confectionery market

Lotte Confectionery Co., a key food unit of South Korean retail giant Lotte Group, will enhance cooperation with its Japanese sister company to create synergies in the global snack market, its chief said Thursday, as the two companies have come under a single leadership structure following a succession dispute within the founder's family.

Refiners, chemicals firms forecast to report improved earnings in Q1

South Korea's oil refiners and petrochemicals firms are expected to report solid earnings for the first quarter of the year on the back of higher cracking margins and firm demand for key products, industry sources said Thursday.

Cosmetics industry to launch customized services

Customized cosmetics stores will soon open to allow users to pick the ingredients, colors and fragrances of their choice, government and industry officials said Thursday.

FM expresses deepest condolences to victims of Brussels bombings

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se has expressed his "deepest condolences" to the victims of Tuesday's terrorist bombings in Brussels, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.


The Korea Herald (

Brussels bombers linked to Paris suspect

Two suicide bombers who blew themselves up in Brussels are believed to be brothers who were being sought for links with ...

Samsung emboldened by robust Galaxy S7 sales worldwide

Samsung Electronics’ latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 is enjoying strong sales since its l...

Opposition Chief quells dissenters

Minjoo Party chief Kim Chong-in announced on Wednesday he has decided to stay on for the sake o...

North Korea threatens to attack Cheong WaDae

North Korea on Wednesday threatened military action against the Park Geun-hye administration, s...

Obama visit fuels hopes for change in Cuba

President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba was heavy on symbolism and light on immediate results, but the af...

Migratory birds

In Korean politics, “migratory birds” is a term used to refer to politicians who change th...

Basic dignity

What happened recently at Doosan Corporation Mottrol illustrates how inhumane employers can ...


The Korea Times (

Korea faces rapidly aging population

Korea’s population is aging rapidly and will start to fall from 2030 after peaking at 52 million. In 2040, more than half of Koreans will be older than 52. According to Statistics Korea, Wednesday, Korea’s population stood at 50...

Belgium launches huge manhunt for bombings suspects (photos) 

Powerful bombs struck the Brussels airport and one of the city's subway stations Tuesday (local ti...  Korean airport beefs up security after Brussels bombings

Gov't steps up fight against Zika

The government plans to use travelers’ roaming records to fight infectious diseases like the Zika ...

Korea-France cultural festival opens 

A series of cultural events will celebrate the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomati... 

What foreign tourists want most in Korea? 

Visitors to Korea want most to experience street food, a survey showed Wednesday.

Why young Koreans remain single? 

Six out of 10 unmarried Koreans have given up having a relationship, a survey shows.

N. Korea ratchets up threats 

North Korea threatened to kill President Park Geun-hye, Wednesday, warning that its military was ready to turn Cheong WaDae into a “sea of fire” in retaliati...

'Pyongyang tested SLBM last week' 

North Korea tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) on March 16, two weeks after the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) slapped its latest sanction...

Mirae Asset drops bid for Hyundai Securities 

Mirae Asset Securities said Wednesday that it will not take part in a consortium for a bid for Hyundai Securities.


DongAIlbo (

Kim Jong Un sent state mercenaries to Syrian conflict for foreign cash

Russian news agency TASS has reported that two North Korean military units are fighting in Syria's civil war on the side of Syria…

Samsung C&T wins $ 1.13-bln projects in Southeast Asia for 1 month

Samsung C&T has acquired construction projects worth 1.3 trillion won (1.133 billion U.S. dollars) in Singapore and Malaysia duri…

'Respect for women and minority is key to development of Harvard'

"Respect for differences of gender and race is what made Harvard the way it is today."Judith Singer, the vice-president of Harvar…

Russian media reports N. Korean troops fight on Syrian government’s side

Two North Korean military units are fighting in Syria's civil war on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russian news a…

National Museum holds special exhibition on conservation science

The portrait of JeongGon-soo in official uniform of Joseon Dynasty was once known to have been drawn at the end of the 16th cent…


ChosunIlbo (

N.Korea 'Tests Submarine-Launched Missile'

North Korea conducted a ground ejection test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile last week. The Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday reported that the test "involved a 'pop-up' or 'ejection test' of the developmental SLBM." >> Full Text

Tourism Gains from Middle Eastern Big Spenders

Tourists from the Middle East are becoming big spenders in Korea. The number of visitors from the region doubled from 89,200 in 2010 to 168,300 last year. The surge is mostly due to the popularity of Korean TV soaps in the Middle East. >> Full Text

Apartment Advertisers Return to Celebrity Formula

Apartment advertisers have returned to the tried-and-tested formula of endorsements from celebrities as the market recovers. In the early 2000s top celebrities like actresses Lee Young-ae and Kim Tae-hee and heartthrob Jang Dong-gun regularly modeled for slick apartment brands like Xi and Prugio. >> Full Text

Cold Snap to Linger Until This Weekend

Seoul to Light up More Bridges Over the Han River


HankyorehShinmoon (

University students resisting artificial, government-directed restructuring

Students worried about infringements on academic autonomy and decline in basic disciplines, without measures for job creation

University students are embarking on a coordinated response to restructuring imposed by universities and the Ministry of Education with a focus on “industry demand.”As universities undertake department mergers and shutdowns, cuts to incoming class sizes, and other intensive restructuring to receive support from the ministry‘s PRIME and CORE efforts, many are demanding that the programs be ended or reconsidered - fearing infringements of academic autonomy and a decline in basic disciplines in the humanities, arts, and natural sciences.

Finance Minister’s bizarre comments won’t revive the economy

Yoo Il-ho has been speaking out lately. It’s a different look from his quietness before taking over as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance - or the seemingly scripted responses he gave afterwards. But any attempts to trace his recent statements draw a blank on why he felt compelled to make them.

S. Korea and Japan have highest-level meeting yet on comfort women agreement

Senior officials from South Korea and Japan resumed working-level discussions on implementing the agreement that the two countries reached on Dec. 28 on the issue of the comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army.On Mar. 22, Chung Byung-won, director-general for Northeast Asian Affairs at South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held a meeting with KimihiroIshikane, director-general of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau at Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo.

Former jurist has a hard rebuke for South Korean courts

On Mar. 22, a renowned South Korean jurist sharply criticized the South Korean judiciary. Han Seung-hyeon, 82, former head of South Korea’s Board of Audit and Inspection, said that, under the leadership of Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Sung-tae, the judiciary had been making regressive decisions in cases related to controversial events in the past that reflect excessive deference for the feelings of South Korean President Park Geun-hye.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Yoo left the Saenuri to run as independent

Rep. YooSeong-min, an adversary of President Park Geun-hye, left the ruling Saenuri Party Wednesday night to run as an independent in the April 13 general election…

Minjoo’s identity must be changed: Kim Chong-in

The interim leader of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea confirmed that he would continue in his job…

Attack drill sparks retaliation vow from North

North Korea said Wednesday that its military was ready for a retaliatory battle with President Park Geun-hye…

Big changes ahead for Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is bracing for major changes as it struggles to tackle stagnated growth…

Car-sharing companies fleece clients, says agency

In September 2015, Mr. Kim was using a car-sharing service when the bumper of the vehicle he was driving…

General election means jobs for the nation’s part-timers

Polling agencies are busily recruiting part-timers ahead of the April 13 general election, said Albamon…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Peace on the Korean Peninsula 'If the Government Is Determined to Reunify the Peninsula, There Is No Reason Not to Reopen the Kaesong

The Korean Peninsula, in a cease-fire for 63 years according to international law, is under constant tension as North and South Korea stand in military confront···

Blood Alcohol Content of 0.03% May Be New Standard for Drunk Driving: The Blood Alcohol Level 1 Hour After Drinking 1 Glass of Soju

The police will collect public opinion to tighten the standard for drunk driving to blood alcohol contents of a person after drinking a glass of soju or beer. ···

Pollutants from Yongsan Base Neglected: Pollution in Surrounding Areas Increases 13-Fold

The concentration of the toxic chemical, petroleum hydrocarbons in the groundwater near the U.S. military's Yongsan base in Seoul has increased by almost thirt···

For the Gladiator, the Salaried Worker

The man who named the post-war employment pattern of Japanese businesses "lifetime employment" was U.S. business theorist James Abegglen. In his 1958 book, Th···

[D-23 to Parliamentary Elections: The Minjoo's Controversial Nominations for Proportional Representation] A Number of Candidates with Ambiguous Positions and Moral Faults: Even Party Members Cl

The Minjoo Party of Korea released its list of candidates for proportional representation in the April 13 parliamentary election on March 20, triggering a heate···

[D-23 to Parliamentary Elections: Side Effects of Ruling Party's 'Nomination Massacre'] 'True' Pro-Parks Defeated: Party’s Candidate Race Passes Judgment First

On March 19 and 20, the Saenuri Party announced the candidate nominations of 98 constituencies (92 were decided through the party’s candidate race, 6 through p···


The Korea Economic Daily (

FTC's Large Business Group Designation Needs Overhaul

At 9 am on April 1 every year, the Fair Trade Commission gives out to reporters a thick packet of documents titled "Announcement on the List of Designatees for Large Business Groups Subject to Cross-shareholding Restrictions." This is the official list of firms considered big by the government. The ...

China Eyes Its First 3D NAND Flash Plant

China plans to invest US$24 billion to build its first 3D NAND flash plant in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province in central China, through a private-government project. There have been some cases of acquisitions in which the Chinese government or private companies acquired foreign semiconduct...

Pan Ocean Lands 20 Year Shipping Deal to Carry Iron Ore for Vale

Pan Ocean, Korea's bulk carrier service company, signed an agreement with Vale SA, the Brazilian metals and mining giant, to ship iron ore for the next 20 years. Under the terms of the contract, Pan Ocean will carry 32 million tons of iron ore from the second half of this year to October 2036 from B...

Hanwha Chemical Makes Forays into High Value-added PVC Business

Hanwha Chemical is set to launch CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) business which improves the functionality of existing commoditized petrochemical product PVC. Hanwha announced on March 22 that it has completed a detail design and launched the construction of a CPVC production line with an annu...

Korea Chased Closely by Japan and China Even in High Value-added Ship Area

Korea’s shipbuilding industry is being closely chased by its Japanese and Chinese rivals even in the high value-added ship area which has been regarded as the former's last resort of hope. Korean shipyards have already lost their ground to Chinese rivals in the so-called commoditized ship markets, ...


AJU Business Daily(

North Korea hails solid-fuel rocket engine test

North Korean leader Kim Jon-Un hailed a "successful" solid-fuel engine test that could enhance the power of ballistic rockets capable of dealing a merciless blow

North threatens to attack South Korean president

In one of its most salient threats this year, North Korea warned Wednesday of a direct attack on South Korea

North Korea's new rocket launcher ready for deployment: KCNA

North Korea released video footage showing an imaginary shelling of the offices of US and South Korean presidents Tuesday as state media warned its new, large-caliber

South Korea reports first Zika virus patient

South Korea on Tuesday reported the first case of a patient infected with the mosquito-borne virus during his recent trip to Brazil, but health auth



LG Electronics Releases Ultra Stretch

LG Electronics made an announcement on the 23rd that it will release word¡?s first 86-inch digital signage called ¡®Ultra Stretch¡? with...

Samsung Group’s Presidents Study about Importance of Pure Mathematics afte...

Samsung Group¡?s presidents learned about ¡®pure mathematics¡?. Samsung¡?s group of presidents invited Chair-Professor (Director of Nat...

LG Electronics Introduces Gram 15Mar 23, 2016Share

LG Electronics introduced paper art video on the 22nd that emphasizes

Production Cost of Smartphone AMOLED Is Lower than Production Cost of LCD

Production cost of AMOLED for Smartphones has become lower than production cost of LCD for Smartphones. It is predicted that this year will be a turning point when Smartphone¡?s display panel is conv


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Investors should brace up for upsets in Q1 earnings by key Korean companies

Investors are advised against downside risks in the Korean stock market as first-quarter earnings outlook for blue-chip companies and mainstream exporters turn bleak due to prolonged global economy slump.

Mirae Asset Securities withdraws from acquisition race on Hyundai Securities

Mirae Asset Securities Co., the leading securities firm of South Korea that recently acquired KDB Daewoo Securities Co., has...

E-Mart earnings to improve on brisk sales of warehouse stores, online shopping

E-Mart Inc., a retail unit under South Korean conglomerate Shinsegae Group, is expected to see its earnings improve this year...

LG Electronics releases new commercial-use signage display

South Korea’s tech giant LG Electronics Inc. said on Wednesday it has rolled out its new 86-inch “Ultra Stretch” commercial...

KCC to conduct full-member review on SKT-CJ HelloVision combination

The proposed business combination between SK Telecom Co. and CJ HelloVision Co. will undergo an unusual full-member review by...


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