The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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May 16, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Monday,May 16, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are The KoreaPost notices and a roundup of important headlines from all majorKorean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:


Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

P.S.: 1. To see the desired site, press down the Controlkey and click the blue URL of the media.

2. If received by a person other than the intendedrecipient, please kindly convey the mail to His/Her Excellency.


NewVice Chairman Choe Nam-Suk, Mr.

The Korea Post media now has a new Vice Chairman,Mr. Choi Nam-suk.

He is an English major at Korea’s top university,the Seoul National University, who has just become full-time Vice Chairman of The Korea Post

His resume follows:

Name in Full: Choe Nam-Suk, Mr.

Date of Birth: January 4, 1949

Education: Seoul National University (Major:English & English Literature)

Military Service: Foreign Liaison Officer (1stLieutenant) Headquarter Office, ROK Air Force

Major Social Career:

1984-1989: Account Director, Oricom MarketingCommunications Agency

1990-1994: Director in Charge of Public Relations,Halla Business Group

1995-2000: Vice President, Int'l Affairs, IksanAdvertising Group

2002-2014: Executive Director, The Economic Report

2016-to date: ViceChairman, The Korea Post MediaGroup


Invitation to the Dano Festival and preview of 2018 WinterOlympic Games venues

Your Excellency:

The distance is becoming shorter everyday to the Dano Festival in Gangneung City on the picturesque East Coast onJune 8, 2016. We have already  our invitationto Your Excellency with a solicitation to attend the most interesting Koreanfolk festival.

The schedule is as follows:

0820 hours,Wedensday 8 June 2016: Meet at Grand Hyatt Seoul (near the Water Fountain).

1500 hours:Leave Gangneung for Seoul.

(Full text of Inviation at the end ofthis Report)



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They are published by the five media outlets of The Korea Post,including the Korean-language Internet newspaper, English website and theKorean-language newspaper (

VeryRespectfully Yours



Publisher-Chairmanof The Korea Post


IncludeThe Korea Post chairman in your Kakaotalk partner list for HOT NEWS!

Hispersonal mobile phone number is 010-5201-1740.

ChairmanLee has a lot of up-to-minute hot information to be shared with YourExcellency. Do your esteemed country a favor and bring the two greatcountries closer together using Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post, who owns and operates five print and Internet newsmedia, including, English and Korean-languagenewspaper Use Chairman Lee and hisfive news outlets for the sake of your great country!

Manyambassadors are already Kakaotalk news sharers with Chairman Lee!


Aquick roundup of major news stories from the Korean media today:


ParkReplaces Chief of Staff, Economic Aides

Anchor:President Park Geun-hye has replaced her chief of staff and also appointed herchief economic adviser to a policy coordinator position. Political analysts saythat the president is sending a signal to the parliament that she is ready towork with the opposition parties now that the ruling Saenuri Party lost amajority at the upcoming Assembly, which begins its term later this month.

USHouse Seeks to Investigate N. Korean Involvement in Terrorism

A draft billmandating the U.S. administration to investigate North Korea’s involvement interrorist acts has been submitted to the House of Representatives inWashington.

USHouse Seeks to Investigate N. Korean Involvement in Terrorism

A draft billmandating the U.S. administration to investigate North Korea’s involvement interrorist acts has been submitted to the House of Representatives inWashington.

Gov’tto Keep ‘March for the Beloved’ a Choir Song

RulingParty Welcomes Presidential Office Reshuffle

OppositionParties Criticize Pres. Staff Reshuffle


Yonhap (

TwoS. Korean clubs readying for AFC Champions League knockout stage

Two SouthKorean clubs will be playing at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)Champions League knockout stage on the road this week as they aim to become thefirst South Korean champions since 2012.

S.Korea's foreign currency deposits rise to 5-month high in April

Foreigncurrency deposits at banks in South Korea grew for the second straight month inApril, climbing to a five-month high on an increase in U.S. dollar holdings,central bank data showed Monday.

Dongbu'skey affiliates swing to black after restructuring efforts

Majoraffiliates of the once troubled Dongbu Group have returned to profit after twoyears of restructuring efforts to tackle a liquidity crisis, industry sourcessaid Monday.

S.Korea says Nissan sold emissions-faked cars

South Korea'sgovernment said Monday it will order a recall of hundreds of Nissan vehiclessold in South Korea after it found that the Japanese carmaker had fabricatedemissions results.


The KoreaHerald (

CheongWa Dae names new chief of staff

President ParkGeun-hye on Sunday appointed Lee Won-jong, chairman of the presidentialcommittee on balanced national de...

OLEDiPhone renews competition among display makers

Apple’sadoption of an organic-light emitting diode screen is renewing competitionamong displ...

DSMEto unveil new rescue plan

DaewooShipbuilding & Marine Engineering is planning more intensive self-rescuemeasures to res...

Importedcar market losing steam?

Alarm bellsare ringing in the imported foreign car market that has enjoyed double-digiton-yea...


The KoreaTimes (

Timeto grow out of 'old sectors' 

Four Asianeconomic powerhouses - South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan - arefacing tough times as their economies suffer a protracted slo...

Koreato reopen labor market to Vietnamese workers 

In 2012, Seoulstopped allowing Vietnamese nationals the right to work in the country after alarge number stayed on despite the expiration of their work visa...

BOK,gov't at odds on recapitalization fund 

The Bank ofKorea (BOK) and the government remain divided over details on therecapitalization of state-run banks that need fresh capital in order toreschedu...

One-sixthof NK budget spent on congress: institute 

North Koreaspent about $1 billion (1.2 trillion South Korean won) on the seventh congressof the ruling Workers’ Party, which makes up about one-sixth of the...

Graphicwarnings to be printed on top of cigarette packs 

Tobacco makersshould print graphic images showing the harmful effects of smoking on the upperpart of cigarette packs from December.


Dong AIlbo (

Chemophobiawidespread among mothers of young children

"Chemophobia,"a fear of chemical products in general, is spreading, as the humidifierdisinfectant fiasco is escalating wildly. …

Samsungranks 1st in Q1 smartphone sales in most emerging markets

Samsung rankedfirst in most of smart phone emerging markets for the first quarter of thisyear. On the other hand, Apple, which …

VenezuelanPre. Maduro counters by ‘ordering arrest of entrepreneurs’

VenezuelanPresident Nicol?s Maduro, who is under heavy pressure to resign due to severeeconomic slump, on Saturday ordered his …


Chosun Ilbo (

How Pyongyang's Elite Live Now

North Korea's new elite dress in designer clothes, sipcappuccinos and get plastic surgery, in stark contrast to the meager livingconditions of their compatriots who make less than US$10 a month, theWashington Post reported Sunday.

Reunifications 'Would Cost $1 Trillion'

The costs of Korea's reunification would run to US$1trillion by conservative estimates, the Economist claimed on Saturday. In anarticle titled "What North and South Korea would gain if they werereunified," the British weekly described the cost as"staggering."

Korean Plants to Move as Beijing Cracks Downon Polluters

The Chinese government is relocating factories nearBeijing to combat some of the worst pollution in the world, including someKorean businesses. Officials in Beijing have come up with an action plan todeal with the chronic haze that blankets the city.


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

Captivesof a “clean century”, the legacy of a leper colony

100 yearsafter the opening of a hospital for Hansen’s disease, South Korean governmentstill hasn’t reckoned with the suffering caused

WhiteHouse hasn’t said whether Obama will visit memorial to Koreans in Hiroshima

The WhiteHouse has yet to give a clear answer on whether US President Barack Obama plansto lay flowers at a nearby memorial monument to Korean atomic bomb victimsduring his May 27 visit to Hiroshima Peace Park.During a May 12 meeting withveterans’ group leaders to explain the purpose of Obama’s visit, NationalSecurity Advisor Susan Rice said the stop in Hiroshima was meant “to honor thememory of all who lost their lives during World War II,” National SecurityCouncil spokesperson Ned Price said.

Korean-Germandenied entry for Gwangju massacre anniversary conference

A Germannational of Korean descent who was planning to attend an academic conference onthe 36th anniversary of the Gwangju Democratization Movement was refused entryto South Korea and forced to return to Germany. According to multiple sourcesat the May 18 Memorial Foundation, Lee Jong-hyeon (80, a resident of Duisburg,Germany), a permanent advisor for the German branch of Korean EuropeanSolidarity was not allowed to enter South Korea

Doublestandards in policy paved way for humidifier disinfectant crisis

Last year,Reckitt Benckiser, the UK company that owns Oxy Reckitt Benckiser Korea,achieved the trifecta in corporate social responsibility. After being added tothe Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and the FTSE4Good Index in shortorder, Reckitt Benckiser was a household products leader on the “Global 100”list of the most sustainable corporations selected by the World Economic Forum.

Sewoland Hillsborough: families see common threads in tragedy

Jenni Hicksfolded up her hands right away after meeting Yoon Kyung-hee in the offices ofsolicitors for an association of family members of victims in the 1989Hillsborough disaster. It was 9 am on May 11, and Yun, 44, was in Liverpoolwith two other family members of victims in South Korea’s 2014 Sewol ferrysinking.

AnAustrian grad student riveted by the Sewol tragedy

“I don’tremember his name, but don’t you think that South Korean lawmaker went too farwhen he argued against raising the Sewol ferry?” the woman said. One of thepeople accompanying the Sewol victims’ families during their three-day UK visitfrom May 10 to May 12 was Marlies Gabriele Prinzl, 36, from Austria.


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

Despiteofficial claims, crude still flows from China

While theChinese government claims in official trade figures that it no longer exportsoil to North Korea, a JoongAng Ilbo reporter visited a pipeline facilitylocated in the outskirts of the border city of Dandong and witnessed crude oilbeing loaded into the pipeline for transport across the border…

Leenamed Park’s new chief of staff in reshuffle

President ParkGeun-hye has appointed Lee Won-jong, former head of the Presidential Committeeon Regional Development…

Strikevote over performance-based wage plan

The KoreanFinancial Industry Union announced on Saturday it will go on a full-scalestrike in September…

Koreadebates the ‘right to be forgotten’

The discussionof a “right to be forgotten,” a concept that advocates individuals’ right tohave online content deleted…

Mini-PCsjust became smaller, better, faster

In an age ofpocket-sized computing technology, personal computers (PCs) are getting thinnerand lighter…


The KyunghyangShinmoon (

FrankJannuzi, "Not Right to Link Obama's Visit to Hiroshima with HistoricalIssues of Imperial Japan"

Frank Jannuzi(photo), president of the Mansfield Foundation in the U.S. said on May 10(local time) that President Barack Obama's visit to Hiroshima should no···

Awaywith the Passive Attitude! Prime Minister Hwang Should Tend to the DeathsCaused by Humidifier Sterilizers

On Wednesday,Minister of Environment Yoon Seong-kyu stood before the National Assembly'sEnvironment and Labor Committee and refused to personally apologize t···

UnificationMinistry Previously Announced the Execution of Ri Yong-gil, Now Silent atQuestion of Ri’s Return

The SouthKorean government had officially announced the execution of Ri Yong-gil (61,photo), former chief of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army. B···


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

LoanBalance of Non-banking Financial Institutions Balloons by 23.5 Tril. Won in 3Month

Theoutstanding balance of loans made out by non-banking financial institutions(so-called secondary financial service sector) has increased by 23,537.3billion won during the first quarter of this year. This is the largestquarterly increase in 18 years since the fourth quarter of 1997. This islar... 

S-OilAchieves Two-digit Figure 1Q Operating Profit Ratio

S-Oil, Korea'smajor oil company, has achieved a two-digit figure operating profit ratio inthe first quarter, the highest level among all oil refineries. As recently asthe second half of last year, the company recorded the lowest operating profitratio among the four top oil refiners including SK ...

KiaMotors Launches Mass-production of K3s in Its Mexican Plant

Kia Motors haslaunched the operations of its Mexican assembly plant in 19 months sincebreaking the ground in October 2014. The company said on May 15 that it beganproducing the compact sedan K3 (local model name "Forte") in itsPesquer?aplant in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leo...

DaewooShipbuilding Set to Put Forth Additional Self-rescue Measures

DaewooShipbuilding & Marine Engineering is set to present additional large-scaleself-rescue plans at the end of this month. According to industry sources onMay 15, Daewoo Shipbuilding plans to submit a belt-tightening plan which wouldcontain stronger measures than that of the current self-help p...

Koreans'Credit Card Spending Higher in Overseas Than at Home during May Holidays

During thelast week's golden holiday period, including May 6 which was designated as atemporary holiday, Koreans' credit card spending was higher overseas than athome. According to KB Kookmin Card based on an analysis of the amount of itsindividual customers' credit and debit card usage during ...


AJUBusiness Daily (

PresidentPark risks political stalemate over pro-democracy song 

President ParkGeun-hye faces a possible political stalemate with opposition groups after heradministration refused Monday to designate a pro-democracy song as the anthemfor mem… 

Russianyacht sailing home after being detained in North Korea  

A Russianyacht has been released by North Korea two days after it was held apparently bymistake after participating in an international sailing competition in Sou… 

Drunkenwoman kicks policeman 

A drunkenteenager throws punches and kicks against a policeman in a footage uploadedonto YouTube [Courtesy of Woodie Ah's YouTube channel] A 19-year-old drunkenwoman has been booked for beating a South Korean police officer who tried tosto… 

NorthKorean party cadres rewarded with new LED TVs 

Thousands ofNorth Korea's ruling party cadres have been rewarded with new 45-inch LED(light-emitting diode) TVs as gifts after participating in a rare congress, aSo… 



IntelligenceInformation Industry to Be Promoted as National ICT’s Major Business

Intelligenceinformation industry, which is in charge of artificial intelligence (AI), willbe promoted as national ICT¡?s (Information Communication Technology) majorstrategic industry. To accompli

SamsungElectronics and LG Electronics to Strengthen Their Game Conte...

SamsungElectronics and LG Electronics are focusing on expanding their SmartTV gamecontents. Second round of Smart TV competition has started with competition in...

WooreeLighting to Enter OLED Lighting Markets

WooreeLighting is entering OLED lighting markets and it will be the second SouthKorean business after LG Display to introduce OLED lightings. Wooree Lighting(CEO ...

SKTelecom to Enter Indonesia’s IoT Market

SK Telecom isplanning to enter Indonesia¡?s IoT market. SK Telecom exchanged a MOU withIndonesia¡?s state-run telecommunication business called ...


Maeil BusinessNews Korea ( )

SamsungElectronics ranks 1st in Q1 smartphone sales in most emerging markets

South Korea’stech behemoth Samsung Electronics Co. ranked first in smartphone sales in 14among 15 emerging countries in the first quarter of this year, according toU.S.-based market ...

KiaMotors’ Sportage selling like hot cakes

The newSportage, a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) of South Korea’s automaker KiaMotors Corp., has been selling like hot ...

DSMEto conduct consignment management on Iranian state-run shipbuilder

South Korea’slarge shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. has recentlysigned a business agreement on ...


The Korea Post is at your service.

The Korea Postis 31 years old this year and has 5 media units. They are all at your service.

The KoreaPost, established 31 years ago in 1985, operates five news media outlets, twoin the Korean language and three in English. They are all at your service. Youcan email all your English and Korean press releases and feedback for freepublication to edt@koreapost.comor five media outlets are:

(1) A Koreanprint newspaper (,

(2) A KoreanInternet (,

(3) An EnglishInternet (,

(4) An Englishprint monthly (,and

(5) An Englishe-daily (/rankup_module/rankup_notice/notice_list.html)

Sendyour news releases and feedback:

Sendthe Embassy news releases to edt@koreapost.comforpublication by all its five media units, including one Korean ( one English ( dailies, which are updated real-time.(Call 010-5201-1740 forfurther details.)

The Korea Post now has a new Vice Chairman

Resume of Vice Chairman Choi Nam-sik of The Korea Post

The Korea Post continues to expand its staffstrength, and mostly recently welcome Mr. Choi Nam-suk as its Vice President.He is now secnd in command at The KoreaPost publishing five media units, 3 in English and 2 in the Koreanlanguage. A brief personal resume of Vice Chairman Choi follows:

Name in Full: Choe Nam-Suk (Mr.)

Date of Birth: January 4, 1949

Education: Seoul National University (Major:English & English Literature)

Military Service: Foreign Liaison Officer (1stLieutenant)

Headquarter Office, ROK Air Force

Major Social Career:

1984-1989: Account Director, Oricom Marketing, CommunicationsAgency

1990-1994: Director in Charge of Public Relations,Halla Business Group

1995-2000: Vice President, Int'l Affairs, Iksan, AdvertisingGroup

2002-2014: Executive Director, The EconomicReport, English Economic Monthly

2016: Vice Chairman, The Korea Post Media Group


Invitation tothe Dano Festival and preview of 2018 Winter Olympic Games venues

Your Excellency:

The distance is becoming shorter everyday to the Dano Festival in Gangneung City on the picturesque East Coast onJune 8, 2016. We have already  our invitationto Your Excellency with a solicitation to attend the most interesting Koreanfolk festival.

Favorable response to the invitation is muchstronger than at other festivals. festival korea&biw=1280&bih=900&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwidt5PAp9HMAhWDJZQKHTE6CnAQsAQINw


Please make reservation for Your Excellency andMadam in advance as it is a very, very interesting traditional Korean folkfestival.

Here is re-run of our invitation we have emailedto Your Excellency:

I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that MayorChoi Myung-hee of the Gangneung City of the Gangwon Province cordially invitesYour Excellency and Madam to the Grand Gangneung Dano Festival & Preview of2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung City on Wednesday June 8, 2016.

The Korea Post media fully covers the most importantevent for publication by all its five media units (3 in English and 2 in theKorean language).

Special Note: Each participating country will bebriefly introduced by the June 2016 issue of The Korea Post which will bedelivered to the host in advance of the day of the Tour.

The schedule is as follows:

0820 hours,Wedensday 8 June 2016: Meet at Grand Hyatt Seoul (near the Water Fountain).

0830-1130hours:Move from Seoul to the Sea Mark Hotel in Gangneung City.

1130-1138hours:Brief welcome ceremony, welcome address by Mayor Choi and return address by theDean of the visiting members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps

1138-1140hours:Presentation of Plaque of Appreciation to the Mayor of the Gangneung City.(Plaque of Appreciation to be prepared by TheKorea Post.)

1140-1200hours:Introduction to Dano Festival and Briefing on the Preparation of the 2018Winter Olympic Games

1200-1300hours:Attend luncheon hosted by Mayor and Mrs. Choi Myung-hee

1300-1500hours:Tour of the Olympic Park, attend Dano Festival rites.

1500 hours:Leave Gangneung for Seoul.

(A slight change could occur to the scheduledepending on the traffic situation of the day.)

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik

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