Pyunkang Hospital Hosts briefing on how to avoid COVID-19
Pyunkang Hospital Hosts briefing on how to avoid COVID-19
  • Lee Kyung-sik
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Dr. Suh Hyo-suk of the Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital in Seoul is inviting ambassadors and madams to a briefing on how to ‘beat’ the fast-spreading COVID-19.
He is sure that the highly contagious disease can be brought under control through the use of traditional Korean medicine.

A mask to be presented to each person.
A mask to be presented to each person.

And this was also emphasized by President Nam Chun-hyun of Woosuk University who said, “The deer antlers are used in treating the COIVID cases."
According to an Oriental Medicine News, Akomnews, on May 4, 2020, Director-Doctor Goh Hui-Jeong of Yakchon Miga Oriental Medicine Hospital in Gwacheon City near Seoul, Oriental medicine was effective in controlling and treating patients suffering from the early stage of COVID-19 and also in the latter stage where the patient showed symptoms of cold and fever.
As was briefly mentioned earlier, on Tuesday June 9, Dr. Suh is inviting a number of ambassadors and their spouses to a lecture at EL Tower Hotel in Seoul to present a briefing on how to stay away from COVID-19 that is spreading fast in many countries of the world.
In Korea, the dreaded contagious disease is pretty well under control with only 2.4% mortality rate.

El Tower
El Tower

As of May 26, 2020, a total of 11,225 persons have contracted the disease and of this number only 269 persons died out of the disease.
As of that date, the global fatality rate was 6.27% with a total number of 5.55 million found affected. Of them, 347,836 persons died of the disease.

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