Trot Emperor Na Hoon-a comes back after 15 years
Trot Emperor Na Hoon-a comes back after 15 years
  • Lee Kyung-sik
  • 승인 2020.10.12 15:16
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By Vice President Song Na-Ra 


As if to prove that age is just a number, the performance of a singer in his 70s was intense.

Amazing charisma, stage dominance and heart-warming singing have excited many people, beyond the showmanship generation and region.

Despite the fact that the new COVID-19 was carried out in an untact manner, we could feel the heat intact.

Needless to say, he is "Gahwang (Trot Emperor)"! 


The performance of Singer Na Hoon-a, which was aired on KBS on September 30, set a remarkable 29 percent viewer rating. He sang 29 hit songs and new songs under the theme of hometown stories, love, and life in the concert that lasted for two hours and 40 minutes.

Combining classical music, folk, heavy metal, Korean traditional music, samulnori, etc., it has increased its artistic level beyond trot.

It's been 15 years since he appeared on a show. Na Hoon-a, who prepared the performance for eight months without a penny in performance fee, said that the reason he decided to perform was to comfort the people who were suffering from the COVID-19.

Some of the things he said during the performance made headlines.


Na Hoon-a said he rejected the medal given to artists by the government, saying that the weight of life and the weight of a singer are heavy, but if he wears the state medal on his chest, he can't bear the weight.

Artists should be free. It was a cry about the world's greed for medals and meritorious deeds.

Gentlemen! I'm going to go straight in the future.


It's a great message for those who lose their challenges and ambitions and seek stability and comfort.

By Vice President Song Na-Ra 
By Vice President Song Na-Ra 

Na Hoon-a said he hopes KBS will be broadcast for the people in the middle of his song. I have never seen a king or a president who risked his life because of the people. Who protected this country? Today, he said that you, the people, protected this country.

Na Hoon-a sang her new song, 'Tes Hyeong (Elder brother),' which he wrote and composed. Tess refers to the Greek philosopher Socrates. Socrates, the master of mankind who advocated 'Know yourself'.

"What's wrong with the world? Why is it so hard!" Tess Hyeong! Socrates.

It's a song that asks wise men about questions on life, love, and time.
Socrates' words "Know yourself" come heavy. 


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