Samsung Electronics' brand value makes the first entry to top 5 in the world
Samsung Electronics' brand value makes the first entry to top 5 in the world
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Samsung Electronics' brand value rose to fifth in the world for the first time. The company has solidified its status as one of the top global IT companies after Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Samsung is the only non-U.S. company among the top five.

According to the "100 Global Brands" released by Interbrand, a global brand consulting firm, on Oct. 20, Samsung Electronics' brand value is estimated to be $62.3 billion, the largest ever.

Amid strong performance of IT brands due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, Samsung Electronics also saw its brand value rise by 2 percent from $61.1 billion last year (sixth place).

This is the first time an Asian company has entered the top five estimated by Interbrand since Toyota ranked fifth in 2016.

The company has been recording consistent growth in terms of brand value since starting in 43rd place in 2000 when Interbrand began publishing the Best Global Brands.

Since entering the top 10 with a number nine rank in 2012, Samsung has continued its steady climb, reaching 6th place in 2017 and 5th place in 2020.

Samsung’s move upwards in Interbrand’s list of 100 most valuable brands in the world was backed by the continuous introduction of innovative products and implementation of broad marketing activities on the global stage.

Samsung’s Mobile Communications business has solidified its leadership in the 5G smartphone market and resonated with Generation Z with the Galaxy A series and marketing activities such as the Awesome campaign.

The company also demonstrated continued innovation by creating a new product category with the introduction of the Galaxy Z Flip. In the network business, Samsung has established its position as a leader in 5G, by pioneering new markets and expanding partnerships with businesses in key markets such as the US and Japan.

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