Hanwha Systems unveils air taxi 'Butterfly' model for the first time in Korea
Hanwha Systems unveils air taxi 'Butterfly' model for the first time in Korea
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Hanwha Systems' 'Butterfly' / Courtesy of Hanwha Systems
Hanwha Systems' 'Butterfly' / Courtesy of Hanwha Systems


As the representative of the UAM Team Korea industry, Hanwha Systems participated in the “City, open sky” demonstration flight of drone taxi and the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) system on Nov. 11.

The company introduced the "mock-up" model of its PAV fuselage "Butterfly" for the first time in Korea and abroad, and unveiled innovative technologies and UAM businesses that will lead the UAM industry.

“About 40 experts from UAM Team Korea and drone companies will participate in the project to demonstrate UAM technology and secure stability before commercializing air taxis in 2025,” a company spokesman said.

He said that the demonstration flight was conducted with China's "Ehang 216," which succeeded in a test flight in Austria in April last year. "Hexa" of Lift Aircraft in the U.S. showcased various functions through actual fuselage displays.

It first unveiled its PAV-powered "Butterfly," which is being jointly developed with U.S. OverAir. Hanwha System's Butterfly is an 'Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL)' type and is applied with Tilt Rotor technology with low noise and high efficiency.

In addition, Hanwha Systems introduced the competitiveness of butterfly aircraft and the infrastructure construction project for the operation of the fuselage. Hanwha Systems is planning to build a "verti-hub" at Gimpo Airport, a high-level concept of the urban air traffic terminal "verti-port" where air taxies can take off and land with Korea Airports Corporation.

Kim Yeon-chul, CEO of Hanwha Systems, said, "We are preemptively building a UAM infrastructure that designs control and navigation operation at actual airports for the first time in the world with Korea Airports Corporation."

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