SKT and Amazon seek bilateral cooperation in e-commerce business
SKT and Amazon seek bilateral cooperation in e-commerce business
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SKT Tower
SKT Tower


SK Telecom has joined hands with Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce company, to promote 'cooperation in e-commerce business,' the company said on Nov. 16.

Under the cooperation, 11 Street, a commerce subsidiary of SKT, will also be able to purchase Amazon's products. 11 Street and Amazon plan to reveal details of the service as soon as they are ready to launch.

Also, SK Telecom signed an agreement with Amazon to participate in equity investment in order to innovate its commerce business based on growth on 11 Street. Amazon can be granted the right to buy new shares if certain conditions are met depending on its business performance in the Korean market, including the IPO on 11 Street.

An official of SK Telecom said, "We are pleased that our global hyper-cooperation with Amazon has paid off. We will continue to create synergy in various ICT areas, including Amazon and commerce, and make efforts to revitalize the entire industry."

He said, "11 Street shares our 'customer first' principle and is Korea's leading e-commerce operator," Amazon said. "We look forward to providing a differentiated experience to shop Amazon products through this cooperation."

Noting that 11 Street expects to provide unique purchasing experience to domestic users with Amazon, the company said, "We will make efforts to provide differentiated benefits to users as soon as possible through smooth cooperation with Amazon."

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