LS Group’s third-generation owners promoted to CEOs
LS Group’s third-generation owners promoted to CEOs
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Yesco Holdings CEO Koo Bon-hyuk
Yesco Holdings CEO Koo Bon-hyuk


LS Group held a board of directors’ meeting of each affiliate and promoted Koo Bon-hyuk, vice president of Yesco Holdings, to CEO, and Koo Bon-kyu, vice president of LS Mtron, to CEO and Executive Director Dong Dong-hwi to COO.

The group started the third-generation management system in earnest by deploying the third generation of owners such as Koo Bon-hyuk and Koo Bon-kyu as CEOs.

At the same time, CEOs of major affiliates remained in office in consideration of external uncertainties, seeking stability, a group official said on Nov. 26.

LS Group held a board meeting of its affiliates on Nov. 24 and announced the appointment of its executives effective from January 1 next year. A total of 31 people were promoted this time, including one president, one vice president, 10 executive directors and 13 new directors.

"We conducted the personnel reshuffle with a focus on stable management of the organization without major changes due to the growing economic uncertainty caused by the COvid-19. In particular, we promoted a number of talents in research and development, including overseas projects and digital transformation, to prepare for future growth," an LS official said,

Vice President Koo Bon-hyuk joined LS Cable & System in 2003 after obtaining an MBA at UCLA in the U.S., and went through various programs including LS Management Planning Team, LS Nikko Copper Support Headquarters, Business Headquarters Director, and Future Business Division at Yesco Holdings to strengthen the company's global competitiveness and discover and foster new growth engines in the future.

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