GM Korea union workers vote against 2020 wage deal
GM Korea union workers vote against 2020 wage deal
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GM Korea's Bupyeong Plant
GM Korea's Bupyeong Plant


Unionized workers at GM Korea voted down a tentative wage deal for the year, the company said Tuesday. With the agreement rejected, GM Korea is expected to continue labor-management conflicts for the time being.

The GM Korea branch of the Korean Metal Workers' Union said on Dec. 1 that only 45.1 percent, or 3,322, voted in favor of the tentative agreement on wage and collective bargaining, which involved 7,364 union members. The opposition was 53.8 percent, or 3,965 people, while 77 voted invalid.

Union leaders will meet Dec. 2 to decide what additional or revised demands it will make to the company and whether to hold an industrial action to get their voice heard," a company spokesman said.

Under the tentative agreement, GM Korea offered to provide 4 million won ($3,600) per union worker in performance-based pay and bonuses for the year of 2020 instead of freezing basic salary.

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