Coupang Developer Conference “Reveal 2020” to be held online on Dec. 11
Coupang Developer Conference “Reveal 2020” to be held online on Dec. 11
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Garnering significant interest with over 4,500 registrations; registrations accepted until Dec. 10


Coupang will commence its “Reveal 2020” developer conference on Dec. 11 to share its technology and experiences with developers from outside the company. Over 4,500 people have already registered since Coupang’s first announcement on the conference, showing significant interest in the event.

Reveal 2020 is an event where Coupang developers will share information on the company’s latest technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, as well as their experience and know-how gained during the service development process. They will also share about the challenges they have faced while attempting new things, and the various know-how they have accumulated while overcoming these challenges.

This event will consist of nine total sessions. The presenters will be Coupang developers working in the company’s global offices in Korea, China, and the U.S.

In the first session, Senior Director Tim Schoenharl, who worked at the Amazon head office for eight years to build its supply chain management (SCM) system and joined Coupang in 2015 to lead the SCM Automation team, will present on the company’s demand forecasting system powered by machine learning.

Schoenharl is scheduled to review the machine learning life cycle and discuss the engineering infrastructure supporting the development of machine learning models, as well as the two key infrastructure components that speed up this development process.

Coupang will also discuss its fresh food inventory management. Senior back-end engineer Wu Zonghan is scheduled to explain new methods to predict and respond in advance to the possibilities of fresh food waste.

Data engineer Zhou Yan will present on the methods to reduce server costs and analyze and judge Customer activity using Apache Flink, a real-time streaming data processing engine.

Back-end engineer Alpong Jung will introduce the methods through which Coupang’s logistics systems process products to ensure delivery by the time guaranteed to the Customers. He will also explain in detail the various considerations of Coupang’s Warehousing System team when deciding which technologies to use to solve which problems.

Coupang chief technology officer (CTO) Thuan Pham will also appear as a speaker to give a keynote presentation in a live interview format. Pham is scheduled to discuss topics such as Coupang’s technological strengths and development culture.

Anyone can register to participate for free on the official event website until today (Dec. 10th). The event program, speaker lineup, other events, and additional details can be found on the official website.

Andrew Jeon, the vice president at Coupang heading the development of Rocket Delivery, stated, “We hope that this developer conference will be an opportunity for us to share our knowledge.”


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