‘POSCO aims to be a global top tier of secondary battery business,’ says Chairman Choi
‘POSCO aims to be a global top tier of secondary battery business,’ says Chairman Choi
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POSCO Chairman Choi Jung-woo
POSCO Chairman Choi Jung-woo


“POSCO should focus on nurturing the secondary battery business in 2021 to become a global top tier,” said POSCO Chairman Choi Jung-woo.

Delivering his New Year's address on Jan. 4, Chairman Choi, "The global steel industry has faced changes in mega trends that accelerate new mobility, urbanization, digitalization, de-carbonation and de-globalization."

Stressing the importance of fostering next-generation businesses such as battery materials next year, he said, “POSCO has been expanding its battery material business by increasing its production capacity of anode and cathode materials and preparing for commercial production of a lithium salt lake in Argentina.”

POSCO also established a roadmap for mid- to long-term hydrogen commercialization, which calls for establishing a production system for 500 tons of hydrogen by 2050.

Chairman Choi said, "The secondary battery material business, which is being fostered as a core business of the group, should be strengthened by creating the value chain from raw materials such as lithium, nickel, and graphite to anode and cathode materials. It also should continue to expand its production capacity to become a global top tier."

On the steel business, he mentioned, "It is urgent to secure a new competitive advantage. We need to lay the foundation for multi-core profits and lead the development of multi-materials that are combined with heterogeneous materials."

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