AIA Life launches its first CSR program, ‘Ssuk Ssuk Campaign’
AIA Life launches its first CSR program, ‘Ssuk Ssuk Campaign’
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  • 승인 2021.03.16 17:00
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AIA Life, led by CEO Peter Chung, will carry out CSR programs linked to its health and wellness platform AIA Vitality, currently the No.1 health and wellness platform in Korea, the company said on March 16.

The first such program is ‘Ssuk Ssuk Campaign’, which ties individual health improvement activities by AIA Vitality members to donations in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables for underserved children.

Built on the idea of shared value, which is a key component and driver of AIA Vitality, this campaign enables individuals to take meaningful steps to improve their health while also making a positive impact on society as a whole.

Last year, AIA Life organized and funded a healthy meal box delivery program called 'Ssuk Ssuk Dosirak' for underserved children. A total of 100 families (185 children) benefited from the program.

This year’s 'Ssuk Ssuk Campaign' builds on last year's program but is also unique in that it goes beyond a company donation to involve direct participation by customers. It is the first of various customer-focused CSR programs the company plans to carry out in conjunction with AIA Vitality.

“We are very excited to partner with our customers and give individuals an opportunity to be a part of larger efforts to build a healthier society,” said AIA Life CEO Peter Chung.

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