"Our country, the Republic of Korea: Is she really alright?”
"Our country, the Republic of Korea: Is she really alright?”
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A contribution by Mayor Cho Gwang-han of the Namyangju City

The citizens of the Namyangju City have given me the honorable post, the mayorship of the Namyangju City.

I have a task which I consider to be all but my ‘fate’ and it is the task that I should do my level best to make the Republic of Korea a strong country and a wealth nation.

A strong country and people of wealth!

It is the political hope and goal that I pursue.

Powerful countries have certain advantages. How and why did they become a powerful country with a wealthy people?

Mayor Cho Gwang-han of the Namyangju City
Mayor Cho Gwang-han of the Namyangju City

Why has Korea not been able to become a powerful country with rich people?

Why has Korea been subjected to many terrible invasions?

If you pick the most shameful incidents in the history of the Korean peninsula, they include Imjin Waeran (Japan’s Hideyoshi Invasion of Korea), Byeongjahoran (China’s Invasion of Korea), and Gyeongsulgukchi (Annexation of Korea to Japan in 1910).

The 7-year war started by Japan in 1592 is called among Koreans ‘Imjin Waeran’ (Japanese Invasion of Korea). When the war broke out, King Seonjo of Korea fled to Euiju (now in North Korea).

The torment and sufferings of the people were beyond description.

Without the famous Korean hero, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the Joseon Dynasty of Korea might have collapsed altogether.

Without Korean hero, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the Joseon Dynasty of Korea might have collapsed altogether.
Without Korean hero, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the Joseon Dynasty of Korea might have collapsed altogether.

Before the war, the population of the Korean peninsula was about 11 million.

Though there is no clear record concerning the actual situation, it is said that the opinions at the court were divided. Nearly 10% of one million people were known to have died and some 100,000 others were taken prisoners.

A lot of people died of starvation, and there are reports that people even ate human flesh. The terrible tragedy cannot be expressed in words.

Thus, Korea has had all sorts of trials and hardships.

It is very important for the Korean people to chose a right person to lead their country properly.

Korea has less than one year to go before electing a new President.

Much depends on what kind of a person we elect as our new President.

One vote of mine can create a miracle.

We should try to correctly assess various aspects of the Presidential candidates to choose the really right one. This is because our future is predicated upon the one we select for our country.
I eagerly plead with you.

We should try to do justice to what is right!

We must try to do full justice to what is right!


About Namyangju City:

Starting with a tenure as the 7th elected mayor, I myself and all the people at the Namjangju City are working hard to lay the foundation for a self-sufficient green city centered on culture and economy which is well-equipped with four prerequisite conditions for a city--job opportunities, transport system, housing and cultural art facilities.
Firstly, the site for the 3rd New City was elected in December 2018 and a preliminary feasibility study for GTX-B, Great Train eXpress Line B, passed the advisory council of a relevant ministry in August 2019. Accordingly, the passage became the cornerstone of the upcoming Great Train eXpress revolution.
Secondly, the city became an exemplary municipality by returning rivers and valleys to residents, because in the past most of rivers and valleys in Korea had been monopolized by a few entities under the name of river and creeks purification projects. Furthermore, the city has been building more welfare infrastructure for urban circular buses, innovative public libraries and youth start-up campuses.
Thirdly, the city has been holding various events such as DASAN Culture Festival and Humanities Festival to promote the history of Namjangju. For DASAN Culture Festival, its aim is to succeed the spirit of Jeong Yak-Yong, one of the greatest thinkers of the later Joseon period, whose renowned saying is
新我之舊邦 (sin-ajigubang), which means “I will renew my outdated country.” In addition, the city has been constructing a plaza and an experience center in order to shed new light on Udang six brothers and their dedication to Korean Independence Movement from Japanese colonial rule.
From now on, all city officials including me will work even harder to make Namyangju a complete focus city in the northeastern part of the Seoul metropolitan region.

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