Health Carnation Nursing Hospital pursues 4th Industrial Revolution
Health Carnation Nursing Hospital pursues 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Vice Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee
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Director Noh Dong-hoon

Director Noh Dong-hoon, who runs Healthcare Carnation Nursing Hospital combined with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is pioneering a new stage for the medical community in this era and transforming into a low-cost, high-efficiency market in an era of change.

Health Carnation Nursing Hospital CEO Noh Dong Hoon (right) and Vice-Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee of The Korea Post.
Health Carnation Nursing Hospital CEO Noh Dong Hoon (right) and Vice-Chairperson Cho Kyung-hee of The Korea Post.

1. CEO, please explain the details of the overall business.

After I got a specialist in urology, I opened a carnation nursing hospital with the intention of medical care for the elderly.
I try to practice dignity care with a carnation spirit of gratitude, kindness, and respect.
Nursing hospitals need to take good care of the elderly's body and mind.

Eat well to regain muscle strength, and with proper muscle strength exercise, you have the person lying down to stand up and walk. Next is the treatment of doctors, oriental medicine doctors, and nurses. Patients who are undernourished and dehydrated cannot be cured no matter how good the medicine is. People should eat well, sleep well, and defecate well to be healthy.

People who stay healthy even when they are old are not only physically healthy but also mentally healthy. The relationship with people around you is smooth and has strong emotional support. It's the same if you's in a nursing hospital. So we have grand rounds twice a week, every Wednesday, and Friday at 4 p.m. Doctors, oriental medicine doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, radiologists, and medical recorders greet the elderly. When the staff enters the ward for the grand rounding, the elderly smile.

I started dialysis in patients with chronic kidney failure in 2019. With the development of dialysis machines and medicines, dialysis time has been reduced and patient discomfort has been resolved. However, people who lie down three times a week and get dialysis for four hours a day still suffer. Dialysis patients have a unique complexion of skin. So the doctor put on a mask pack for you. Several mask packs do not improve the skin color, but the patient's facial expression has brightened.

Noh Dong-hoon, CEO of Carnation Health Center
Noh Dong-hoon, CEO of Carnation Health Center

In 2020, cancer ward and cancer outpatient treatment will be started to help cancer patients with chemotherapy. Early screening and medical technology have increased the five-year survival rate of cancer patients. However, when the cancer is first diagnosed, the patient's mind will be broken. All the staff at Carnation Hospital are trying to help cancer patients and help them with their tough anti-cancer treatment.

This is the spirit of Carnation Nursing Hospital.

2. Please briefly explain the contents of digital healthcare.
Artificial intelligence, known as "Alpha," and new technologies such as the Internet of Things, Cloud, and Big Data have changed our lives.

In the past, I diagnosed and treated at a hospital. Digital healthcare is linked to the Internet of Things, wearable devices, smartphones, clouds, big data, artificial intelligence, and collects, integrates, manages, and analyzes personal health information. Personal health information measured once in the hospital and health information measured in everyday life. Which is more accurate. Digital technology helps health care by collecting, integrating, and analyzing vast amounts of patient information that was impossible in the past.

You can check your health status through your usual health data. Then we can predict diseases and prevent predicted diseases. Customized medical care is possible based on the patient's personal health information, and patients also participate in the treatment process. Biologist Leroy Hood said, "IT-BT convergence will facilitate the shift of the healthcare industry paradigm around 4P (Predictive: Predictive, Prevention, Personalized: Customized, Participatory: Expanding Participation)."

However, the medical market cannot accept changes due to lack of awareness, regulation, and storage. Korea has become like Galapagos, a remote island related to digital healthcare.

On the other hand, the digital healthcare market overseas is growing actively. There are dozens of digital healthcare unicorn companies (unlisted, but with a market capitalization of more than $10). But there is no one in Korea. Digital healthcare abroad is growing rapidly.

As time passed, I was worried that the developed overseas digital healthcare would be forced to open domestic medical services. There is a painful past in which Western forces experienced colonies at the end of the Joseon Dynasty because they could not cope properly when they were forced to open ports. I think it is wise to have digital healthcare self-sustaining, protect our health, and further enter the overseas market.

3. Please explain the relationship between the current nursing hospital and digital healthcare.
There are many patients lying in bed at the nursing hospital. When a sensor is attached to the abdomen to detect a bowel signal, the caregiver immediately changes the diaper. After a certain period of time, the pressure sensor is installed to give an alarm to change the body position to prevent pressure ulcers from occurring. Fall sensors are installed to prevent falls and fractures.

There is an air purifier with sensors in the nursing hospital, which purifies harmful air and always maintains a pleasant environment. Adjust lighting, temperature, and humidity to help sleep and help sleep with white noise. I get help by using digital technology that I know but it was difficult to implement.

It is expected that there will be more of these areas in the future.

4. If you have any future business information, please explain it.
After writing my first book, "Digital Healthcare War," I wrote a book called Insomnia (tentative title: Snoring Husband Insomnia Wife) and will be published in mid-June. Because I thought it was important to sleep well, eat well, and defecate well.

This is because more people are unable to sleep due to Corona Blue (depression), as well as those who are hospitalized in nursing hospitals. According to the data from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, the number of people who received insomnia treatment is steadily increasing.

The primary treatment for insomnia is cognitive behavior therapy. It tells patients why they can't sleep and solves bad habits or causes of sleeplessness. But it's hard to get cognitive behavior therapy at a psychiatric clinic. Psychiatrists only use sleeping pills due to health insurance (medical expenses) problems. Short-term insomnia is not properly handled, and after 3 months, it progresses to long-term insomnia. Dependent on sleeping pills, there is a vicious cycle of increasing medication. Sleeping pills help you sleep, but there is no perfect sleeping pill. It's as hard as quitting drinking and smoking.

However, due to the development of digital technology, cognitive behavior therapy can be used as a smartphone app. There is a company that is currently developing technology, and it is expected to be widely distributed if it passes the new medical technology of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.

There are many people with snoring and sleep apnea. There are estimated to be more than 700,000 people nationwide, but there are about 100 sleep polysic testing facilities. The exact diagnostic criteria for snoring and sleep apnea are sleep apnea tests or digital technology to realize snoring and sleep apnea tests with 80% accuracy. I've also lowered the cost a lot. Snoring and sleep apnea will improve the quality of life for those who suffer from inconvenience in their daily lives.

The conditions required for sleep are light (light), temperature, humidity, and sound (noise). Factors such as proper oxygen concentration and phytoncide also help you sleep soundly. We are considering a business that eliminates sleep disturbances and adds conditions to help sleep soundly. There are various products such as bedding, mattresses, pillows, and pajamas, and the actual sleeping industry is growing fast.

There are many cutting-edge technologies in sleeping products. We have a comforter set using natural fish collagen. Skin health is protected by itself. The pillow makes a sound to induce a good night's sleep, which induces a good night's sleep again when you are about to wake up. We have a motion bed. Low frequency shaking induces a good night's sleep, and when sleep apnea is present, the reclining function raises the head to solve sleep apnea.

Based on the two books, I received a proposal from Easy Networks as the head of Digital Healthcare Business. I am thinking about how to manage sleep effectively and scientifically, which is essential for health.

Digital Health Care War written by CEO Noh Dong-hoon
Digital Health Care War written by CEO Noh Dong-hoon

5. Please introduce your CEO's brief history.
Director of Carnation Nursing Hospital.
Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service Nursing Hospital Adequacy Assessment Committee member.
Office Chief Hospital Response Committee Health Insurance Corporation.
Working-level member of the Korean Hospital Association for Patient Safety
Director of Urology and Insurance.
a regular member of the Korean Dementia Society
Chairman of the Korean Association of Senior Nursing Hospitals in northern Gyeonggi Province and Chairman of the Public Relations Committee.
Policy Director of Nursing Hospital of the Korean Association of Nursing Urology.
Former long-term care insurance rating committee member.
Dongguk University School of Medicine
Dongguk University Urology Specialist at Ilsan Hospital


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