Grand Josun Busan introduces fall-themed ‘Chu-cance’ package
Grand Josun Busan introduces fall-themed ‘Chu-cance’ package
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Delivers ultimate autumn taste for guests to have delightful fall getaways

Grand Josun Busan is launching its new fall-themed ‘Chu-cance (‘Chu’ meaning autumn + Vacation)’ package through Nov. 30 to present all of its visitors with the ultimate autumn taste.

Guests signing up for the ‘Chu-cance’ package will receive limited-quantity travel kit by premium skincare brand Kuoca and Werk Roasters’ drip bag coffee.

Ocean view from Grand Josun Busan's Deluxe Room
Ocean view from Grand Josun Busan's Deluxe Room


Kuoca is a premium cosmetics brand that produces skincare items with natural ingredients while embodying the philosophy of fine-dining. Kuoca skincare products are popular for their natural and organic scents, made by Charles Sommeraed, a renowned French perfume creator often referred to as Picasso of perfume making. The package’s travel kit includes the brand’s high-end toner, serum and cream.

Werk Roasters is Busan-based roaster brand that introduces coffee of various origins to deliver genuine values from producer of the product to its consumers.

The package includes 3 kinds of blended drip bag coffee. ‘Baby’ includes a mix of soft and sweet taste with a hint of sour taste, ‘Peru Amazonas’ boasts of vanilla, caramel and walnut scents and ‘Nicaragua Vista Bella’ contains papaya, pomegranate and roasted almond’s rich taste.

Furthermore, guests registered for the package can use the swimming pool, sauna and fitness free of charge while reveling in the phenomenal Haeundae Beach view. A total of 2 adults and 2 children can use the pool simultaneously whereas for the sauna and fitness, 2 adults at most can enter at the same time.

Grand Josun Busan is located at the entrance of the Haeundae Beach, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the bustling Haeundae Downtown area and its guest rooms and other facilities all come with the exotic vast ocean views, enough to release guests’ stress and further add joy to their remarkable hotel journey.

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