Mapo-gu Mayor Yoo Dong-gyun wins the Grand Prize for Proud Korean People
Mapo-gu Mayor Yoo Dong-gyun wins the Grand Prize for Proud Korean People
  • Joseph Sung
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Mayor Yoo Dong-gyun of Mapo-gu was awarded the Grand Prize for Contribution to Administrative Development at the ‘2021 Proud Korean People Award’ held at the Yonsei University Alumni Center on Nov. 12.

The 'Proud Korean People Award', which marks its 9th anniversary this year, is an event that discovers and awards people who contribute to the development of the country and society with a sense of responsibility and mission in each field.

Mayor Yoo Dong-gyun of Mapo-gu
Mayor Yoo Dong-gyun of Mapo-gu

Mapo-gu Mayor Yoo implemented a housing welfare policy that provides temporary housing and public rental housing to residents who have lost their place due to a sudden crisis through 'MH Mapo Housing', a key pledge project for the 7th term of the election. It was recognized for its achievements in creating an innovative welfare brand that had never been possible before.

The 'Mapo-type Youth Job Development Project' also received high praise as all the participating young people succeeded in finding a job and starting a business.

This is the result of the philosophy of Mayor Yoo who often said, “It is more important to teach youths ‘how to catch a fish’ than give fishes so that they can pursue their dreams in the field they want to work in.”

Mayor Yoo added, “I have worked tirelessly for the past 3 years and 3 months with over 1,400 Mapo-gu officials with the belief that if public officials run, residents are happy.”

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