Enzychem Lifesciences transfers technology for pDNA vaccine ZyCoV-D
Enzychem Lifesciences transfers technology for pDNA vaccine ZyCoV-D
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  • 승인 2021.12.29 11:25
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Secures the world's first pDNA vaccine technology

Enzychem Lifesciences announced on Dec. 29 that it has begun a technology transfer process for the pDNA vaccine ZyCoV-D of Zydus Cadila in India.

Recently, it secured detailed technical documents including manufacturing processes, raw and subsidiary materials, clinical and non-clinical data from Zydus.

ZyCoV-D is the world's first DNA-based vaccine that was approved for emergency use by the Indian medicines control bureau (DCGI) in August. Unlike conventional vaccines, which were only available for adults over the age of 18, ZyCoV-D can also be used for children over the age of 12.

In particular, it shows good thermal stability, so it can be stored at 2 to 8°C, and can be stored at 25°C for 3 months, which is advantageous for global supply.

Enzychem Lifesciences is pushing for approval procedures for domestic and foreign vaccine supply, including approval for registration in eight Southeast Asian and South American countries, WHO's emergency use registration (EUL) and emergency use approval (EUA) by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

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