“Damyang pursues ‘Future Agriculture’ through changing agricultural policies”
“Damyang pursues ‘Future Agriculture’ through changing agricultural policies”
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Says Governor Choi Hyung-sik of Damyang-gun

By Senior Editorial Writer Kim Hyung-dae

“Damyang-gun in South Jeollanam-do will make strenuous efforts to realize competitive ‘Future Agriculture’ through changing agricultural policies,” said Governor Choi Hyung-sik of the county.

Delivering the New Year address, Gov. Choi said, “With the establishment of Dambit Agricultural Center and the launch of the Agricultural Chamber, the autonomous agricultural administration system has been strengthened. We will also resolve the shortage of local manpower by building a dormitory for foreign workers and operating a manpower support center.”

He also said, “We will create Damyang where everyone is happy with universal welfare. With a systematic quarantine system and preemptive testing, we will begin a step-by-step recovery of daily life, and at the same time maintain a permanent and safe 'Clean Damyang' with equal medical services, customized health programs, and additional vaccinations.

Governor Choi Hyung-sik of Damyang-gun
Governor Choi Hyung-sik of Damyang-gun

Stressing the importance of sustainable development of Damyang-gun, Gov. Choi said, “From the review of administrative procedures, we will establish district unit plans and architectural and landscape guidelines that reflect the ‘Damyang-style’ where culture and ecology live and breathe by preventing unplanned development.

“We will create a classy city by strengthening the design completion standards for energy-saving buildings that are resistant to disasters, infectious diseases, and climate change.”

He also said, “We will overcome the COVID-19 crisis and secure new growth engines by revitalizing the local economy. We will promote customized support policies for small businesses and transform the aging Damyang Market into a cultural tourism market where you can shop, experience and relax in harmony with the surrounding eco-tourism axis.

“We will revitalize the local economy through the completion of the ‘Doran Doran Kiwoomdamso’, the job integration support center, and the employment security network such as support for youth start-ups.”

In addition, he continued to say, “We will create a tourism city where history, culture and art harmonize. We will provide an opportunity to move ‘Damyang Studies’ to the center of Honam Studies, and promote the Damyang History Museum and Pyeonghwa Art Park in earnest to establish regional identity by preserving local cultural assets and establishing a thousand-year-old history.”

To create an ecological garden city where nature and gardens become one, Gov. Choi said, “We will strengthen the eco-city policy and move toward the carbon reduction goal for each sector with the specific implementation strategy of the Damyang Green New Deal in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals.”

“In addition, we will realize resident autonomy and humanities education city that creates future and hope. We are leading other local governments by implementing the ‘rural-type resident autonomy model’ and the nation’s first ‘village self-governing society’.”

Along with this, Gov. Choi added, “We will strengthen cooperation with the local community so that Jeonnam Provincial University can be reborn as a birthplace of talented people, and we will also strengthen the capacity of the people and improve the quality of life by operating the humanities education and traditional garden special zone project and lifelong education program that everyone sympathizes with.”

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