Pernod Ricard Korea Launches the Leader of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Redbreast
Pernod Ricard Korea Launches the Leader of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Redbreast
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‘Redbreast’, which Whiskey aficionados have been waiting for, finally landing in Korea!
Redbreast 12YO, is a true double-cask matured whiskey; independently matured in both bourbon cask and sherry cask for at least 12 years, to give a complex aroma and taste.

Pernod Ricard Korea announces the launch of ‘Redbreast’. This ultra-premium craft Irish Whiskey is the original Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, a production method that is only perfected in Ireland.

‘Single Pot Still’ Whiskey is a unique category from Ireland. It is a method in which both malted barley and barley is distilled using a copper single pot still whiskey. It is a tradition that many others have forsaken, but Redbreast has stubbornly kept on to the craftmanship of the 1800s to maintain its historic high quality and heritage. 

The sweet scent of malted barley and the savory scent of barley are combined, providing a more complex taste and aroma. Also, through triple distilled using a copper single pot still, it boasts an iconic smooth palate.

Redbreast 12YO
Redbreast 12YO

Redbreast, which boasts complex taste and perfect balance, was founded by Walter and Arthur Gilbey, who were both avid bird-watchers. Walter was inspired by the small but brave red breast, and thus named his whiskey distillery after this small red robin. The history of Redbreast, which has become a byword for traditional single pot still Irish whiskey today, has begun.

The first product of the Redbreast brand to be introduced to Korean consumers is their signature product: “Redbreast 12YO”. It is matured independently in both sherry cask and bourbon cask for over 12 years. This gives both a spicy and fruity aroma in perfect balance, and a subtle smokiness on the nose. The smooth and long finish is another characteristic of Redbreast 12YO. 

Redbreast is globally famous amongst whiskey-enthusiasts as the original Irish whiskey, a frontrunner of perhaps the whole whiskey market with its historical importance. The brand is already one of the must-drink whisky brands in many whisky communities around the world, and many enthusiasts have been waiting for it to be officially launched in Korea.

Famous connoisseurs around the world praised Redbreast, saying, ‘This good whiskey cannot remain as a secret forever.’ In addition, renowned whiskey critic and writer, Dave Broom, also expressed his affection for Redbreast, saying, ‘If the ship I'm riding sinks, I'll grab a bottle of Redbreast with my trembling left hand.’

Redbreast boasts a splendid award history recognized for its quality: winning golds in both 2018 and 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and was crowned winner of the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2019. 

Pernod Ricard Korea, for the launch of Redbreast, invited bartenders and aficionados, and hosted a master class at Mobo Bar of JW Marriot Hotel on the 23rd and 24th of September. The master class was hosted by Whiskey Youtuber and Journalist, Cho Seung Eon and Redbreast Brand Ambassador, Ethan Jeong. Guests will be provided a unique experience walking down memory lane of the whiskey industry, the historical significance of Redbreast and an interactive tasting session.

With the launch of the original Single Pot Still Irish whiskey, Redbreast, Korean consumers will be able to meet this iconic whiskey in the following bars: ▲Gil-Un-Gu-Rak-Bu ▲The Booze Cheongdam ▲Malt Bar BARREL ▲Moonriver Bar ▲Bar Musk ▲SOKO Bar ▲ZEST ▲Novotel Ambassador Dongdaemun Hotels&Residences Gourmet Bar ▲JW Marriott Hotel Seoul MOBO Bar, and other malt bars, department stores and liquor stores in Seoul and metropolitan area.


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