South Korea ranks sixth in the global national power, surpassing Japan
South Korea ranks sixth in the global national power, surpassing Japan
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Following the United States. China, Russia, Germany and the Britain

Korea ranked sixth in the global national power in 2022. A survey result showed that Korea was ranked 6th as a result of evaluating global national power. In the same evaluation last year, the Korea’s ranking rose two notches, beating France and Japan.

U.S. news magazine US News reported that Korea ranked 6th in the 'World Power Rankings' category in the '2022 Best Countries' surveyed by BAV Group, an affiliate of VMLY&R, a global marketing and communications company, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Courtesy of U.S. News
Courtesy of U.S. News

In this survey, 17,000 people around the world from 85 countries around the world appraised on 10 factors including adventure, agility, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, mobile population, entrepreneurial openness, national power, quality of life, and social purpose.

In the field of national power, South Korea received good marks, such as ▲ 84 points for favorable exports, 79.8 points for economic impact, 79.1 points for military power, and 66.4 points for international diplomacy. She received a rather low score in political influence (48.6 points) and leadership competency (22.5 points), but placed 6th with a total score of 64.7 points.

The first place in the national power category went to the United States. China, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom took second to fifth places. Japan, which was in 6th place last year, dropped two notches to 8th. France ranked 7th, the same as last year.

The media impressed with Korea's growth and paid attention to Seoul, introducing Seoul as “the location of the headquarters of Samsung, Hyundai and Kia, which represent major exports of technology and automobiles.”

They also assessed that household disposable income has increased in recent years, and that the upper classes in Korea are willing to spend money on “top brand” products.

Korea ranked high in other evaluation categories: ▲Entrepreneurship (6th) ▲Cultural influence (7th) ▲Agility (13th) ▲Mobility (13th). However, she showed low scores in ▲business openness (76th), riskyness (51st), and social purpose (42nd), with a total score of 70.6, ranking 20th in the ‘Best Country’ ranking. In the same survey conducted last year for 78 countries, it ranked 15th.

Switzerland took first place in the ‘Best Country’. Germany and Canada followed in turn. The United States, Sweden, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, France and Denmark were listed in the top 10 countries.

The country with the lowest score was Belarus. In addition, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Serbia were the bottom five countries.

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