Renault Korea Motors ranked No. 1 domestic car in initial quality within 6 months
Renault Korea Motors ranked No. 1 domestic car in initial quality within 6 months
  • Jang Ji-sun
  • 승인 2022.11.10 11:51
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The process is further strengthened through the 7-step inspection process at the Busan plant, which is recognized for its global production quality

Renault Korea Motors announced that it received the best evaluation among domestic cars within six months of purchasing a new car in the results of the 2022 initial quality survey conducted by Consumer Insights.

In the ‘Annual Vehicle Planning Survey’ conducted by Consumer Insights on 100,000 car purchasers every year, Renault Korea Motors ranked first among domestic car brands within six months of purchasing a new car as a result of the initial quality survey. In the evaluation comparing the number of problems per 100 (PPH) for each brand, Renault Korea Motors achieved this result with a score of 85 PPH this year, a 29% improvement from last year's 120 PPH. The lower the PPH number, the smaller the number of problems.


Renault Korea Motors new trim 'SM6 Feel'
Renault Korea Motors new trim 'SM6 Feel'

Renault Korea Motors' major sales models such as QM6, SM6, and XM3 scored particularly high compared to competing models in the evaluation items of body/painting, powertrain, steering, noise, and brakes. To this end, Renault Korea Motors has been conducting customer satisfaction quality campaigns for each stage of new car development, mass production quality, and service quality to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with its products and services since last year.

Renault Korea Motors is in the process of close sharing and collaboration between relevant departments in the quality, R&D, manufacturing, and sales divisions so that problems identified in development, testing, mass production, and service processes can be quickly resolved without omissions.

In particular, the Busan plant, which is receiving the highest level of production quality evaluation in the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, has passed the quality inspection at least 3 times for each stage through the 7-stage inspection process in the production process to prevent vehicles with quality problems from being shipped out. However, the process has been further strengthened to enable customer delivery.

In addition, in order to manage the quality of parts delivered from partner companies, companies with risks are selected and periodically audited. In the case of overseas partners, regular updates are made on the quality of parts and logistics through the Renault Group purchasing system, so that when a problem occurs, the cause can be analyzed and resolved quickly.

Quality Division Manager Baek Joo-hyung of Renault Korea Motors said, “The fact that Renault Korea Motors obtained the best evaluation results is the quality first principle we have consistently pursued (Quality No. 1) and 100% customer satisfaction. It is the result of the united efforts of all executives and employees including the quality department for this purpose.” He continued, “In the case of the recently launched XM3 E-TECH Hybrid, we thoroughly prepared for customers to experience a more perfect quality vehicle by checking all existing customer complaints. Renault Korea Automobile will repay customers for their support by making more efforts so that customers can experience the incomparable quality value of Renault Korea Automobile.”

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