Coffee Liqueur Kahlua to participate in Café Show Seoul 2022
Coffee Liqueur Kahlua to participate in Café Show Seoul 2022
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An Easy-to-enjoy Coffee Life with Kahlua, a Number One Coffee Liqueur Brand!
To Support the expansion of coffee liqueur business opportunities through B2B consulting program that reflect the strengths of versatile and simple products.

‘KAHLUA’ coffee liqueur of Pernod Ricard Korea announced that it will run the ‘K-AFÉ Kahlua’ booth at the 21st Café Show Seoul 2022, scheduled to be held for four days from November 23 to 26 at COEX.

At the expo, Kahlua will offer diverse programs for consumer experience and barista-targeted B2B programs, based on café-at-home trends, simplicity and high usability in coffee cocktails, baking and more. A variety of trendy, Kahlua-interpreted cocktails such as Kahlua affogato, Kahlua cold brew, and Cold brew soda would also be available.

Particularly impressive is the ‘Kahlua Cocktail Session for Baristas’, for baristas new to the world of the liquor business. The session, to run throughout the 4 days of the event, would be a chance to receive consulting from coffee cocktail business experts at the booth on sales plans, recipes and operational know-how applied in actual places of business.

Kahlua to participate in the largest-ever Café Show Seoul 2022
Kahlua to participate in the largest-ever Café Show Seoul 2022

Kahlua is a global number 1 coffee liqueur brand made with 100% Arabica coffee from Veracruz and is cherished by domestic coffee lovers. The brand has been persistently communicating with coffee business insiders, as well as fans of café culture and coffee, through participation in the Café Shows.

"Liqueur category is a fast-growing segment and coffee is part of Korea Culture. There is a business opportunity for baristas to include Kahlua in their venues and Pernod Ricard Korea is here to support on the journey", explains Miguel Pascual, Marketing Director at Pernod Ricard Korea, and said that “Kalua will keep delivering new experiences and exciting collaborations to local café lovers”.

Café Show Seoul is a large-scale coffee-focused exhibition, celebrating its 21st anniversary as the first of its kind in Asia. Being the largest café expo in Asia, expectations are high for this year’s Café Show Seoul themed ‘To the New Era, and a New Start: A Cup of the New World’, to be held on its largest scale yet, presenting new directions and sustainability for the future of the café industry. 

Meanwhile, Kahlua has been conducted the ‘Coffee for Good’ project, that is a sustainability project launched in 2016 in partnership with a local development charity, a Mexican ecological institute, and farming experts in Veracruz, Mexico, the birthplace of the coffee beans used for Kahlua. Kahlua provides systematic environmental, social, and economic support to approximately 500 families in four villages in the mountains of Veracruz.  

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