CEO Sung Rae-eun of Youngone Corp. promoted to vice chairman
CEO Sung Rae-eun of Youngone Corp. promoted to vice chairman
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The second-generation management will begin in earnest.

Youngone Corp. announced on Nov. 29 that it conducted regular personnel reshuffle, including the promotion of CEO Sung Rae-eun to the group's vice chairman.

Vice Chairman Sung Rae-eun is the second daughter of Sung Ki-hak, chairman of Youngone Holdings.

Vice Chairman Sung's promotion came six years after she was promoted to Youngone Holdings president in 2016 and two years after she was promoted to Youngone Corp. CEO in 2020.

Vice Chairman Sung Rae-eun of Youngone Corp.
Vice Chairman Sung Rae-eun of Youngone Corp.

She will also serve as CEO of Youngone Holdings and vice chairman of the Youngone Group.

Vice Chairman Sung graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall, a prestigious private high school in the United States and studied sociology at Stanford University in the U.S.
Since then, she joined Yeongwon Trading in 2002, started as a director of the global compliance and CSR division in 2007, became an executive director, and served as president of sales and management from 2020. In 2016, she served as the CEO of Yeongwon Holdings, a holding company.

Vice Chairman Sung led the establishment of systems and governance that are eligible for global companies, including the introduction of a business continuity management system "BCMS" to ensure sustainable business operation.

In addition, last year, she received an industrial citation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in recognition of her contribution to supplying excellent products to global brands through eco-friendly products and sustainable management and improving the global competitiveness of the domestic textile fashion industry.

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2024, Youngwon Trading seems to have strengthened its "future generation"-oriented management structure with the promotion of Vice Chairman Sung, who focuses on the environment, society, job creation and trust management.

Vice Chairman Sung said, "We have established CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) in Singapore to actively respond to changes in the rapidly changing industrial environment and are making selective investments in eco-friendly materials, automation technology companies, and brands."

Meanwhile, Youngwon Trading operates manufacturing OEM (Domestic Fashion Orderer Trademark-Attached Production) business for famous global outdoor and sports brands.

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