Chunggang Convalescent Hospital, a representative nursing hospital in Gangwon-do for cancer patients
Chunggang Convalescent Hospital, a representative nursing hospital in Gangwon-do for cancer patients
  • By Deputy Editor Sung Jung-wook
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An interview with Chairman Lee Sang-goo and Director Lee Young-bong of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital

By Deputy Editor Sung Jung-wook

"When a person is sick, my heart aches. He or she likes a family. I want to run a hospital with the feeling that anyone who is sick will be given back to society after being cured," said Chairman Lee sang-goo of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital.
Chunggang Convalescent Hospital boasts a natural location that encompasses mountains and rivers.
The location of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital is known to be the most beneficial area for respirators as it is located 500m above sea level, 26-4 Gangrim 3-gil, Jucheongang-ro, Gangrim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do.
It is located in a quiet village with no farming rice paddies and factory sites nearby.

Van Gogh's “Sunflower” work, which has the meaning of the beauty of life that stands up after overcoming death, is one of Director Lee’s favorite art works.
Van Gogh's “Sunflower” work, which has the meaning of the beauty of life that stands up after overcoming death, is one of Director Lee’s favorite art works.

As the seasons change, colorful flowers bloom and whenever you breathe, you can feel clear air with no fine dust, like expensive high-pressure oxygen.
Chairman Lee Sang-goo of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital said, "Where do we go if we are mentally and physically tired and sick? You go to a place where the water is clear and the air is good. The most suitable place is the location of our hospital."
In addition, Chunggang Convalescent Hospital boasts of clean and pleasant facilities built in the summer of 2020.
Chairman Lee said, "There is no steel tower around our hospital where high-voltage lines pass. There is a trail on the mountain behind the hospital, so you can take a walk while breathing fresh air at any time. I want to say that mountain in the back and a river in the front is the best place to see with your eyes."
Of the total 70 beds in Chunggang Convalescent Hospital, only 50 beds are being operated.
The reason is to create a "comfortable space" for cancer patients to focus only on rest. As part of that, only wards with one or two beds are operated.
Director Lee Young-bong of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital said, "The advantage of the internal room of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital is that it feels like staying at my house, and the room is equipped with toilet, refrigerator, closet, desk, chair, and other necessary items for life.

Director Lee Young-bong of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital
Director Lee Young-bong of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital

“The most important consideration is that it uses the most fluffy and comfortable medical memory foam, and even has a function that can adjust the comfortable angle of the bed with one button, even though it is expensive."
Director Lee said, "The cafeteria on the third floor of our hospital is the pride of our hospital. 
 The natural light that comes into the glass of the Tongchang door looks like a bright light of hope, and the spacious space that does not bump even if you shake your hands leisurely provides psychological coolness to patients."
It is not just a place to eat, but also a place to show off culture and food. A beam project is installed on one wall of the restaurant, so video programs are also regularly shown.

Various diseases come from stress.
Stress refers to a negative spirit such as despair, concern, and anxiety. A negative mind creates a neurological substance that is bad for your health.
Bad neurological substances are released throughout the body, inhibiting the function of immune cells.
The function of natural killer cells decreases and the immunity to defend the human body decreases.
Director Lee Young-bong said, "Stress can be seen as the biggest cause of cancer. Ordinary people can relieve their stress in their own way, but patients with cancer maximize extreme mental stress. Therefore, we need to create an environment where we can help patients relieve stress a little bit."

Cafeteria in Chunggang Convalescent Hospital
Cafeteria in Chunggang Convalescent Hospital

There is no time to be bored from the day of admission to Chunggang Convalescent Hospital.
If patients take a walk, eat healthy food, and chat with other patients, they don't know how the day goes.
Director Lee said, "For patients coming to our hospital, we operate a 24-hour shuttle car according to the existing cancer treatment schedule. There is also an outdoor golf course. There is a foot bath and a sauna, so they are exercising to raise their body temperature by 1 degree. We also operate a physical therapy room, where manual therapists administer lymphocyte massage to help the blood flow of patients.
We also have a high-frequency thermal treatment device, which can treat cancer lumps in cancer patients as a target.
Director Lee said "Our hospital's core value is to reduce the side effects of cancer patients and alleviate the aftereffects of radiation therapy. It is most important to secure an immune system that can beat cancer. There are various treatments to activate NK cells.
“We aim to treat patients with customized cancer relief methods, such as high-frequency thermal treatment, mistletoe mistletoe injections, jadaxin injections, vitamin high-dose injections, cytosine injections, selenium injections, and immunotherapy."

Beautiful Bugok Falls in Bugok Valley
Beautiful Bugok Falls in Bugok Valley

Nature adds to nature
Chunggang Convalescent Hospital is located in Gangrim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, which boasts a blessed location.
Although the location was blessed, Chiaksan Mountain, located at the border between Wonju-si and Hoengseong-gun, is also located.
The top of Chiaksan Mountain is Birobong Peak, and the valley created by the confluence of valley water originating from the two major peaks -- Birobong Peak and Hyangnobong Peak-- is Bugok Valley (Falls), located in Bugok-ri, Gangrim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun.
Chairman Lee Sang-goo said, "Bugok Valley in our hospital area is often visited through Wonju, but you have to go into Hoengseong to feel the beauty of Chiaksan Mountain properly. Patients at our hospital go for a walk every day to Hoengseong, which retains a natural scenery that people haven't touched yet."
Bugok Valley has clear water with a clear view of the floor and dense forests that cover the scorching sun even in the middle of the day.
Chairman Lee said, "Bugok Falls is definitely the best in Bugok Valley. 
If you go for a walk every day and stare blankly at the powerful stream of Bugok Falls, all your worries disappear."
In addition, the Jucheon River flowing in front of the hospital provides the best scenery for patients. It is the second tributary of the Han River and is 118 km long.
The stream of the Jucheon River, which flows southeast from Gangrim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, can be seen from the hill of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital.

The lobby of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital
The lobby of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital

Social return is the reason why I live.
The goal of Cheonggang Convalescent Hospital is that nature is our hospital and shelter.
The biggest goal of our hospital is to create an environment that allows patients to stay comfortably like their own home and focus only on recovery.
More than 14 anti-cancer diets are provided according to the patient's individual condition.
A shuttle car is operated so that patients can take a walk on the Chiaksan Dulle-gil every morning. It is perfect for cancer patients who want to heal in nature.
Chairman Lee sang-goo said, "The nursing hospital is a place to recover the body that has been damaged by surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. There's nothing more important than the food you eat in recovery. The diet of cancer patients should be special.
It should be a meal that encompasses a real broken body and mind, not just a hotel-style food that looks good to eat."
Chairman Lee said, "I am also a member of the family who cares for cancer patients, and I know the feelings of patients and their families well. I think that we should want patients to recover and let their families pay less attention.
“We plan to operate the hospital steadily and not neglect the bright and clear hospital culture and the welfare of our employees. I won't miss the reason why I live by being recognized by the community and diversifying social returns.”
Chunggang Convalescent Hospital will give you tips on choosing a nursing hospital.
First, check whether or not you have a proper anti-cancer diet.

A view of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital surrounded by nature
A view of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital surrounded by nature

In order to make anti-cancer rice according to the principle, "12 hours of ripening" is necessary. It often takes a long time and effort, so it is not well followed.
You must make sure that it is not a regular popular diet that looks like an anti-cancer diet.
Chunggang Convalescent Hospital cooks rice with only grain without white rice, so you can eat it without worrying even if you have diabetes.
Second, check if there are rice paddies, fields, and factories around the nursing home.
Nursing hospitals are usually far from the city center, so everyone can think  the air in the hospitals is good.
However, if there are rice fields, pesticides and have a factory nearby, harmful substances are discharged, which can adversely affect your recovery.
Chunggang Convalescent Hospital is located 500~600m above sea level, providing the best air for the respiratory system.
Third, nursing hospitals are forced to have a system based on the convenience of hospital staff because they have to care for numerous patients at the same time.
However, blindly following the schedule set by the hospital when patients are not in good condition can lead to greater stress.
It is also important to manage your schedule flexibly and make sure that it is a place that can help patients even at late hours.
Chunggang Convalescent Hospital avoids personalized schedules for individual patients.

A view of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital
A view of Chunggang Convalescent Hospital

Three promises made by Chunggang Convalescent Hospital to patients
1. Location without fine dust and harmful environment
Located 500 to 600m above sea level, it provides the most beneficial air for health.

2. It provides an anti-cancer diet that brings back appetite.
It provides individual meals for patients and provides mixed grains anti-cancer rice, detox juice, and vegetables every meal.

3. It pushes for patient-centered operation from space to schedule.
It provides patients with an environment and service that can offer peace of mind.

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