A rising singer-songwriter I’MIN from New York City
A rising singer-songwriter I’MIN from New York City
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I’MIN is a rising singer-songwriter from New York City. He made his debut through his first song “Jiving' & Vibin” under the name ‘Minsoo’, and in December of 2020 he changed his name to I’MIN as he put out his first EP ‘NITM’


A singer-songwriter I'MIN from New York City.
A singer-songwriter I'MIN from New York City.

For this upcoming new year he has set the goal for trying to consistently create and share meaningful music for his listeners.

I’MIN is unique in that most of his songs consist of two languages that he is fluent in: Korean and English. His songs give a very peculiar vibe due to the different intonations and emotions the two languages bring.

Q. Since when did you start music and why?

A. I started singing very very young since I can remember. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a singer and joined various musical activities such as choir, marching band, church praise team etc. But not until college did my dream start approaching me in a realistic path; I made youtube covers and uploaded them on youtube and that eventually led me to meet some of my dearly friends who I make music with and also the company I work under: Epidemic Sound

Q. What is I’MIN doing as an artist so far?

A. I’m under a Swedish music company that distributes copyright free music. I collaborate with the company to create amazing songs that lots of people can use for their commercial uses but also listen to them as they do so. Not too many stages so far but it’s all a process to get there. I go back and forth from the states to Korea to get the best experience of both worlds so I’m in high hopes for more bigger opportunities to come knocking on my door.


Q. Who’s your favorite artist, and why?

A. I started loving the genre I do right now when I listened to the song called “See Through” by Zion T. He really inspired me to listen to RnB and Soul music to build who I am right now. But I also cannot exclude the singer Crush, he’s currently the biggest inspiration for me to carry on and has given me lots of hope and made me fall in love with RnB so much more.

Q. What are your most popular songs?

A. It depends on which platform but for Spotify my song “That Kind of Love” is the most famous one and on youtube two of my songs are very trending; “Balloons” and “Lost and Found”


Q. What are your future music plans?

A. Almost all of my songs are pretty much described as “smooth” or “soothing” however, starting this upcoming year of 2023 I’m preparing a lot of different genres that will be quite different from just “smooth” Can’t wait to share these songs to my listeners 

Q. What kind of of an artist do you want to be remembered as?

A. An artist/singer/entertainer that gives hope, consolation, and lastly able to share my lives with others and grow old together.


Q. Any last remarks?

A. As much as I want to be a huge positive ball of energy for people, I’d also want to make sure people are really grooving and enjoying my music. Naturally there’s so much I want to talk about and those stories will unfold rather quickly through some of the songs that will be released in the first half of 2023. I hope my listeners and I can walk this path together and really experience the whole journey with me.

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