CHIVAS of Pernod Ricard Korea Opens 2 Months of 3 Floors Experience Pop Up
CHIVAS of Pernod Ricard Korea Opens 2 Months of 3 Floors Experience Pop Up
  • Lee Kyung-sik
  • 승인 2023.01.11 11:55
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Leading The Best of Korea Street Art & Culture Scene
Under The Name Of ‘CHIVAS REGAL GIL’

CHIVAS, a global whisky icon representing Pernod Ricard Korea, announced on the 11th that it will open its 2 months pop-up store CHIVAS REGAL GIL in Apgujeong Rodeo until the 26th of next month.

In particular, "Find Your Way" was selected as a subtitle with the hope of discovering not only the joy of growing together, but also everyone’s taste and the moment when everyone shines the most.

One of the outstanding parts of this experience pop up is the relay performance of top artists every Friday - Giriboy, Simon Dominic, The Quiett, Justhis, Woo Won-jae, Leellamarz, Paloalto and Don Malik, and more. Street dance workshops are also held every other week. Simmez, Feel Dog, Rian, and Just Jerk, who provide high energy with street mood, will participate. 

Every consumers(above legal drinking age) can visit this pop-up without reservation and entrance fee, but anyone who make a reservation via Naver to get priority to enter. The reservation site easily accessible by searching keywords [CHIVAS POP UP] [CHIVAS REGAL GIL] on Naver. Only music performances, dance workshops, Chivas brand class require Naver booking.

The exterior of the 3 floors pop-up store "CHIVAS REGAL GIL" is decorated with artwork by graphic designer "RAREBIRTH," which is recognized for its unique color and mood and has been working with representative musicians in Korea. It is characterized by using gold, pink, and blue lights, which symbolize Chivas' representative products – CHIVAS XV and 18.

Inside the pop-up store, which consists of a total of three floors, visitors can experience Chivas' brand heritage and various programs. On the first floor, visitors can taste full raged of Chivas whisky, selected cocktails, and popular street food, collaborated with "Drunken Tiger Bar," "Clap Pizza," and "Downtowner," which are attracting attention as ‘must visit sites’ for the MZ generation. In addition, visitors can attend to the Chivas brand and cocktail class after making a reservation on Naver in advance.

On the second floor, visitors can meet the live photo zone that combines the limited edition of Chivas 18 X Lisa and media art. This exhibition zone is prepared to celebrate launching of the limited edition CHIVAS 18 X LISA. The eye-catching design of this collaboration showcases both the brand’s iconoclastic bold nature and heritage. Splashes of bold blue and neon pink feature across the label, completed with the addition of the star’s signature in a striking neon font. LISA’s contemporary influence on the design comes in the form of a detachable 18-karat gold plated logo charm which fans can keep, and the iconic Chivas Luckenbooth is also given a LISA makeover, sharing centre-stage with her trademark star logo across the bottle’s outer box. It can be purchased at CHIVAS REGAL GIL and also available in major hypermarkets, CVS, department stores and liquor stores.

The third floor is decorated with a space where eyes and ears are pleasant, including a beat making booth for making beats that express the representative blend (Chivas 18, Chivas XV, and Chivas 12) by adding every visitor’s own color and a booth for customizing Chivas highball glass. In particular, Arttainer(Art+Entertainer) Feel Dog also hosted a drawing show expressing Chivas' blended whisky to commemorate the opening of the pop-up store. Visitors also can meet the mini showroom of Korea's leading street casual fashion brand "Covernat."

“Chivas Regal Gil Pop-up aims to deliver remarkable experiences to the new generation of Korean consumers who are passionate about, music, fashion and street culture,” said Miguel Pascual, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Korea. “A natural next step after our partnership with Our Brand Ambassador LISA as we continue elevating Chivas to be part of Korean consumers life.”


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