Director Baek Jae-ho sponsors “Indiespace Sharing Seats” campaign
Director Baek Jae-ho sponsors “Indiespace Sharing Seats” campaign
  • By Vice Chairman Song Na-ra
  • 승인 2023.01.30 16:09
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In commemoration of winning the Lee Chun-yeon Film Award

Indiespace, the first private independent movie theater in Korea opened in 2007, is showing a variety of Korean independent films through special exhibitions and screenings, including premiere.
Sponsorship for Sharing Seats adopts a way to engrave sponsor’s name on the seat of the Indiespace theater when sponsoring more than 2 million won.
It is a sponsorship method that has continued steadily from the reopening of Indiespace in 2012 to the present with the interest and affection of audiences, directors, actors, and various film organizations.

Director Baek Jae-ho, winner of the Lee Chun-yeon Film Award (center), poses with judge Shim Jae-myung, CEO of Myung Films (left), and actor Yoo Ji-tae (right)

Director Baek Jae-ho, who won the 1st Lee Chun-yeon Film Award at the Busan International Film Festival in 2022, joined the support of independent films by engraving the plaque in the E13 seat of the Indiespace Theater with the sponsorship of Sharing Seats.
The Busan International Film Festival's Lee Chun-yeon Film Award is of great significance in that it was established to honor the late Chairman Lee Chun-yeon, who contributed greatly to the development of Korean films.
Director Baek Jae-ho, who participated in the production of the movie "Snowball ", was unanimously selected by the judges as the first winner.
He showed his presence by participating as a producer in a number of independent films such as "Jane" and " Moments of Role" and drew attention as he worked in various fields such as actor, director, and standing writer of the indie forum.
It is expected that the sponsorship of the Sharing Seats, which means remembrance and gratitude, will have a positive influence not only on independent films but also on the domestic film industry as a whole.
The filmmakers' moves to support independent films are a reliable support for independent films.


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