Declares President Xi Jinping of Chia “China and Korea are close neighbors, inseparable cooperation partners of each other”
Declares President Xi Jinping of Chia “China and Korea are close neighbors, inseparable cooperation partners of each other”
  • Lee Kyung-sik
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Publisher Lee Kyung-sik with , Chang Chang-sun, Joy Cho

President Xi Jinping said, “The People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea are close neighbors who will always live next to each other and cooperation partners who cannot be separated!”

The two countries shoulder important responsibilities in maintaining peace of the region and promoting prosperity of the world, and they also have broad converging interests.

The Five Gates, the southern gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing. In 1644, the first Manchu to pass through was Shunqi's uncle, Dorgon.
The Five Gates, the southern gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing. In 1644, the first Manchu to pass through was Shunqi's uncle, Dorgon.

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two historically very close countries. What happened over the past three decades shows that the sound and steady development of bilateral relations serves the fundamental interests of both peoples.

China, according to President Xi, is ready to work with the ROK to uphold, consolidate and further develop the bilateral relationship and to provide greater stability for the region and the world. 

Located at the top of the Xishan Mountain, the Huanghe Luo is decorated with large murals and cultural relics on each floor. Outside, there are copper-cast crane sculptures, statue pagodas, pavilions, pavilions, pavilions, and other auxiliary structures.  The exterior of the Huanghuang Temple is covered with more than 100,000 golden glass tiles, and the dazzling colors of the blue sky and white clouds merge together.

On the afternoon of Nov. 15, 2022 local time, President Yoon Suk-yeol of the Republic of Korea and President Xi Jinping of the People’s Reupblic of China met with each other in Bali, Indonesia.

President Xi stressed the need for the two sides to increase strategic communication and political mutual trust. With their economies highly complementary, Korea and China need to enhance alignment of development strategies and work for common development and prosperity.

The Lantern Festival in China is the last day of the 14-day Chinese New Year. It is celebrated on the first full moon of the Chinese New Year.

The two sides need to accelerate negotiations on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement, deepen cooperation in such areas as high-tech manufacturing, big data and green economy, jointly uphold the international free trade system, keep the global industrial and supply chains secure, stable and unclogged, and oppose politicizing economic cooperation or overstretching the concept of security on such cooperation.

China states that she is ready to work with the ROK to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation, scale up communication and coordination at the G20 and other fora, jointly practice true multilateralism and safeguard overall peace and stability in the region. 

Shanghai Sunkeng Hotel. From the official website of Simao Group

President Yoon expressed readiness to take the 30th anniversary of ROK-China relations as an opportunity to develop a mature relationship based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, which is in the common interests of both countries.

The ROK hopes to maintain interactions with China on various levels, step up people-to-people exchanges, enhance friendship between the two peoples, uphold the free trade system and jointly tackle global challenges.

Leading Chinese figures such as Ding Xuexiang, Wang Yi and He Lifeng were present at the meeting of Presidents Yoon and Wang.

Korea and China are historically, geographical, and emotionally very special countries in the world, both having closest and longest relationship, friendship and win-win cooperation.

The two peoples used to call each other ‘Brother’ and their countries Hyeongjeguk (兄弟國). And the two ‘brother’ countries have much more for further increased win-win cooperation between them in the economic, political, social, cultural and various other areas.

Over the past 31 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations on August 24, 1992, economic cooperation, including trade, investment, and tourism, has driven the growth and development of bilateral relations.

People-to-people exchanges in all walks of life have also strengthened bilateral relations.

First and foremost, Korea will strive for stable communication between the two countries, as close and sincere communication at all levels is the key to maintaining and developing stable bilateral relations.

Second, Korea will strive for the internalization of the relations. Korea will expand her common interests with China, a major partner in the region, and strengthen cooperation on various issues, thereby contributing to regional stability and global peace and prosperity.

Third, Korea will try to improve mutual recognition between the two peoples. On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and China, Korea will promote the spirit of friendship between our two peoples to create a foundation for more forward-looking cooperation.

Fourth, Korea will do her utmost to support the activities of overseas Koreans and her businesses. To address the difficulties faced by the Korean people and businesses due to the Coronavirus, Korea will review her support system for overseas Koreans and businesses, and listen to their opinions more frequently.

There are many Chinese people living in Seoul and various other parts of the country actively contributing to the promotion of relations, cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

Among them are the Chinese journalists living in Korea covering Korea and China through their media. 

They often take part in the Diplomat Tours organized for the Ambassadors and their spouses, contributing to the promotion of relations between Korea, China and many other countries diplomatically represented in Korea.

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