Ballantine’s iconic 21 Year Old blend is exclusively released at duty-free shops
Ballantine’s iconic 21 Year Old blend is exclusively released at duty-free shops
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- Noh Sangho has created a magnificent bespoke painting entitled “The Great Chapbook – Time Well Spent”

(August 8th 2023) Pernod Ricard Hong Kong Limited has unveiled Ballantine’s 21YO Artist Edition in collaboration with celebrated Korean artist Noh Sangho exclusively in Global Travel Retail across the APAC region.

This artist edition is rooted in the campaign slogan of Ballantine’s, "Time Well Spent," which emphasizes the importance of time. Artist Noh Sang-ho created a special art work titled “The Great Chapbook – Time Well Spent”, and the art work has covered on the front of the bottle and package of the ‘Ballantine’s 21YO Artist Edition’.

Image_Valentine 21-year-old artist edition
Image_Valentine 21-year-old artist edition

As well as his own experiences, Noh Sangho is known to gather many artistic ideas from the digital world – finding inspiration in the ordinary and transforming every day images into his bold style. The pieces portray colourful and dynamic scenes of groups of people enjoying different activities in a vast outdoor scene, filled with natural elements and varying colours to indicate the changing light of the day.

Commenting on his work for this partnership, Noh Sangho says “When Ballantine’s introduced me to its “Time Well Spent” ethos, it was a concept that deeply resonated with me and reminded me of many happy memories enjoying time with my loved ones. I painted people doing things that they love and expressed the deepening of time whilst enjoying each other’s company, using different colours and accents. This correlates with my creative process; drawing objects, moments and people that I have encountered every day for the past 10 years.”

Ballantine's Master Blender Sandy Hyslop also took great care in blending this product. Sandy Hyslop is one of only five master blenders in the 195-year history of Ballantine's, and he was inspired by the precious time he experienced to complete the complex flavor of ‘Ballantine's 21 YO'. Expertly blended by Sandy Hyslop, Ballantine’s’ 21 Year Old expression is a remarkable blend, perfectly balanced with notes of rich liquorice and aromatic spice, an indulgent mix of honey, with sweet hints of apple and floral aromas.

Liya Zhang, Vice President of Marketing, Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail, said, "Ballantine’s’ 21 Year Old is a beautiful product born from the meeting of two arts: whisky and art” and “The label and packaging which have been designed by Noh Sangho for the 21 YO blend perfectly align with the brand’s rich heritage and as it’s the perfect bottle for both collectors and gifting occasions.”

The Ballantine’s 21 Year Old Artist Edition in collaboration with Noh Sangho is available exclusively in Global Travel Retail across the APAC region.

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