Pernod Ricard Korea unveils Irish whiskey Jameson’s “Distillery on Tour” and Jameson x Dickies limited-edition bottle
Pernod Ricard Korea unveils Irish whiskey Jameson’s “Distillery on Tour” and Jameson x Dickies limited-edition bottle
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Pernod Ricard Korea will open a pop-up inspired by the Jameson Distillery in Dublin at the Lotte World Mall in Seoul.

[August 9, 2023] Pernod Ricard Korea announced that it will open its world’s No. 1 Irish whisky Jameson ‘Distillery on Tour,’ a pop-up space recreating the essence of the Jameson Distillery in Dublin. The pop-up will run until August 23 in the atrium on the first floor of Seoul’s landmark Lotte World Mall.

Distillery on Tour’ will help visitors feel like they are actually visiting the Jameson Distillery in Dublin. It features a variety of experience zones that allow people to deeply connect with the brand.

For example, there will be a ‘distillery tour program’ to allow guests to experience Jameson’s heritage, brand story, and product tasting. Furthermore, a Jameson cocktail class will be held to help people master three Jameson signature cocktails.

In addition, people can savor special Jameson x Dickies cocktails along with signature Jameson cocktails, such as Jameson Ginger and Lime and Jameson Black Barrel on the Rocks at the Jameson Highball Bar that celebrates the whisky highball trend gaining momentum among consumers in their 20s and 30s.

The pop-up will showcase a limited edition ‘Craft Together’ created in collaboration with the global workwear brand Dickies, which is enjoying immense popularity among Millennials and Gen Z adults. The limited edition ideally reflects the DNA of the two brands, which are both rooted in craftsmanship, by featuring Jameson’s iconic Barrelman icon and a label reminiscent of Dickies’ denimwear.

Consumers (aged 19 and above) who purchase the Jameson x Dickies limited edition during the pop-up period will be offered a Jameson x Dickies collaboration tote bag. In addition, a bottle engraving service will be available for consumers who wish to create their own personalized Jameson bottle.

Jameson x Dickies zone will showcase a range of exciting events and experience programs along with fashion items produced as part of the Jameson-Dickies collaboration. In addition, the ‘360-degree oak barrel photo booth’ installed inside a giant Jameson oak barrel provides a perfectly Instagramable spot. A lucky draw event will be held giving away Jameson x Dickies collaboration items, Jameson merchandise, and more to those who purchase a Jameson bottle or participate in an Instagram event.

Miguel Pascual, marketing director at Pernod Ricard Korea commented, “Jameson is a leading Irish whisky brand that has pursued only the finest quality based on its craftsmanship since its inception in 1780. The Jameson Distillery on Tour pop-up will provide an immersive brand experience, transporting people to the heart of the Jameson Distillery in Dublin. In particular, the Jameson x Dickies limited edition, which will make its debut at the pop-up, is expected to receive tremendous appreciation from local whisky aficionados who pursue their own self-expression and fashion and lifestyle trends.

a modern spirit created by blending rich pot still whisky with the finest grain whisky, represents Ireland itself and has risen to become the world’s no. 1 Irish whisky. Its triple distillation within a single distillery ensures exceptional smoothness, making it a perfect base for a Ginger Ale highball with food. Jameson has recently chosen the singer Crush as a brand ambassador and launched its “Widen the Circle” campaign.

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