Appeal "Don't ask for money!"
Appeal "Don't ask for money!"
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Korean Industrial Association (KEF) on a fresh start

Expectations for Chairman Ryujin

The Federation of Korean Industries, which had been deeply imprinted in the public's consciousness due to the cause of corruption, the hotbed of corruption, and the mastermind of the collusion between politics and business, finally took off its false charge and started anew as the Korean Business Association.

The Federation of Korean Industries held an extraordinary general meeting on the 22nd and changed the name of the Federation of Korean Industries, which had been used for 55 years, to the Korea Business Association and appointed Ryujin (65), chairman of Pungsan Group, as the new president.

In the meantime, the foreground training has been sufficient as a group of the development contest, which led the era of Korea Development Solidarity and high-speed growth era.

The FKI, which was modeled after Japan's Gedanren in 1961 by senior business leaders such as Lee Byung-chul, has served as a think tank that leads the growth economy with the experience and theories of business leaders running in the business field.

If you look at the background of the birth for a moment -

President Park Chung-hee, who achieved the 5.16 Revolution, took over 24 businessmen arrested under the "Punishment of Corruptors Act," which was enacted retroactively under the former Chang In-sang administration.

Park Chung-hee's heart burned black when he saw an unemployed man wandering the streets because he was hungry for food and had no job.

He thought about how to realize the revolution was physically hurt.

After much consideration, President Park called Samsung President Lee Byung-chul to Cheong Wa Dae on June 16, 1961.

The move was aimed at listening to President Lee Byung-chul, who is considered the nation's largest businessman and a leading corruption party on the scope and level of punishment for businessmen in prison.

President Lee Byung-chul said at the meeting, "If we punish all the businessmen, who will save the country's economy?" "Please release it right away," he said with a solemn heart.

President Park, who received this proposal, is said to have accepted 100 percent of the suggestion of giant Lee Byung-chul. .

The arrested businessmen were released, and the released businessmen worked together to revive the economy and achieve the revolutionary task.

President Lee Byung-chul of Japan immediately gathered business leaders to create a "economic reconstruction promotion meeting" to represent the voices of businessmen.

Chairman Lee served as the first chairman and played a central role in the economic community and played a major role in economic development, including various policy proposals.

Since then, first-generation big names such as business leaders Kim Yong-wan (Gyeongbang President), Chung Ju-young (Hyundai), Koo Ja-kyung (Geumseongsa), and Choi Jong-hyun (SK) have succeeded as chairman.

powerful men in hand

When the nation's largest economic organization was formed, all kinds of demands flooded in from various places.

Among them, politicians who came to steal money were crowded.

When elections, holidays, various national projects, congratulatory events, and major disasters occurred, they flocked from time to time to open their hands.

The demands of the political community have intensified day by day and seemed to become customary.

The business community was so frustrated by their constant demands every year.

However, it is not in the mood to refuse. I was afraid of retaliation, such as the company flying away on days that were annoying to their stomachs.

Some conglomerates were disbanded out of the eyes of high-ranking officials.

Business leaders even left their posts during the holidays as if they were running away on business trips abroad. Avoid the X flies ---

Chung Ju-young's Choice

The 14th presidential election was held in 1992.

Hyundai Group Chairman Chung Ju-young suddenly founded the Unification People's Party and challenged the election, which was expected to be a showdown between the two Kim Dae Jug, Kim Young-sam.

In the three-way race, Chung came in third with 16.3 percent of the vote.

Chung then answered the question at an informal meeting about his motivation to run.It is rumored that

Hyundai Group suffered from various pressures after losing the election.

a decisive hit

With the inauguration of the left-wing government, the FKI's status has shifted sharply to a cliff.

With the explosion of the Choi Soon-sil Gate in Park Geun Hye, the Federation of Korean Industries suffered all kinds of hardships over allegations that it urged the Mirkei Sports Foundation to contribute money to its member companies. The FKI has been branded as a synonym for corruption. The government also excluded the FKI from government events.

In December 2016, Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong announced his withdrawal from the FKI, and the rest of Hyundai Motor, SK and LG groups also left the FKI. With the withdrawal of the four major groups, the FKI was forced to send messages.

As membership fees paid by the four major conglomerates decreased, it became a mess, such as restructuring.

Moreover, what was unbearable was the negative view from the people. The anti-business sentiment has intensified.. It was also a target of corruption.

But we need to check the facts here.

Whether the FKI voluntarily paid money and stepped into corruption or was reluctantly dragged in under pressure from the political circles

Who in the world would like to pay for themselves?

When the money was given, tax investigations and investigations from the resignation authorities (such as corporate funds) were frequent, so they were not able to pay and distribute it. It was an atmosphere where I couldn't help but give money by crying and eating mustard.

How can there be such an unfair situation in the world when the world knows such a situation, but it is covered up like a hotbed of all kinds of corruption?

Like a mute heartache, the FKI will not be able to say that it is unfair and will only be burnt like a charcoal gumjeong..

The assignment given to Chairman Ryujin

However, now, the opportunity to take off the blame that had been unfairly overturned in the past and restore honor has been right.

It is time to throw off the broken, scratched, and torn old angles and establish a new status of Hankyung Council.

There are many expectations for the new chairman Ryujin.

In his inauguration speech, Chairman Ryu said, "I will clean up the dark past and do my best to protect businesses."

He then said that he would aim for South Korea, which has proudly risen to the ranks of the G7 countries.

He also vowed to establish an ethics committee to clean up the stigma of the past.

Chairman Ryu's promise is reasonable and what the people want.

But the majority of Koreans, aware of the unfair charges the FKI used, want the federation to become a body that says what it wants to say, among other things. I hope it will be an organization that doesn't suffer from mute cold chest again.

The Korea Economic Cooperative has the Korea Economic Research Association under its wing. These elite groups should be further reinforced and expanded to serve as the U.S. Institute for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) mentioned by Chairman Ryu.

We must conduct in-depth research and activities on the national agenda

In particular, it is necessary to quickly respond to the claims and public opinion surveys of left-leaning NDOs that are biased toward ideology.

As already presented in this article, you should shout to the world, "Don't ask for money!"

And "Our member companies can't pay! If you ask for money, I'll reveal it!You have to shout out ".

Perhaps by this time, the world's topical kam will be gone forever.

All irregularities start with money. Stopping the flow of illegal money naturally makes the national society transparent. If the business community becomes transparent, Korea as a whole will be brightened and its status as an advanced country will be enhanced.

It was called death, or life.

If the Korea Economic Cooperation comes out as a fair law, no one in power will interfere with the Korea Economic Cooperation.

This will change the perception of the economic community that the people see and change the anti-business sentiment to pro-business sentiment. Internationally, Korea's integrity will rise by a few steps.

It is hoped that the flower path will unfold in the future of the Korean Industrial Association, which will be led by Chairman Ryu, who has various views and rich experience internationally.

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