2023 Namwon World Drone Festival (WORLD DRONE FESTA)will be held
2023 Namwon World Drone Festival (WORLD DRONE FESTA)will be held
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October 6-9 at the Sports Centre

Namwon City (Mayor = Choi Kyung-sik) will hold the 2023 Namwon World Comprehensive Drone Festival at the Namwon Sports Center for four days from October 6 to 9.

The festival, organized by the FAI (International Aviation Federation), the Ministry of Transportation, Jeollabuk-do, and Namwon City under the slogan of embroidering Namwon, consists of various events such as the Namwon Festival, K-POP Concert, and Drone Show under the concept of "NEW WONDER."

This is the first competition in Korea recognized by FAI.

Deputy Mayor Lee Soon-taek, who is preparing for the competition, said, "As it is an opportunity to promote Namwon to the world, we need to make foreigners impressed by the strengths of Korea's tradition and culture."

Events being prepared include @ Drone Industry Fair @ Drone Festival @ World Food Culture Festival, and Aerospace Sports Festival drone experience events.

In this event, there will be a World Drone Racing Championship competition organized by FAI, and a competition will also be held at the inline skating rink.

Additional events include flight simulation, air rocket launch, model aircraft manufacturing, and metaverse programs.

In addition, Namwon City plans to hold the 2023 Global Industrial Fair to show its intention to promote the drone industry in Namwon City, and there are also many events for families to enjoy, such as drone show celebration performances.

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