Big eye Tuna at Genji
Big eye Tuna at Genji
  • Park So-yeon
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Genji, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Japanese restaurant will showcase bigeye tuna in a delectable special multi-course meal during the month of April.

The exquisite meal will commence with an appetizer combination of diced tuna and avocado, tuna, natto and steamed egg custard with sea urchin. Five kinds of sashimi will be served (akami, fatty tuna, sea bream, halibut and shellfish) along with grilled miso-flavored cod fish. The tempura will be a light and crispy assortment of prawns and spring vegetables. Akami, fatty tuna, and tuna roll sushi will be served accompanied by a clear soup with bamboo shoots and wakame seaweed. To finish the epicurean meal, sliced fresh fruits will be served. The big eye tuna set menu is priced at KW118,000 per person.

Bigeye tuna is caught in deeper, cooler water, and has a higher fat content than yellowfin tuna, making it preferred by sashimi gourmands. An excellent source of healthy, extra lean protein, bigeye tuna is low in saturated fat and low in sodium. Bigeye tuna is characterised by its reddish-pinkish flesh, plump body, larger head, and unusually large eyes.

Genji offers the best in Japanese dining with its new sushi bar, impressive teppanyaki tables, unique tatami rooms and private dining rooms, all amidst an elegant and temporary setting.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Genji at (02) 317-3240. All prices quoted above are inclusive of tax and service charge.

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