A Kenyan coffee house opens near Seoul
A Kenyan coffee house opens near Seoul
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A Kenyan coffee house opens near Seoul

Africa is now looming as a land of promise for Korea as it has a lot to offer--the vast, rich natural resources and all. For countries destitute of resources such as Korea, Africa is a paradise on earth and Kenya is ‘the paradise of paradises.’

A direct flight service was recently inaugurated between Incheon International Airport and Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and this has made Kenya the hub of Africa, especially for the Koreans who want to do business with Africa as well as Kenya.

Unlike in the past, Kenya is now in good hands as far as Korea and Kenya are concerned. This is because we now have a very, very active Kenyan ambassador, H.E. Ngovi Kitau, in Seoul, who is making an all-out effort to bridge gaps between Korea and his country in every way?culture and art as well as business and trade.

Against this backdrop, a coffee house was recently opened in Uiwang City about an hour’s run from Seoul. It offers genuine Kenyan coffee known for its high quality as well as special flavor and aroma.

Named Two Point, the Kenyan coffee house also offers food and, of course, the unique Kenyan ambience where the guests can have a glimpse into the Kenyan culture and art.

At the opening of Two Point, Ambassador Kitau of Kenya was in attendance with a number of his colleagues, namely Ambassadors Albino Malungo of Angola, Dibaba Abdetta (Dr.) of Ethiopia and Margaret Clarke-Kwesi of Ghana.

There also were Korean celebrities who included Vice Governor of Gyeonggi Province Park Soo-yo, Vice Mayor Choi Won-yong of Uiwang City, CEO Kim In-Hack of Paradise Hotel Incheon and Dean Chung Kui-in of College of Art of Pusan National University.

The reception was hosted by President Samuel Kim of KC&K and Two Point to celebrate the opening of the Kenyan Coffee House.

Ambassador Kitau of Kenya made an impress congratulatory speech which adequately explains the rapidly increase ties of cooperation, exchange and friendship developing between Korea and Kenya as well as the new Kenyan coffee house.

Here are excerpts:
Since the establishment of Kenya/Korea bilateral relations in 1964, we have witnessed significant milestones in socio-economic and cultural areas.

Trade and investment has been on the rise over the years particularly after the Kenya Embassy in Seoul was opened in 2007.

Since then, there has been a significant rise in Kenyan exports to Korea (126%), Korean investments into Kenya (3455%), and Korean tourists to Kenya (154%). Numerous Korean companies have opened business in Kenya. Among the early pioneers is the Paradise Hotels group to which the proprietors of Two Point Restaurant are associated with.

Cultural exchanges as witnessed by the presence of SAFARI CATS dancers have taken place and Kenyan products have penetrated the Korean market, notably coffee and cut flower. We are hopeful that this trend will continue for mutual benefit.

Two Point restaurant is one of the manifestations of the deepening relations between Kenya and Korea; therefore, we will continue to support such initiatives which bring Kenyan and Korean people together by introducing Kenyan culture in the Republic of Korea.

Once again, I extend congratulations to Mr. Kim and his family for the launch of Two Point restaurant and wish them all success in this and other ventures.

Thank you,
Asante sana.

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